Koala Social Climbers Wine Charms

Drinking wine is fine and dandy if you do so alone, but when it comes to a far more social setting, then things do get a wee bit more interesting. After all, with a little bit of alcohol, one tends to have a looser tongue, and that is exactly when tongues start to wag – […]


Noted Coasters

When it comes to getting the message across, sometimes it can be rather difficult or challenging to do so without hurting anyone or having it come out the wrong way. Well, certain messages are best expressed with words that are written down as opposed to talking, and the $7.99 Noted Coasters will help you pass […]


Sunk-In Salt + Pepper Shakers

Have you ever entered any of those unique play houses at fun fairs that depict reality in a totally different manner? For example, a house that has everything else that is scaled up so that you look smaller than you actually are, or one that has been shrunk down in size, making you feel like […]


Cheese Log Board + Knife Set

Do you happen to love eating cheese and crackers, while accompanying it with some wine as well? If you have answered affirmative to the question posed, then chances are you would have a nice board to cut your cheese with, but if you happen to do a fair bit of hosting yourself, then not any […]


Shovel + Pithcfork Kid’s Utensil Set

Bringing up kids is not an easy affair for sure, but this does not mean that life has to be more challenging or difficult than it already is. When it comes to feeding time, you might have already tried a whole slew of ways to let your little one munch on his or her greens, […]


Whale Mug

I am quite sure that everyone has his or her favorite mug, and one of the pet peeves that I have at any shared office is this – there might be some folks out there who are willing to actually use the mugs of others, rather than bring their own or make use of common […]


Giant Watermelon Beach Ball

It is never too early to make the necessary preparations when it comes to paying a visit to the beach, and apart from having the right stuff with you – sunblock, a towel, a cool pair of shades, and who knows, a really, really sexy bikini, how about a beach ball to go along with […]


Stress Viruses

Working at the office these days can be a pretty stressful experience, that is for sure, and while some of us take less than healthy methods of working out that stress, there are also other healthier ways of doing so, such as exercise and other kinds of physical activity. Well, a stress ball will also […]


T-Rex Oven Mitt

So, you love baking up a storm, and have always wanted to host cupcake parties and the like for your children and their friends. Well, your kitchen might be well stocked with the right kind of utensils, but how about going the extra mile with the $14.99 T-Rex Oven Mitt? The T-Rex of old might […]


Beaver Blaster

Shooting incidents over in the US have ended up on the front page of the news for quite some time already, so much so that it would be best to ensure that the better way from not having any more deaths attributed to guns other than education and regulation is the outright ban of owning […]


Selfie Sisters Garden Gnomes

It is said that snapping selfies can be rather hazardous to one’s health, especially when you decide to go out of the way and put yourself in harm’s path. Well, these garden gnomes decide to keep things nice and simple, with the $20.99 Selfie Sisters Garden Gnomes posing all day long without getting tired, and […]


Snore Stopper

“For better or for worse” – now, that can be a pretty difficult thing to reconcile with when it comes to a marriage. When things are going great, marriage is easy, but when the going gets tough, and we find out all sorts of things that we do not like about our mate, it might […]


Totally Pawesome Crazy Cat Lady Mug

There are some folks who loves dogs to bits and pieces, while on the other end of the spectrum, you have folks who have a heart for cats. And hence, there arises one particular stereotype – that of a cat lady, who is normally single, but who knows – she might be an heiress to […]


Carded Rain Check Cards

We are all very busy, but if there is one particular thing that is fair to just about everybody in this world, it would be this – everyone has 24 hours on the clock each day, no matter how big or non-existent your bank account is. Having said that, how well do you spend your […]


Luigi’s Pizzeria Page Markers

I know that many of us happen to be hooked on movies and TV shows, basically entertainment that does not require too much thinking or imagination on our part. After all, why not let some visionary director with true-to-life CGI effects do the job for you? However, if you still love to indulge in traditional […]


Giant Pineapple Pool Float

When you are going to spend the day at a pool, then it makes perfect sense for you to ensure that you are decked out in the best of your bikinis, not to mention having the right kind of accessories with you. A pool float is always handy to have around, that is for sure, […]


Gigantic Pepperoni Pizza Beach Blanket

Going to the beach in the coming summer can be a fun event, but the thing is, you would also need to make sure that the necessary arrangements have all been made beforehand. Do ensure that you have gotten ready the likes of sunblock, a cool pair of shades, the latest season’s bikini to show […]


Office Party Paper Clip Opener

Working at the office can be a pretty stressful job, especially when you have deadlines to meet, are short handed at the moment, and the boss simply does not understand that what he demands is virtually impossible to deliver. Thankfully, there are always different ways to release all of that stress, and one of the […]


Poopy Pen

You know what they say – money talks, bullshit walks. Well, it seems that you can really get those nasty thoughts about someone who has hurt you real bad in the past or recently by writing them down with the $3.99 Poopy Pen. After all, it is also the perfect writing instrument to leave on […]


The Lazy Man’s Beer Mug

There is nothing quite like kicking your feet back on the table and then having a few rounds of your favorite drinks with friends at the local watering hole. However, our bladders were specially designed to make sure that it can only carry a certain amount of liquid, which is why it makes perfect sense […]


Over The Hill Potty Night Light

A word of caution before you actually send this out to anyone – the $6.99 Over The Hill Potty Night Light is not something that every recipient would be happy to obtain, but it is a fantastic gag gift for those who have a sense of humor even in their senior years. This gag gift […]


Rainbow Sticky Notes

When it comes to leaving sticky notes behind for someone else to read, most of us would be happy enough with a regular yellow colored square. After all, that is what the majority of the older office folk grew up with, but this does not mean that there are no ways to bust out some […]


Lucky Sprout Clover Bookmarks

Four leaf clovers are supposed to be very special, since they are so rare, so much so that finding one of them would mean it is associated with being lucky. Here we are with the $8.99 Lucky Sprout Clover Bookmarks, where it is the perfect bedfellow as you sneak your favorite book into your bedroom, […]


Faux-Real Fast Food Sandwich Box

This is certainly an upside down world, don’t you think so? What is right is wrong, and what is wrong is deemed to be right. Here we are with something that will definitely boggle the mind of whoever looks at it, but you might actually fool others into thinking that it is real – and […]

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