Rainy Day Ice Cube Tray

So, it is raining cats and dogs, and there is nothing more that you would like to do than to remain cooped up in the comfort of your nice, warm and cozy home, sipping on a cup of hot chocolate with some marshmallows along the way. Of course, during the sweltering summer months, it would […]


Kuchofuku Air-Conditioned Helmet

Wearing a helmet can prove to be an extremely stifling experience, just ask any motorcyclist and they will tell you. Of course, the helmet has an extremely important role – that is, to ensure that your head gets protected from falling items, as well as the possibility of you being thrown out of your two-wheeled […]


Piggy Bank with a difference

It goes without saying that we should always teach our little ones to start saving right from the get go, so that they will be able to have an inkling on being a responsible adult later on in life. After all, it is always good to have a “nest egg”, so to speak, and while […]


Tea Buttons

The world does seem to be split right down the middle in many different opinions and aspects, and the choice of beverage is also one of them. Some people prefer tea, others prefer coffee. If you happen to fall under the former group, then you might be pleased to check out the $4.99 Tea Buttons […]


Squirrel Key Ring & Holder

Not all key rings and holders are the same, as you can attest with this $18.99 Squirrel Key Ring & Holder. This is one particularly adorable key ring as well as holder that would function as the perfect home accessory, not to mention adding a dash of humor in the event where it has been […]


DeadPool 3D 16oz Mug

One of the cooler characters in the Marvel universe, specifically under the X-Men realm would be that of Deadpool – a fast talking assassin who might be able to drive even the likes of Spiderman crazy. Unfortunately, Deadpool’s portrayal in the Wolverine: Origins movie happens to make a mockery out of this character, and the […]


Shaken Chemist Cocktail Kit

There is nothing quite like having quality drinks all round the next time you host a party, although going hand in hand with that would be great music. The thing is, making good cocktails is an art, and will require a fair amount of experience, but what happens when it has been condensed down to […]


Fixie Bike Pizza Cutter

There is nothing quite like the quintessential TV food such as pizza to go along with your favorite movie in your living room, while you rest and relax with a can of ice cold beer in another hand. While many pizza vendors do deliver their pizzas cut according to slices or squares, what happens when […]


Citrus Lights happen to be squishy Light Up Keychains

Not all keychains are created equal, you can be sure of that. However, some are more equal than others, if you get what I mean. If you are sick and tired of those keychains purchased from your holidays as cheap souvenirs at the end of the trip when there is not much money left, and […]


Lady Horse Mask

If you are well known among your family and colleagues for being the resident joker, then I am quite sure that there have been moments in the past in an extremely situation situation or event, you have mouthed off more than you should have, leading to the ire of those in the crowd, resulting in […]


Whatever…I’m Late Anyway desk clock

Some of us are extremely punctual, while other personalities or temperaments really see time as extremely relative. Call them when they are late for an appointment, and they will tell you that they are looking for a parking lot – when they are actually just pulling out from the driveway. I suppose those are the […]


Star Wars Landspeeder Pool Float

If you are a huge fan of Star Wars, and you now have your own family to introduce them to this space opera that enthralled you while you were a kid, surely the Star Wars Landspeeder Pool Float would do its bit to win brownie points with the little ones. After all, no children that […]


Manhattan Skyline Dish Rack

Luca Nichetto must have clearly been inspired by the movie Inception to come up with this unique dish rack that has been specially modeled after the Manhattan skyline. It will be different from what the movie depicts, however, as this version of New York City on this side of reality will not end up folding […]


Chewbacca Inspired Seatbelt Cover

It goes without saying that to drive without a seatbelt on is an offense regardless of which side of the road you drive on, and the country that you live in. Of course, the degree of enforcement does vary from one country to another, but seatbelts are naturally useful and important to make sure you […]


Shark Flotation Vest for Dogs

Most dogs that I know of are able to swim naturally, but there are some others out there who would want to avoid the water like the plague, making me wonder whether they have some other feline inclinations or otherwise. I used to have a black Lab who has since crossed the Rainbow Bridge (sniff!), […]


Final Fantasy Bookmark

Don’t you just love the creativity of the human mind? I absolutely adore it, and it can only be the human mind that conjures out beauties once in a while like this, targeting fans of the Final Fantasy series. I am quite sure any self respecting Final Fantasy fan will be able to recognize this […]


Companion Owls Headphone Splitter

Sharing is caring, or so that is what I have been told (and taught). Of course, in order not to take the sharing idea out of context in this manner, one ought to take note that good stuff like delicious food, and of course, music, should be shared – and not hatred and weapons. If […]


Cockroach Swimming Pool and Beach Float

I think the cockroach is a fascinatingly disgusting creature. Touted to be able to live out a nuclear fallout, not to mention being able to survive headless (!) for a week before it dies, this is one hardy creature that might have just rode the back of dinosaurs, and crept aboard Noah’s ark uninvited all […]


Hunky Man Cocktail Stirrers

Being a good host whenever you organize a party or a get-together session with your family and/or friends, you know that there are some essential items to get in order first – plenty of good food, some appropriate music playing in the background, clean toilets, and of course, some drinks to go along with the […]


Star Trek TOS Enterprise Minimate

Star Trek fans, listen up! It is time to go where no man has gone before, although it would most probably be your imagination at work here. With the $29.99 Star Trek TOS Enterprise Minimate, these minimates happen to be a version of the original U.S.S. Enterprise, where it will also include a mini Captain […]


Fescue Flip Flops

Since summer is here for those of us who happen to live in the northern hemisphere (as well as the rest of the tropical countries of the world, where it is perpetually summer), there is nothing better to wear outside than a comfortable pair of flip flops, along with another pair of shorts and a […]


Goldfish Sandwich Bags

Sandwich bags are more often than not transparent in nature, where it looks that way so that you know what is inside, not to mention to make sure that there are no wayward insects like a roach that has sneaked in while you were not looking. Well, with the $4.99 Goldfish Sandwich Bags, it might […]

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