Marvel Comics Golf Club Covers

You know that superheroes are here to always save the day, right? The thing is, how many of them are truly capable of handling a “normal” life – most of them would feel pretty frustrated being where they are, unless you’re someone of note like Tony Stark who can lead a perfectly carefree life outside […]


Hotdog Ketchup & Mustard Dispenser

Most of the time, one of the great American staples the hotdog, would be filled with two basic condiments – ketchup and some mustard, and hence getting the right dispenser which does not clog up at the tip, not to mention is easy to grip without flying out of your hands, is the ideal accessory […]


Chemist’s Spice Rack

Working in a kitchen can be quite an experience, especially when you take into consideration that whipping up a delicious meal for two, let alone an entire family, is not as easy as you thought it would be – even more so when you take into consideration the kind of organization that a kitchen requires. […]


KFC offers fried chicken iPhone case

So you are in love with your brand new iPhone, and are looking for a case to ensure that its pristine exterior does not end up scratched or dented in any way, or even bent when you place it in your pocket. KFC Japan has a novel gift that they intend to give away – […]


KFC Japan offers fried chicken pillow

Do you still remember the odd looking Ostrich Pillow? Well, I don’t suppose that that particular pillow has proven itself to be quite the inspiration for KFC to come up with this unique looking Fried Chicken Pillow, where it resembles that of a plush drumstick, albeit being a whole lot less greasy compared to the […]


Gag Handcuffs

Monkey see, monkey do. Having an example to follow for your child, and a good one at that, is worth a whole lot more compared to trying to nag your way into the little one’s life in order to have him or her act according to your preference. Well, if your little one has grown […]


Pussy Pile Up

Now, the name of this particular purchase is not going to come across as the most smooth of the lot, but this is as literal as it gets. The £24.99 Pussy Pile Up will be able help you hone your chopstick skills, so that you will be well prepared the next time you travel to […]


Coffee Cup Measuring Cups

Do you love the brew that is known as coffee? If you have answered in the affirmative, and find that you are unable to start the day right without some of this magical brew, then you might want to add on your your collection of coffee-related collectibles with the $9.99 Coffee Cup Measuring Cups. The […]


Scrubwich Sandwich Sponge

The human mind never ceases to amaze me, and to read about something ordinary being transformed into something else totally is definitely an interesting thing to think about. Case in point, who would have thought that a regular sandwich could actually end up as a muse for a scrubbing sponge? This is exactly what the […]


Trash ‘Stache Trucker

Now this is one hat that you might think twice about wearing, unless you would want to get laughed at by everyone who crosses your path. Basically, if you have been having issues trying to grow a decent amount of facial hair, but have been unsuccessful in your endeavors, perhaps the $18.95 Trash ‘Stache Trucker […]


Breaking Bad Logo Plush Pillows

So, you are a massive fan of the Breaking Bad TV series, and simply cannot get enough of the show, so much so that you more or less have amassed quite a number of Breaking Bad accessories and collectibles. Perhaps it is time to enhance your collection even further with the $19.99 Breaking Bad Logo […]


8-Bit Legendary Hero Heat-Change Mug

Mugs are dime a dozen out there – the thing is, just which particular model should you gun for if you are looking for one? After all, it can be pretty easy to pick up a mug – all that you need to do is to go to any roadshow or conference showfloor, and you […]


Cheeseburger Mask

I suppose if there ever was a zombie apocalypse that will happen anytime in the near future, you might want to equip yourself with all sorts of anti-zombie weaponry, ranging from guns to crossbows and even a hatchet – anything that can cause massive head trauma to the zombie so that your brains will be […]


D20 Critical Hit Mini Cake Pan

So, you have a great love when it comes to baking, and this particular passion is rivaled only by your love for all things Dungeons and Dragons. Since the rest of your group are too busy thinking of what they would do in a particular scenario as presented by the Dungeon Master, your quick thinking […]


Doctor Who: Wind Up Tardis Toy

I am quite sure that there are quite a number of Doctor Who fans out there, but how many of them happen to have a great love for all the collectibles that have been released over the years? Granted, not all of these collectibles happen to be worth purchasing, since some of them are downright […]


Brew Whale Tea Infuser

There is nothing quite like chilling out to a nice, warm cup of afternoon tea, as you reflect on the day that has gone by – not to mention thinking about the evening that is to come, conversations that are set to happen, and setting your sights on the future. A cup of your favorite […]


Zombie Ammo Lunchbox

When it comes to packing your own lunch to bring to the office, how many of you happen to have a dedicated lunchbox that gets the job done? Another thing is, how does your lunchbox look like? Is it a normal, brown colored bag, or do you happen to have a venerable “canteen” that is […]


Hot Spot Color Changing Mug

It does look as though we simply cannot live without a Wi-Fi hotspot these days. Of course, there is always a data plan with which we can make use of, but why bother taking up the bandwidth of our own plan when there is a free line around somewhere? This is the reason why I […]


Laughing Buddha Ice Mold

Now, you do not normally play the fool with deities simply for the fact that they wield a whole lot more power than you can possibly think or imagine, and who knows, they might actually turn you into an ugly, slimy amphibian that requires the kiss of a princess (which admittedly, is a whole lot […]


Strong Brew Sword Tea Infuser

So, you love your afternoon tea to bits, and simply cannot make do without a cuppa each day as you reflect on what has happened, and what could be in due time. Infusing your tea can be done in the traditional and boring method, but why would you want to do so when there is […]


French Fries Bed

After all these years, it is rather funny to read about folks fighting for “freedom fries” instead of calling it french fries. Those are certainly some crazy days back then, and if you would want to sleep on a bed that is equally zany without having ants and roaches come crawling in your direction, you […]


Monster Change Eating Coin Purse

There are monsters, and then there are monsters. This particular one that we will concentrate on today would fall under the cute and cuddly category, where it might have bared all of its teeth, but the virtually small size of this $6.49 Monster Change Eating Coin Purse makes it all the more appealing. He hungers […]


Food stickers let you end up with funny characters

I know that many of us were raised up not to play with our food, but there are times when it might help to be a little bit more slack concerning the matter. If you would want your children to help you out in the kitchen, how about letting them participate in the cooking process […]


Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag

We all do happen to live in extremely stressful times these days. Just take a look at all of the grumpy faces on the road during rush hour – not to mention having folks keep to themselves most of the time whenever they are on public transport, finding their very own “cozy corner” to “talk” […]

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