More Star Wars geekery – The LED Pond Wars Ducks

Alright, I realize I’ve already written up one bizarre Star Wars gadget today, but I came across this one and it was too hilarious to pass up.  Seriously, could you pass up a light-up rubber ducky with Princess Leia buns on it’s head.  I didn’t think so.  Just pop them in the water and they […]


R2-D2 Whizzwatch calls for a very devoted Star Wars fan

Alright, I think we can all agree that R2-D2 is the coolest of all droids, so we of course whole heartedly encourage random gadgets created in his image.  However, sometimes it’s just taken too far.  Seriously, who would wear a watch this bulky?  First of all, we all know it’s not entirely necessary to even […]


Finger drum set to drive your colleagues nuts

  There is definitely someone you know who drums his/her fingers whenever the situation gets rather tense, boring or impatient – and you could be guilty of that as well. Why not add some pizazz with the Finger Drum set? This tabletop version helps you release your inner rhythm, where the tiny instruments light up […]


3-in-1 Mini Digital Camera

This mini digital camera is definitely not something you would want to waste $19.95 on, especially when a majority of cell phones these days already come with some sort of digital camera built in and at a much higher resolution, I must say. It clips onto your keychain, snapping up to 240 low resolution images […]


Little Dog Air Refreshener – nothing says fresh like a dog

Okay who here when they think of fresh air, a dog comes to mind?  No one?  Well apparently someone decided the two should be combined.  The tiny little dog is actually an air freshener to put in your car or rather refreshener as Brando puts it.  Just place the bone in the little dog’s mouth […]


Brando’s Nail Varnish Protecting Clip is extremely hi-tech stuff

Although I am female, I tend to find painting my nails a tedious and obnoxious task.  Mostly because I can’t hold still for anything.  Well this Nail Varnish Protecting Clip is meant for exactly that.  It has a protective cover to keep you from bumping your nails on anything and screwing up your nails.  However, […]


Vertical Bed gives shuteye anytime, anywhere

Jamie O’Shea subjected himself to polyphasic sleep during the Conflux weekend, which is in essence the practice of sleeping many times over a 24-hour period. Jamie moved around with his Vertical Bed that can be stripped down and stored in a suitcase, where he will then set his Vertical Bed in place after making sure […]


Blow Up Hanger

Who would’ve thought that something as ordinary as a hanger could come in a totally different form factor? The Blow Up Hanger says it all, where one requires some bit of huffing and puffing before it is ready to hold any clothes. Another plus point is you won’t need to fill up your wardrobe with […]


The Plasma Mug for the easily amused

Everyone has a particular way they prefer to enjoy their favorite beverage.  It varies a bit as far as what it is you’re drinking, but this Plasma Mug will actually work for both hot and cold drinks.  I just have no idea who would ever sit down and decide they’d like a glowing cup to […]


The iPod Boombox combines old and new tech

Not all vintage technology should make a come back and be melded with new technology. Yes, some really retro products are fun to see recreated into something new, but this has gone too far. I don’t care if it does have a built-in dock for your iPod, if you throw that on your shoulder you’re […]


Kyoseki Carmen Electra 3-in-1 styling iron

The idolization of celebrities can get a little bit out of hand for some as they purchase the latest gossip magazines just to find out what their favorite stars are wearing and what they look like. Carmen Electra is well past her heydays by now, with Baywatch being nothing but a distant memory of the […]


miniJet lighter

I’m not a smoker, and I know that more and more countries are getting even stricter with anti-smoking laws as governments realize the health of their citizens is way more important than revenue from cigarettes sales and tobacco-related industries. Still, it is rather foolish to introduce the younger generation to pick up the smoking habit […]


A random gallery of incredibly foolish USB drives

Flash drives have been made to look like all kinds of things. Some of them are very cool and even a little cryptic, which is always fun. Then other times it just blows my mind that someone found these to be a good idea. Well since it’s Friday and no one likes to actually do […]


Aquapac Flip Phone Waterproof Case is a Ziploc bag in disguise

Alright, so some incredibly foolish gadgets have their uses.  That’s not to say that they aren’t still just as ridiculous as the useless silly gadgets that are on the internet.  The Aquapac Flip Phone Waterproof Case looks more like a Ziploc bag than an actual case.  It does have some perks though you can take […]


Arm Wrestling game to kill time

You might be a nerd, but I’m pretty sure there are times where you fantasized on how it feels like to be a jock, with a bevy of beauties cheering you on as you go up against another mate in a serious man-to-man arm wrestling fight just to win date rights with your target in […]


Magic Cubic Alarm Clock

Anyone who grew up a few decades ago will surely find the Rubik’s Cube to be THE toy to have, twisting and turning those little colored blocks all day long to solve it. Granted, there was no Internet back then so finding a solution is much harder than locating a needle in the haystack, unless […]


Posable Robot Webcam is overly sporty

Webcams really only have one necessary function, broadcasting the image that lies before it.  That’s pretty basic.  So why is it exactly that we need a webcam that is capable of posing with various balls from different sports?  I’d imagine it stems from not quite growing up and wanting an action figure to play with, […]


Strange Double Light Bulb

With this bulb you can make it look like it’s glued to the socket rather than screwed in and if by magic it will still work. However why you may want to do this is beyond me. An oldie from seihin-world.


The iPod Hymn Book Cover disguises your iPod

In certain situations it’s a little frowned upon to be listening to your iPod. People get especially huffy if you’re listening to your iPod at church, funerals and even weddings. I’m not really sure what the problem is there, but you know how people are. They always need something to grumble about, you’re wearing headphones […]

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Welcome to Foolish Gadgets

Welcome aboard Foolish Gadgets, a blog designed to amuse and entertain you with all the latest tech news and gadgets that are more foolish than cool. So why did we start Foolish Gadgets? On our sister site Coolest Gadgets we spend hours trawling the web, press releases and trade shows to find cool stuff to […]

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