Gigantic Inflatable Soccer Ball

The European Championships are happening later this year, and not only that, we are all stoked about the upcoming Champions’ League semifinals and subsequently, the finals that will be happening next month as the old guard of elite European football go up against a relative newcomer with plenty of money. Well, if football fever has […]


Gigantic Inflatable Duckie

We all surely did grow up with pleasant memories of a rubber duck, be it in the bathtub, or if we are lucky enough, to play with one in a swimming pool. Having said that, now that you are an adult and have full control of your finances, how about making one of your childhood […]


Betsy the Bottle Opener

So, you are done with your day’s work and would like nothing better than to kick back, relax and enjoy the rest of the evening with an ice cold bucket of beer bottles. The thing is, you have all of that at home, but for a sorry fact, you simply could not locate the bottle […]


Dream Dates Rating Cards

In the world of singledom, going out for a date would more often than not require you to make the necessary and relevant preparations, and this includes looking your very best. Once you have gone through the motions, and have not quite managed to find that special someone in your life, how about lowering your […]


Copper Party Cup

For those of you out there who would know of no other better way to drown away the day’s sorrows and stress, what better way to do so than with your favorite drink at your regular watering hole? You might want to get things done with the $16.99 Copper Party Cup, as you look great […]


Freedom Soap delivers foam of the brave!

Soap is one of the best inventions, ever, as it is so magical, it is more than capable of getting rid of all sorts of dirt and grime that covers each and every one of us after a particularly long day – be it at work, outside in the fields or in the comfort of […]


Egg Monster Toast Cutter

They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and it is definitely not something that I deny, for sure. After all, breakfast helps keep your body going and moving up and about, and the right combination of food will be able to power you well into the afternoon. How about not […]


Funny Side Up Cat Egg Mold

Life should be more than just serious work, and if you would like to make sure that situations do not get out of hand or are too stressful, then it would be prudent to make sure that there are always laughs all around. If you would like to ensure that you go to your grave […]


GIant Parrot Ride-On Pool Float

Hello, summer! You are certainly, most sorely missed by many of us who happen to reside in the northern hemisphere, having to put up with some rather nasty temperature drops over the past few months. It is time to drop all pretense and go out to enjoy a day under the sun – and what’s […]


Cheering Basketball Set

Throwing trash away is something that every single one of us do, the thing is, how well do we do it? Do we walk up to the trash bin and drop whatever crumpled pieces of paper that there are, or do we actually try to net a shot from afar? That really depends on one’s […]


Hillary Laughing Pen

It goes without saying that politics is a very serious thing, and one should not horse around when it comes to the future of the nation as well as country. Well, having said that, being too serious might lead to a whole lot of undue stress and unwanted ailments, which is why it is always […]


Frosty Beer Mug Pool Float with Cooler

The next time you are about to throw a pool party in your palatial mansion, it might be a good idea to actually sit back and think of how you would like to go about it. After all, pool parties should be full of fun and without any kind of worries, and for those who […]


Flower Power Pool Party Beverage Floats

So you are having plenty of good fun at a pool party, and also remember that you happen to be carrying your favorite beverage with you. What are you going to do about the situation if you do not want to keep on climbing out of the pool each time you would like to take […]


Prescription Pint Glasses

There are many different ways for a person to actually let loose some stress and “reset” one’s balance in life. Some might take to sweating it out at the gym, while others would even try to vent their anger by breaking things, or how about trying out yoga? Drinking is another favorite past time for […]


Long Horn Corn Holders

Do you love to have a spot of BBQ once in a while? Well, summer is about to hit us in due time, and it goes without saying that summer BBQs tend to be a whole lot more enjoyable than say, some time in the winter. Having said that, BBQs are not all just about […]


Ice Cream Doorstopper

Ah, when summer arrives, you know it is time to make sure that you have all of the relevant bits and pieces ready for the season, including your sunblock and the like. Having said that, it would also mean savoring more of summer’s guilty pleasures, and this includes ice cream done the classic way – […]


Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug

Sometimes, there is the risk of stating the obvious, but then again, you might want to ensure that you do so in order to minimize the possibility of any kind of misunderstanding, be it at home or at the office. Having said that, those of us who do not like to drink coffee or having […]


Tootsie Pop Beach Ball

You know the old saying, “How many licks does it take to get to the center of the…”? Well, this time it is not any ordinary Tootsie Roll Pop, as it will take an insane amount of licks to get right smack into the middle of the $26.99 Tootsie Pop Beach Ball! This is an […]


Giant Rubber Duckie Pool Float

Being an adult does not mean that life is all the time serious and without any kind of play at all. The rubber duckie is something that is a cherished childhood memory for many of us, so why not make that kind of childhood memory “grow” into that of an adult one as well? The […]


Giant Flower Power Pool Float

Why not be prepared a whole lot earlier when it comes to having some much needed summer fun? Well, apart from slathering yourself with generous dollops of sunblock, you would also do well to make sure that you can get your summer gear ready – that hot bikini you’ve always wanted to show off your […]


Donut You Know It They Float! Beverage Boats

Having a beverage is always nice and cool, especially when it is filled with ice, and the weather is sweltering hot. Well, coasters are not all that important for the normal person, but if you have some sort of special teak wood table that you would like to keep nice and free from stains, then […]


Book Classics Illusion Notebook

You might be a huge fan of classic storybooks, and that is a good thing, as classics, well, they simply don’t go out of style, do they? Here we are with the $5.99 Book Classics Illusion Notebook, where it is the perfect gift for voracious readers. After all, it comes with the many colors of […]


Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float

Here is an interesting piece of equipment for the coming spring break – a pool float that lets you lounge out in style. Just don’t forget to bring your sunnies along, and you are good to go! I am referring to the $34.99 Giant Pink Flamingo Pool Float that would certainly make you the belle […]


Chocolate Teapot

Now here is a teapot that you might want to check out – especially since it is always a good time for some tea. What makes this teapot all the more special is the fact that it lives up to its name, not by virtue of the color, but rather, because of the ingredients in […]

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