Pumped Up Glittery Phone Stand

While many of us use our smartphones as our primary tool for mobile communication, it is a device that offers so much more. For instance, you will be able to enjoy your favorite tunes with it while you are on the move, not to mention watch whatever movies of your choice on it. Well, holding […]


Death Star Salt and Pepper Shakers

The Death Star is a unique piece of weaponry, where as its name suggests, has enough firepower to be able to annihilate an entire planet or star if it is given the chance to. However, the sheer amount of energy required to do so would mean it does not have too many shots in its […]


Darth Vader Lightsaber Spatula

Darth Vader might be the Dark Lord of the Sith, but this does not mean that he does not have some mad skills in the kitchen, be it on a planet or on one of the Empire’s flagship carriers. With the Force in his command, you can be sure that he is able to whip […]


Freshly Baked Donut USB Cup Warmer

There is nothing quite like having a nice hot cuppa of your favorite brew, and if you had your way, you wished that the piping hot cup would not cool off so soon while you are busy hammering away at the keyboard. Having said that, there are ways to do so — such as keeping […]


Star Wars Han Solo in Carbonite Cutting Board

It seems that getting frozen in carbonite can be one of the most excruciating experiences one could go through when one is the prisoner of the Hutts, Jabba especially. Still, the iconic scene of Han Solo being trapped in carbonite has been translated into the real world through the rather surreal $19.99 Star Wars Han […]


Star Wars The Force Awakens Playing Cards

When you are part of a powerful organization such as the Galactic Empire, with the Sith helming it, you know that you are in safe hands. Basically, you are in the majority, and the pension isn’t too bad either, not to mention the perks that come with the job. However, being in a position of […]


False Teether

A false set of teeth might be deem to be essential when you have moved on in age, but that is all right. After all, we do want to look presentable and our very best all the time, do we not? However, our little ones too, have to bide their time before their teeth start […]


Stuck On Ewe Push Pins

Working at the office can get rather stressful for many of us, and there will definitely be moments when you wish you were somewhere in the midst of nature, resting in the abundance of the green and verdant fields, breeze playing with the locks of your hair. As you open your eyes, you see a […]


Social Climbers Squirrel Wine Charms

Squirrels — these are tiny creatures that do seem to walk and run as though they do so on a carpet of air. It is pretty rare to see a squirrel make a mis-step, and hence, it is an honor to have one of these $9.99 Social Climbers Squirrel Wine Charms hang on to your […]


Sticky Fingers Gum Nail File

What looks like an ordinary stick of gum will definitely raise some eyebrows when you pull it out from your handbag in order to start filing your freshly cut nails with it. Of course, after a few blinks, you can be sure that the $2.99 Sticky Fingers Gum Nail File has done its job of […]


Pot Pinchers Pot Holders

Being in the kitchen can be quite the exhilarating experience, as you potter about to whip up dishes that are easy on the eye and more importantly, pleasing to the palate. Of course, the whole range of cooking motions will include frying, sauteing, stewing, and even boiling. All of them require some form of heat […]


Cheese Degrees Cutting Board

Do you love your cheese? If you happen to have answered in the affirmative, then I am quite sure that you know just how much you treasure having the best cut possible from a block of cheese. It is just like dividing pizza or a cake in equal measures — things get tricky very fast, […]


Cozy Cup Mittens Tea Infuser

Ah, to relax on a Sunday afternoon with a pot of boiling water and of course, your favourite brew of tea. Well, if you feel like you need a slight change in how your tea is infused, then you might want to check out the $9.99 Cozy Cup Mittens Tea Infuser. It will certainly add […]


Big Brew Pink Elephant Tea Infuser

Did you know that elephants are very good swimmers? Well, if you do know that, then you should not fret too much knowing that there is a big, pink elephant swimming in your cup of tea. The $9.99 Big Brew Pink Elephant Tea Infuser is what this is all about, and you need not rub […]


Desk Donut Eraser and Pin Holder

It would be a waste of a donut if you were to stick pins into it, not to mention dangerous to everyone else since one might actually swallow the donut with all the pins inside, even more so if the pins were specially colored to look like some sort of rice candy. Well, here’s something […]


Carded IOU Cards

It is always nice to know that you have plenty of dough in your pocket or bank account, and having an IOU can be a badge of shame. However, it is no shame at all if you would like to pay back a good deed to a friend or family member, and what better way […]


Bag of Unicorn Farts

Unicorns are magical creatures, that is for sure. The thing is, how many of us have actually seen a real life one, other than the ones in our imagination, or on the telly in the form of a CGI creature or animation? Well, since they continue to remain in the realm of imagination that includes […]


Good Measure Hangover Recipe Glass

You know what is one of the recommended cures among my drinking buddies when it comes to a really, really bad hangover? To drink some more. Yes, it does not make too much sense, but apparently, that is how it is done. Well, with the $9.99 Good Measure Hangover Recipe Glass, you no longer have […]


Anchored Cocktail Picks

How do you normally wind down your day? Do you like to sit back, put up your legs on a lazy chair, and sip on the poison of your choice? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might want to consider injecting some more fun into your drinking sessions with the $14.99 Anchored […]


Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball

Are you having a splashing time this summer so far? If you have not yet gotten your fair share of action on the beach, perhaps you might want to ensure that this particular summer does not pass you by without picking up the $10.99 Giant Tears of Joy Emoji Beach Ball. As its name implies, […]


Doodle Dogs Crayons

Doodling might be something that we do not look upon to be a serious work of art, but bear in mind that all great artists must have doodled once in a while back when they were a wee lad. Having said that, rather than settle for ordinary crayons, how about doodling with a unique set […]


R/C Talking Bowtie for Dogs

Dog lovers might even call their four legged friends as “furkids”, which is a term of endearment to these cute critters who happen to be man’s best friend. Well, while most of us would think that our pooches look regal enough in their respective coat of fur, how about dressing them up with a bowtie […]


Under The Tea Seahorse Infuser

You have got to give it to the person who thought of the name for the $10.99 Under The Tea Seahorse Infuser, where a seahorse would naturally live, where else, but under the sea? However, since this particular seahorse mold has been made to infuse tea, it makes perfect sense that it would be living […]


Check It Off Wrist Notes

Most of us would wear watches on a wrist, so how about taking a different approach when it comes to keeping notes or reminders of what you need to do? You can do so with the $5.99 Check It Off Wrist Notes, and you can be sure as heck that it is a whole lot […]

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