The Floater Floating Turd

There are some things in life which should not exist at all, although one simply cannot explain away as to why it still does. Case in point, the $8.95 The Floater Floating Turd. This is a fake piece of turd which will be able to do its part to astonish and mesmerize folks, and at […]


Ouch! Bite Me Bandages

No one likes getting a cut, and unless one has the fictional healing factor of Wolverine (do bear in mind that just because he is capable of healing so fast, that does not automatically translate to him not being able to feel any pain at all), it would be best to provide that cut with […]


Double Shot Glass Mug

There is nothing quite like having a genius design something that we use everyday, and for those who tend to have a nightcap, or would like to have a few shots before they retire for the night, perhaps having the right shot glass mug would be what you would want this Christmas. Why not consider […]


Creepy Horseman Desk Bobbler

Are you the type who simply cannot work when someone is looking, in fact, staring right down in your direction? Well, if that is the case, and you know someone else who “suffers” from a similar malady as yours, and do not really like that person anyways, perhaps it is time to pick up the […]


Extreme Chocolate Milk Straw & Pods

Not all straws are created equal, and if you would like to get your day off on a delicious start, then this $3.99 Extreme Chocolate Milk Straw & Pods does seem to be worth checking out. It has been dubbed as the K-cups for kids, where the Extreme Chocolate Milk Straw & Pods offers a […]


Dog Ate My Homework Prank

This is one of the classic excuses that children tell their teachers whenever they forgot to do their homework – blame it on the dog. Could it be because that cats do not have such a voracious appetite that our feline friends are let off the hook all the time, and the canine fraternity is […]


Darth Vader Slippers

Can you feel it? The excitement that comes from the anticipation of the next Star Wars film. Who would have thought that the Dark Side of the Force is capable of delivering such a level of comfort? This pair of slippers come with an adorable Darth Vader head that is located at the top of […]


Pet Tornado

One of the classic excuses that teachers all over the world have heard would be this, “My dog ate my homework.” It is still interesting to know how this excuse got started, and how children still believe that it might work. How about bending the truth a little bit with something more fun – to […]


Wampa Slippers

Wampa and lightsabers simply do not go down very well with one another, just like how oil and water do not mix. Having said that, if you are an avid Star Wars fan, and would like to follow in the footsteps of Luke Skywalker to keep yourself warm in the belly of a slain tauntaun, […]


Mr. Pug Mask

While I am a dog lover, this does not mean that all breeds would agree with me. For instance, I love larger sized dogs, especially those that have the tenacity and instinct to retrieve items. Flat faced pugs are adorable to some, and if you happen to fall into that particular category and want to […]


Winky Face LED Wall Night Light

There is nothing quite like the feeling of falling asleep at the end of a particularly tiring day, but for kids who seem to have a seemingly endless amount of energy, they tend to need more incentive to fall asleep – and if they happen to have siblings in the same room, it would most […]


Shark Ornament

Have you watched Sharknado? If you haven’t yet done so, perhaps you might want to watch this particular campy show, which brings together two very different elements that no one would have thought up of in the first place. If you tend to throw parties each year – and lavish as well as crazy ones […]


Rainbow Cloud Handbag

Now here is an extremely interesting handbag to look at – especially when you take into consideration how most of the other designer handbags out there tend to look a certain way, carrying a select sense of suaveness, but this $39.99 Rainbow Cloud Handbag would defy traditional design principles – just as well, taking into […]


NCAA Stadium Pet Beds

When it comes to loving man’s best friend, there are many ways to do so, and one of the more obvious things to do would be to give your favorite pooch a nice and comfortable place for it to sleep on. After all, dogs that sleep on beds tend to have less calloused “elbows”, so […]


Big Blue Whale Strainer

Are all strainers created equal? Not really, it seems, as there do seem to be strainers that are different in terms of design as well as make up compared to the traditional and perhaps, even boring design. Not so with the plastic made $9.99 Big Blue Whale Strainer, and from the name itself, you can […]


Captain America 16oz Molded Mug

A drinking mug is an extremely personal thing – and most of the time, some of us do happen to have a mug that we are comfortable with using, calling it our own, so much so that it is anathema in a friendship or working relationship to use other people’s mugs without permission. If you […]


Yoda Computer Sitter

Yoda, the great Jedi Master, is a being that is full of wisdom and benelovence, although he will not shirk away from a lightsaber battle as and when the situation calls for it, of course. How can he – when he has to lead by example? Well, one way of having a wizened old being […]


T.V. Rock

I am not quite sure just what I should classify this $5.99 T.V. Rock as. It is not an accessory for your spanking new flat screen TV in the living room, and neither does it add value to your entertainment life, either. Well, I guess some things just exist for the sake of existing, even […]


Darth Vader: Galaxy’s Best Father?

Darth Vader might be the most badass father in the world, really. Nay, forget the world – how about the entire freaking galaxy? That seems to be the case with the $12.95 Wisecracks: Galaxy’s Best Father, where it features a statuette that sports Darth Vader himself, and this time around, he is not all that […]


This Is Spinal Tape

Are there times when you are on the lookout for something, but somehow or rather, never really managed to find it – but during the moments when you do not have it in your mind at all, that particular item would be easily spotted? Well, I suppose that tape does happen to fall into this […]


Merry Charger! Christmas Phone Charger

Halloween might be upon us in a few days’ time, and not only that, it also happens to fall on a Friday – which means that there will be plenty of opportunity to party along the way. Having said that, you might want to make early preparations not for Halloween – as it would be […]


VW Bus Keychain comes with its own garage

Not all keychains are created equal, this is for sure. In fact, many of us have keychains that we did not buy ourselves – since we picked them up from roadshows, tradeshows, as well as through family and friends who purchased last minute souvenirs at the airport or train station. Now, to spend $49 on […]


Painless Piercings

I know that there are some people who take body modification to the extreme, having plenty of piercings in different places of the body, not to mention tattoos in various spots of their skin, but what about those who are extremely averse to pain, and yet intend to be part of the crowd who have […]


Crystal Growing Volcano

Volcanic activity can be an interesting field of study, but it is not so much fun and games if you happen to be the one who is making an attempt to run for your life, away from the hot flowing lava! Well, if you think that your little one has an interest in geology and […]

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