Yard Goods Cheep Eats Bird Feeder

So you happen to live on a piece of landed property, and would like to have the garden to arrive teeming with wildlife? While you might not be able to run a zoo at the moment, at the very least, you can have some birds drop by, and while they are being guests at your […]


Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats

It is time to make early preparations for this coming summer, and the $11.99 Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Floats does seem to make plenty of sense. After all, it certainly does add a level of sweetness to your next pool party in which you love hosting, as they also double up as […]


The Willy Warmer

Our bodies are wonderful, biological “machines” that work beautifully in a miraculous manner, from how we have everything “built-in” like teeth, and being able to grow stuff like hair, skin, nails, and the ilk. In fact, we get better and better before we start to go downhill after arriving at the peak of life. Some […]


Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket

Heading out to the beach this coming summer, are you? If that is the case, then you would most probably want to make sure that you have all of the necessary and relevant items stocked up, so much so that going out to celebrate the summer’s arrival becomes not a chore, but an event. Why […]


Giant Red Gummy Bear Pool Float

You might want to prepare yourself for the coming summer through a variety of means and ways, and pool parties do seem to be a staple regardless of which state you live in. Pool parties would obviously need good food and great music, but having fantastic company is also another factor to take into consideration. […]


Pandas Rock Magnetic Bookmarks

Pandas are supposed to be docile and slothful creatures, munching on bamboo shoots as they watch the world go by. It does make me wonder, actually, what does a panda contribute ecologically speaking? It is nowhere near the top of the food chain, it does not offer any kind of symbiotic relationship, but one thing’s […]


Giant Ice Pop Pool Float

When summer arrives, what else do you think you would like to do than to spend some time by the poolside? If chilling out in a swimming pool is your cup of tea, then you might as well do it in style with the $34.99 Giant Ice Pop Pool Float. This unique pool is large […]


Rocket Pop Sticky Notes

There is nothing quite like having your tongue rest on an ice cold lolly during a sweltering summer day, as you let the coolness of the ice cream provide you with plenty of relief. Well, if you would like to have a semblance of summer coolness at your work desk, then the $5.99 Rocket Pop […]


Spam® Can Decoy Safe

If we would like to keep something that is important or precious to us, then surely it would require some level of ingenuity – or technology. For those with plenty of dough, you can always store your favorite or sentimental items in a high powered safe, but if you are one who likes to think […]


Heart to Heart Stacking Crayons

Crayons are unique tools that little ones would be able to use in order to make sure that they get to express their creative side. In fact, it is one of the more cost effective methods of spending one’s time productively rather than just to stare at the idiot box and taking in entertainment in […]


Watermelon Uchiwa Fan

It always pays to be prepared, and while many of us are enjoying the wonders of spring after a bitter and cold winter, there are some of us out there who are already dreaming about summer. If you happen to be one of those, then you might be pleased as punch to check out the […]


Stay Puft Candle

Do you love the Ghostbusters and everything associated with the movie as well as the cartoon? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative and would like to make sure that your fandom goes more than beyond watching either form, how about lighting up your room with the £19.99 Stay Puft Candle? This is a […]


Protractor Pizza Cutter

I have yet to meet someone who does not like pizza at all, as this seems to be a favorite food that appeals to all generations and people groups. Well, pizza lovers seated at a table would definitely want to make sure that every single slice are equally distributed, and so, in the spirit of […]


Cat Nap Cushions

There are certain days at the office or at the library when we simply feel as though our eyelids are really, really heavy, and we would want nothing better than to crawl into our bed and get some shuteye. The thing is, the desk is not the best place to catch a nap, but what […]


Farting Fine Box

Now here is a rather unique coin box that will certainly make the best of a potentially disastrous situation. Just what am I referring to? Farting can be a potentially embarrassing situation for just about anyone, regardless of whether you are blue-blooded or not. If you would like to institute a rule in your home […]


Toilet Seat Turd

There are some times when you absolutely need to go – to pay a deposit, so to speak, into the porcelain throne. Of course, if you stay alone and have an en suite bathroom, then it should be no problem at all. However, if you happen to share a house or apartment with other people, […]


Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

So you happen to have a garden that is blossoming really well, and other kinds of animal life like to frolic in your beautifully manicured lawn. The squirrel flits around all over the place, as though floating from one blade of grass to another with effortless ease. Since you have already set up a bird […]


Unicorn Paperclip Holder

Unicorns are special creatures – mythical ones, of course, but they have definitely captured the imagination of the masses over the years. In fact, in certain games, unicorns are depicted as pooping rainbows. Of course, this bust of a unicorn is not going to poop anything at all, but one “magical” aspect of it is, […]


Belt Buckle Flask

I don’t know about you, but there seems to be all the rage of a “man bag” in this day and age, where guys carry a somewhat feminine looking purse, and hold all of their stuff in there. It does not look very becoming to tell you the truth, and hence there are certain quarters […]


The Magnificent Donut Hole Coffee Mug

Having a donut to munch on while you are working is fine and dandy, but something is definitely missing from the equation if you would like the “perfect couple” to exist. I am referring to the presence of coffee – surely said donut would taste a whole lot better then? What better way to pair […]


Mystical Unicorn Rainbow Tape Dispenser

I don’t know about you, but I guess there are several creatures in this world (mythic ones or otherwise) that have a universal appeal to everyone, and the magical unicorn seems to be one of them. Rainbows and unicorns do seem to go together hand-in-hand, and perhaps this is why the $12.99 Mystical Unicorn Rainbow […]


King for the Day Inflatable Crown

So you have seen how there are still a few more monarchies left in this world that command the respect and adoration of the masses, which means there is very little or no danger of those countries or states being turned into a republic – for the moment, at least. It is also said that […]


Monster Fingernail Friends

So you feel like you are going to be a little bit naughty, aren’t you? Well, there are many different ways and methods to give in to such cheekiness, and one of them would be to get a tattoo, although that should be advised against if you happen to be a wee bit drunk as […]


Totally Pawsome Crazy Cat Lady Mug

Have you ever wondered how come there has been so much talk about cat ladies, but just about nothing is mentioned about dog ladies? Perhaps the latter is but a myth, or the level of occurence is really so, so low, that it is virtually non-existence. Still, if you happen to know a cat lady, […]

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