Fake Beard Set

So, you have been watching movies such as 300 and its sequel, where bearded men do seem to have some sort of strange lull on you, as though having a longer or bushier beard means that you are more ‘manly’. What if you are not genetically disposed in the same direction, what are you supposed […]


Vitapens Highlighters

We are told to take our vitamins each day, as that would certainly do their job of ensuring that our immune system is up and running at its optimal level. Having said that, how about enjoying vitamins in a different way? The $8.99 Vitapens Highlighters are not stuff that you take in order to boost […]


Macho Man Pool Float

Summer’s right about happening now for those of us who are living in the northern hemisphere, and this means breaking out the beach or poolside items and accessories, not to mention looking your very best in your bikini or swimsuit. Having said that, if you are going to bring a pool float with you, no […]


Rock Paper Scissors Mug Set

I am pretty sure that when you were a little child, you would have had your fair share of moments with the Rock, Paper, Scissors game be it on your way to the classroom, or while you are on the road. Well, here is a way to embody the game in a set of mugs […]


Wedding Slinger Catapult

Are you about to get married, or is one of your mates about to get hitched? Well, regardless of the situation at hand, you might be interested in picking up the $5.99 Wedding Slinger Catapult. It is perfect for bachelorette parties or the big day itself, as it comes with a quartet of different figures […]


Drink Slinger Belt

In the Wild, Wild West, it goes without saying that the one who is able ot whip out his or her gun the fastest, and then shoot accurately, wins. In the modern day and age, being the fastest might be an advantage, but it also adds to a whole lot of stress. Why not alleviate […]


Plaid Mop Slippers

We are all about efficiency in this day and age, and convergence devices, too, happen to be all the rage. If you feel that you do not have the right amount of time in order to keep your home nice and clean throughout the week, perhaps you can include a wee bit of cleaning with […]


Cone of Shame LED Keyring

For those of you out there who happen to be a proud owner of a dog or a cat, chances are there is at least one time in your pet’s life where it had to pay a visit to the vet simply because a course of antibiotics would not cure that itch, and hence wearing […]


Hamburger Hamper

Getting chores done can be quite a tiring affair, but on the other hand, when you have accomplished it, you would certainly feel as though you have had an achievement to remember. Well, the laundry is quite a mess that some of us would prefer to avoid, but when you add an element of fun […]


Record Potholder

We live in pretty interesting times, when there will be a new method of using old objects. After all, versatility is key these days in the office world, and no longer will a solitary skill (unless it is a highly specialized one, that is) will remain relevant in this day and age. So too, will […]


Sandwich Chopping Boards

So, you feel that it is high time that you introduce a new way for your kitchen to be presented to the masses, especially when visitors drop by. Of course, other than getting the latest and greatest appliances, you might want to have a new take on everyday items around the kitchen such as the […]


City Water Self Waterer

If you are thinking of getting yourself into a holiday escape this coming weekend, how about making sure that everything in your home is fine and settled? Assuming you have your fair share of plants to take care of, and yet do not have any neighbors who are free to help you water them, perhaps […]


Cheep Eats Food Truck Bird Feeder

So you happen to have a yard in your home, whether it is in front or at the back of the house, that does not matter. And in that yard, there is a tree that has stood there for far longer than you can imagine, providing shade for generations as well as the opportunity for […]


Unicorn Squirrel Feeder

There is always something magical about unicorns, especially when you consider how in popular belief, they actually poop out rainbows, now how about that? Well, here we are with something that can “transform” your ordinary squirrel into that of a unicorn – just the head though, it will not be a total transformation. I am […]


Fart in a Can

Nobody likes to listen to a fart, let alone being able to smell one. Well, what do you know, it looks like someone has managed to outdo Santa and actually packaged some fart in a can, although we do wonder whether this involves having an army of elves gobbling down a whole lot of beans […]


Diagnose Your Neurosis Wheel

There might be times in your life when you feel that everything around you is about to get derailed, and you would need to take a break and analyze all that is going on. Perhaps a vacation would be a good way to make that happen, or since we happen to live in a world […]


The Beard Bib

For the more hirsute among us, you can be sure that there are inconveniences associated with making sure you are clean shaven, although for others who would like to be able to grow a beard but are unable to, they will look in your direction with envy and wonder why you would not want to […]


Mustache Phoney Audio Jack

So, you have more or less thought up of many different ways to spruce up your smartphone, ranging from putting Swarovski crystals all over it, or perhaps to add some sort of cool stickers on the protective case, or simply to obtain a protective case that looks out of this world. How about the audio […]


Luscious Lips Pool Float Lounger

If you intend to laze around on float this coming summer while you are enjoying the peaceful surroundings around you, then you might want to do so in style. What better way to capture the attention of everyone else there than with the $59.99 Luscious Lips Pool Float Lounger? This is a pool float that […]


Shaggy Dog Mask

Parties can be really, really fun, although it goes without saying that some parties can get over the top in terms of its celebrations, which will more often than not involve a certain level of dressing up, be it wearing masks or costumes. Well, the next time you are invited to a zany party whom […]


Bird Beverage Floats

So, you happen to have been invited to some sort of pool party, and with each party, you can be sure that there will be drinks that are served. Why not take the route less traveled with the $10.99 Bird Beverage Floats? These are unique beverage floats that will ensure that your standard size drink […]


World’s Largest Super Flask

So, you are pretty interested in bringing some sort of flask around with you on your travels, especially after seeing some of the more artistic films out there with the main characters carrying one of these bad boys around their waists. Well, if you would like to have something that is out of the ordinary, […]


Bikini Babe Pool Float

Summer is about to arrive for those of us living in the northern hemisphere, and this can only mean one thing – it is time to break out the sunblock, as well as ensure that your body is fit enough to be paraded at the beach! Do remember to bring along your own towel as […]


Bag of Farts

So, you think that you are the funniest person in the room with your bag of tricks each time? Well, it looks like your collection of tricks is about to gain another level, with this particularly hilarious gift of the $6.99 Bag of Farts. Certainly it is impossible to collect and store farts in a […]

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