Crystal Nightlight

If you happen to be one who love to grow crystals, then here is something that you might want to check out – the $19.99 Crystal Nightlight, which will allow you to enjoy a cool night light that glows in a spectrum of colors. Of course, it is not instant, since you will first need […]


Bird Salt & Pepper Set

Salt and pepper sets tend to be rather boring, but you might want to spruce things up a bit more with the £4.95 Bird Salt & Pepper Set. It is a beautiful salt and pepper set that ought to find a place in any home’s dining room. The thing is, it might end up being […]


Mind Control Mints

It must be said that the untrained eye would be unable to figure out just what the $2.99 Mind Control Mints are, which claim to offer a bunch of breath-freshening candies, albeit having the special powers that would bring you to be on par with that of Professor Charles Xavier. I jest, there is no […]


Doctor Who: Lights & Sounds Cushion Tardis

Doctor Who fans, listen up! Perhaps you think that you might have seen it all, when it comes to Doctor Who accessories and the like, but that does not seem to be the case at all, especially when you take the $25.95 Lights & Sounds Cushion Tardis into consideration. It might look like any other […]


Caution Cone – Girls Misbehaving

If you think that having girls rather than boys would make life a whole lot easier when you marry, think again. Not all girls are the quiet, well behaved missies who live a cultured and refined life. Some of them can be extremely adventurous, and run riot around the home without you realizing it. If […]


Star Wars Sunglasses

I am not quite sure just how much more milk that the proverbial Star Wars cow has, but it sure as heck does not look as though it is about to run out of milk anytime soon. You can basically find all sorts of merchandise that has been officially licensed by Star Wars, and just […]


Thirst Aid

Staying hydrated is an important part of traveling, even more so if you were to end up in a hot and arid desert area. Well, there are different kinds of water bottles that you can bring around with you in order to quench that thirst of yours, but if you would like convenience, there is […]


Enormex Giant Condom

Some people like to do things in an ostentatious manner, and they would rather jump into a situation or business ”big”, rather, than to take the cautious approach. There are, of course, pros and cons to such a line of thought, but here is something else that is large which you can always pull a […]


Scaled Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Wall Trophy

You have seen the museums of old, as well as creaking houses in the countryside, not to mention the massive mansions owned by the super rich – most of them happen to have a wall trophy, depicting the spoils of an African adventure, perhaps, or a trek in the highlands, where the perfect aim of […]


Senior Moments Mug

Have you ever walked into a particular room, and then scratched your head, wondering just what you went in there for? Of course, you can always recover if you walked into the kitchen and experienced such a ‘senior moment’ by making yourself a mug of coffee. What better way to do so than with the […]


Prank Auto Scratch

A brand new car would mean one thing – you would most probably pay more attention to it than to yourself, and even the most minute scratch would probably be noticed, never mind that you forgot to put on your working pants that morning to go to office as you walked in with a long […]


Elecom Quill Stylus Pen

In this day and age where you make use of touchscreen devices, especially tablets, there are moments when a stylus would come in more handy compared to that of a finger – no matter how thin the tip of your pinky is. Well, if you have a little bit of extra money to burn and […]


Bubble Blowing R2-D2

Now we have certainly seen our fair share of crazy toys in the past, especially those that happen to carry the Star Wars trademark, where some of the ideas have gone off the mark, but here is a rather cute one – which is basically an oversized bubble blower, actually. I am referring to the […]


Labonetz Pelvic Roller Tollne 8

There is no short cut at all when it comes to good health – long term results and benefits happen only when you do things the old fashioned way, and that would mean good ol’ exercise. If you have been wanting to tone up your hips and waist all this while, but never really managed […]


Snow Peak Titanium Sake Bottle

Ask any person who has a penchant for drinking spirits and hard liquor, and they are sure to tell you of their personal favorites, as well as the way in which you should consume the drink in order to best enjoy its complex aromas and flavors. Well, if you have way too much money to […]


Decaf is for Wimps Mug

Do you love your coffee? Sure you do, never mind that the doctor has ordered you to cut back on as much coffee as possible, but still, it is something that you find extremely difficult to do – especially since you have been drinking the good stuff for decades. Decaf? That’s not real coffee, it […]


Spray Can Crayons

Everyone has a story to tell – a story of humble beginnings, and even the most monstrous person whom you know would have had a trigger event in his or her life that has turned him or her into who you see today. Well, how about vandals? Perhaps they have a talent for art, but […]


Igloo Dome Pillow

Getting a good night’s sleep is extremely important for just about all of us, as it would allow us to function at our optimal level the next day. If it is a weekend or a holiday, all the better, since you get to sleep in late and really maximize every single second of shuteye. What […]


Map Knee High Socks

Socks – just how trendy can these be? I suppose socks would require more thought when it comes to matching one’s dress, but for the guys, well, anything dark colored will do – thank you very much. Still, if you have a zany sense of fashion and would like to stand out from the rest […]


Stink Cigarette Loads

I am quite sure that by now, everyone is well aware of the dangers of smoking and the health hazards that come with it. After all, no one would like to have a tarred lung, but then again, it is not all that easy to quit smoking. Some folks take the cold turkey route, while […]


Melting Mountain Candles

In the days of the apocalypse when the sky is being rolled back like a scroll, while the earth gives up its dead, you can be sure that mountains, too, will melt like wax. The terrible day of Judgement need not come so soon for many of us, since I am quite sure that there […]


Duncan Vintage Yo-Yo, Assorted Colors

Give a yo-yo to a child today, and he or she will most probably toss it away after less than a minute, simply because it is not interactive enough – there are no touchscreens to play with, and either does it emit a single sound. Not only that, messing it up would mean having to […]


Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix – Vol. 1 Pendant

If you happen to be a huge fan of Marvel’s recent movie, Guardians of the Galaxy – which is a rather obscure comic as opposed to the other more notable franchises that we have seen such as Thor, the Avengers and Iron Man, then you would surely not mind picking up this unique fashion accessory […]


Doctor Who: Tumbling Tardis Tower Game

Ever played Jenga? Now that is a game that requires really steady hands, especially when it gets late into the particular session, as less and less blocks are available for one to remove before the entire tower comes tumbling down. It is as much a cerebral game as it is a physical one, where being […]

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