Operation Apron

Most of the time, whenever one dons an apron, we would more or less expect that particular person to be a reasonably talented cook. However, with the $22.49 Operation Apron, things take a slightly different, and some might even say, more bizarre twist. I am sure that a certain segment of us have come across […]


Mermaid Swim Fin for your little ones

Mermaids are a fascinating subject, where depending on which particular version you are more partial to, one thing remains in common. They are pretty much the most beautiful females that you would have ever laid your eyes upon, at least from the waist up. Well, if your little kid is so in love with Disney’s […]


Spaceship Cookie Cutters

There is nothing quite like baking your very own cookies for the entire family, is there? At least you know what kind of ingredients have gone in there, and have a choice of giving your family nothing but the very best. Well, getting the right ingredients is one thing, but making sure your cookies look […]


Zombie Shower Gel

Zombies seem to be the hottest undead intellectual property at the moment in popular culture, where the idea of a zombie apocalypse is certainly an enticing backdrop where heroes emerge from. Games, novels, TV series and movies surrounding zombies have been released, and you might as well get on with the rest of the action […]


Tentacle Pen

One of my favorite Disney movie franchises have nothing to do with animated cartoons, but rather, Johnny Depp’s portrayal as Captain Jack Sparrow and his merry bunch of half past six pirates. Having said that, the Kraken is one of the more imposing “beastie” in the entire film, capable of swallowing ships whole at the […]


Ballet Shoe Socks

There is just something that is absolutely adorable about seeing a little girl prancing about as a ballerina, it has that sense of innocence about her, and sometimes, you yourself might feel as though you want to break out in a little dance too, especially when thing start to go your way. Well, you can […]


Campfire Night Light

Sitting by a campfire with marshmallows roasting on one end of a stick certainly cuts across an idealistic way of spending one’s time when camping. After all, regaling tales of “the one that got away” or some other horror stories under the night sky which are brightly lit by major constellations is an endearing memory […]


Scooter Bunny LED Key Chain

Whenever someone returns from a journey overseas and brings you a gift that is either a generic “place” t-shirt or a keychain, you know for sure that he or she has either run extremely low on funds to bring home a keepsake, or does not rank you too high on his or her “friends” list. […]


Minecraft Steve Bundle

Now here is a hoot if you love all things Minecraft – the $69.99 Minecraft Steve Bundle. It comes with all that you need for you to dress up as Steve (not Jobs) this coming Halloween as well as at any future fancy dress parties. Each purchase would comprise of the all important Steve Mask, […]


Frozen Smiles Denture Ice Tray

When you are getting on in age, your hair might start to turn gray, or even worse, fall out, and your memory is not quite what it used to be. Apart from that, there will be the possibility of discovering aches and pains in places that you never thought would happen, not to mention of […]


Roller Notes make ‘painting’ fun

Sometimes, there are just some accessories or stuff out there that you can purchase which boggles the mind, but the Roller Notes are definitely not one of them for sure. It might fool some folks (just a small number), but it definitely will be well received by the majority of your friends out there. After […]


Dashboard Dancer Man Eating Shark

Anyone who has watched Steven Spielberg’s “Jaws” for the first time in their entire life when the film was first shown all those years ago would certainly have come away with one particular question whenever they go to the beach after that – “Is there a shark swimming around somewhere, in particular, a great white?” […]


Bathroom Guest Book

If you get the feeling that you are being too serious in life because most of your family and friends say that about you, perhaps it is time to introduce a new groove. Assuming you do host guests in your home from time time, how about placing this $14.19 Bathroom Guest Book right outside your […]


Legally 21 Drinking Helmet

It goes without saying that when someone turns 21, it is the “magical” age where you are legally an adult and are “free” to do whatever you want. And this particular freedom would also mean being able to get some drinking time in without going through the hassle of faking an ID to the bouncer […]


Lightning Bolt Shwings

Do you ever pay attention to some of the modified cars in the neighborhood? You know, those rides that have pimped out sound systems, in addition to an exhaust that has an extremely loud rev. Not only that, some of them might even throw in plenty of decals and stickers all over the car to […]


Golden Buddha Soap Dish

There is this particular saying, that “cleanliness is next to godliness”. Well, I might be wrong in this, but I think that Buddha himself said that he is not a god, but this has not stopped millions of devotees over the centuries to treat him like one. Having said that, why not embody that particular […]


Star Trek Starfleet Ice Tray

Which is the cooler science fiction franchise – Star Wars or Star Trek? I would say that opinions are not that polarized compared to last time, where folks who like both are starting to number more and more. After all, why limit yourself to just one particular franchise when you can have the best of […]


Doctor WHO Tardis Slippers

Now, aren’t these the cutest pair of slippers that you have ever laid your eyes on? Yes sir, the $19.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Slippers is the ideal purchase for fans of the series, where you will be able to move around your home comfortably in a pair of police boxes. Of course, it will not […]


Drooping Eyeglasses

There is just something about comics that just lighten up the day, especially when you have had a particularly difficult moment at the office. I am referring to the daily funnies, and not those mature rated comics that might add to the cloud of depression over your head. Comic characters tend to be a whole […]


Dragon Ball Z Belt

Are you a huge Dragon Ball Z fan? If you have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you have followed your fair share of Dragon Ball anime and manga over the years, in addition to giving the video games a go before. How about expanding your collection of all things Dragon […]


Plant Pencils bring recycling to a whole new level

What happens when you finish using your pencils, and they have been sharpened and used to a point where it is just too short for you to grasp it with your fingers? Well, there is still some hope yet – in the form of the £21.99 Plant Pencils. “Verbs to herbs” would be the operative […]


Computer Virus Plush

Even a hacker, no matter how brilliant, might feel insecure from time to time and cannot get to sleep unless he or she has a nice plush to hug. If that is the case with you, or you know someone who fits the bill, then the $9.99 Computer Virus Plush would make plenty of sense. […]


Toilet Salt and Pepper Shakers

Normally, when you have something to do with bodily excretion such as sweat, blood, tears and even excrement, it is not a topic that one would be comfortable with – especially when you are seated down to a delicious meal. However, some other folks out there are not that “ordinary”, which is why they do […]


Inflatable Unicorn Head

Have you watched “The Frozen Ground” yet? Somehow, having mounted heads from one’s previous hunts creeps me out, as the glassy eyes of the hunted seem to follow me wherever I walk in the room. Of course, for the people out there who love hunting and enjoy being out in the wilderness in all its […]

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