Inflatable Pool Toy Lightsabers

I am quite sure that there is a very, very small remnant of people who have not watched the Star Wars series until today, all 7 movies, but those are the exception more than the rule. For those who already watched Star Wars more than enough times, surely there is a point in time when […]


Fartzooka Fart Machine

When it comes to farts, this is but an unavoidable fact of life – one simply cannot run away from it, although there are two ways of letting your fart out. One, with full of noise that will embarrass yourself, while the other would be to silently release one, making it feel as though it […]


Bag of Unicorn Farts

The unicorn is definitely a mythical creature, although it has spawned and tickled the imagination of many, especially for those who would want something that will keep the children smiling, not to mention having them play with a safe imaginary friend. Here is an accessory of sorts to unicorns – the $6.99 Bag of Unicorn […]


Atomic Blaster Nose Hair Trimmer

When I was a wee lad before puberty hit, I always wondered as to how the older folks out there, especially both of my grandfathers, had hair growing out from their nose, and one of them even had hair coming out from his ears. Then they had to trim it using one of those small […]


Gigantic Pink Frosted Donut Beach Blanket

Spending some time at the beach is something that many of us would love to do during the summer months, since it allows us to get ourselves a nice tan along the way, not to mention get away from all feelings of the bitter and cold winter months. Lying down on the sand is not […]


Lil Winner Trophy Sippy Cup

Now here is a cup that you would seriously consider getting for your little one if you would like to boost that ego a wee bit at the office. After all, everyone loves to be a winner, don’t you think so? This can be best achieved through the $12.99 Lil Winner Trophy Sippy Cup. After […]


Handicat Kitty Finger Puppet

Finger puppets can be very, very cute – in fact, they are one of the more adorable ways in which you are able to keep a little one entertained without any issues at all. Of course, a fair amount of imagination is required to get the job done. Well, here is something that you might […]


Root Beer Pool Float Mug With Cooler

You know how it feels like to be able to drink your favorite beverage – in an ice cold fashion, especially when the temperature all around you is soaring? Well, that is exactly what the $39.99 Root Beer Pool Float Mug With Cooler is all about, as this particular pool float not only looks cool, […]


Flamingo Ride-On Pool Float

Want to look fabulous this coming summer? Apart from working out your body so that it will be able to wow the masses who see you whenever you take off your top, there are also other accessories which will come into play. One of them would be the $59.99 Flamingo Ride-On Pool Float, where this […]


Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Pool Float

If you have always wanted to let your hair down and celebrate a whole day under the sun, then you can do so with the whimsically designed $29.99 Sugar Skull Float. This is for sure a sweet addition to just about any pool – whether it is at your home or at your friend’s, as […]


Frosty Beer Mug Pool Float With Cooler

Ah, there is nothing quite like being able to float around in a pool – not with somebody else’s float, but rather, one that you can call your very own. Why not do so in style with the $39.99 Frosty Beer Mug Pool Float With Cooler? This is a really unique pool float that will […]


Unicorns and Rainbows LED Lights

Unicorns are supposedly magical creatures, that is why you don’t see them. After all, they only appear in the realm of fantasy, and nowhere else. If that is the case, perhaps that is why some people do happen to have an obsession for them, and are willing to think of different unicorn-related merchandise to sell […]


Freshly Baked Donut USB Cup Warmer

Ahh, there is nothing quite like having your very own freshly baked donut to start off the day, don’t you think so? After all, biting into that fresh and soft dough, which is warm all over, not to mention having the kind of sugar rush that comes along with it, is an experience that needs […]


Lotus Flower Storage

Just what is the lotus flower all about? It is said to be a symbol of purity and beauty, but with this $12.99 Lotus Flower Storage, the name gives itself away, being not only a lotus flower, but also a place for you to store your devices. This is an extremely cute bin that will […]


R2-D2 Oven Mitt

So you happen to love to have a spot of baking for the family and friends? If that is the case, then you would surely be interested to know that there is a little something for fans of the Star Wars franchise as well – in the form of the $11.99 R2-D2 Oven Mitt. After […]


Chocolate Teapot

A teapot is good for, well, nothing else but to hold some tea inside, don’t you think so? After all, it would be tea that will make the whole day better, especially when you have had a rather torrid morning at the office or at home. Couple that with some scones, a dash of strawberry […]


Mighty Pint Glasses

Having a great night out would more often than not involve a whole lot of drinking with your best mates, and this would also mean learning how to drink responsibly, too. Well, when one gets a little bit more tipsy than usual, one’s tongue might not be all that controlled, and neither will one’s hand-eye […]


Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle

Babies are definitely quick learners, and you definitely do not have to teach them how to be bad, they have that nature in them already right from birth. After all, we do not need to teach a child to lie before they tell the first lie, do we? And since babies love to play, having […]


Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

You know it is time to start working out when summer is about to arrive, since that is when most of the pool parties would begin in full swing. The thing is, what good is a pool party if there is not a single pool float around for you to lounge about or laze in? […]


Baseball Glove Pool Float

Summer is about to come a-knockin’ on our doors, and this can only mean one thing – it is time to break out the sunglasses and suntan lotion, as you make your way to the beach and have some fun there! Of course, it would also go a long way in preparing for pool parties, […]


Jumbo Beach Ball

So you’re at the beach, with your best looking pair of sunnies, not to mention having the right amount of suntan all over your bronzed bod. What else is missing from the picture? Sure, you have a nice cold one in your hands, and you also have your group of good friends with you. A […]


Pool Party Pong

I am quite sure that many of us have had the chance of playing Pong for many times in our lives, especially during our younger days. Having said that, if you would like to enjoy Pong in a different manner in the future, then the $39.99 Pool Party Pong does make plenty of sense. After […]


Smarties Noodle Pool Float

Want to bring your very own pool noodle to a party? That is now easier said than done, thanks to the $14.99 Smarties Noodle Pool Float. With this particular float, you will be able to show off your love for all things sugary and sweet, thanks to your perceived intellectual superiority with the Smarties Noodle […]


Majestic Unicorn Measuring Cups

If you happen to spend plenty of time in the kitchen with your collection of utensils and other what-nots, chances are, you would be one who love to have a set of measuring cups ready. After all, they are crucial in making sure that your cake recipe turns out all right, and if you feel […]

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