Wii Samba DE Hammer

I must say that playing with the Wii’s controllers (both the nunchuk and the Wiimote) already make one look rather daft at times, but throw on additional accessories and you’ll look even funnier. You know those plastic tennis racquets as well as baseball bats meant for Wii Sports? Yeah, those make one look rather foolish […]


USB X’mas Aquarium

How much more daft can you get with the USB X’mas Aquarium? I certainly won’t want to keep my fish in this, as it is good only for a certain season each year, which means for the better part of 11 months I will have to stash away this aquarium somewhere because we all know […]


The Critter Cruiser and Hamtrack

If you were a fan of Ralph the mouse and his tiny little motorcycle then you’ll love this odd little car. It’s made like a hamster wheel and then attached to a tiny little car. Giving your furry little friend free reign of the house. Just hopefully no clumsy relatives will step on it and […]


The KaBling Designer pink cables

Alright, I’m a girl, I do wear girly things like dresses and enjoy flowers just as much as the next girl.  However, even I find this obsession with pink gadgets and accessories overly nauseating.  I don’t hate pink as a color, it’s just if you’re going to make something feminine it doesn’t always have to […]


USB Volcano reflects your personality

Now here’s a USB peripheral that will reflect your explosive personality at the office – the USB Volcano. Simply hook this up to your computer via any available USB port and it will light up in high intensity LED lights, with lava beads included to re-create the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius on your desktop – […]


USB Handbag Flash Drive

There are USB flash drives, and then there are USB flash drives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, the USB Handbag Flash Drive you see here is neither, as it comes in a garish form factor of a handbag. Although $36 can net you 8GB of portable storage space (pretty good value for money), you […]


USB Key-pressed Ferris Wheel

I wouldn’t want something this ghastly to appear on my desktop, that’s for sure, but then again, there must be a reason why Brando has churned out the USB Key-pressed Ferris Wheel. Assuming there’s a sizable market for such an accessory, here’s more information on this foolish USB-powered peripheral. It lights up and spins whenever […]


Jedi Ecosaber T-Shirt

Let’s face the facts – even Jedi Knights and Jedi Masters need to ensure they do not pollute the environment – do you know how much juice a lightsaber takes to keep it powered? Of course, in a galaxy far, far away, chances are stuff like carbon footprints don’t really matter (either that or the […]


The Emergency Yodel Button, yes its a real product

Do you ever feel as if you couldn’t possibly get through the day without hearing a nice yodel?  Well sure, lots of people feel that way.  Wait, or was it that they can’t go on living if they are forced to listen to yodeling?  Well either way now you you have a little black button […]


The Remote Control Walking Moaning Zombie

Life isn’t nearly good enough, unless it’s full of fake zombies. It’s a rule, we geeks apparently need zombies to live and breathe. Well now you can own a remote controlled zombie, although hopefully he won’t go rogue and start trying to lash out at the one holding the remote. The remote itself is in […]


Solar Light Cap lights your path, sacrifices your dignity

If you’re tired of bumping into things at night, and don’t feel like using a flashlight then here is an alternative solution.  Yes, it appears to be an average baseball cap, but when darkness falls two little lights kick on making you look like a major dork, but one that can see at night.  Yes, […]


Metal Plate X-Ray Messages are bound to get you into trouble

There are some situations when you should really shut up and not do anything that can possibly be deemed as remotely stupid.  One of those times is when dealing with your mother-in-law, another is when dealing with airport security in the US.  It’s just a bad idea.  So when someone creates a set of metal […]


Jungle Squirt Gun

Summer is over, but there isn’t any reason not to act silly while indoors with the Jungle Squirt Gun. Definitely unable to hold a candle to a Super Soaker, but at least this juvenile toy will elicit some laughs whether at home or at the office (mostly from the person wielding it, of course). Measuring […]


Cows get milked as and when they please

New Zealand has hired the help of robots to milk their cows, but not at the beck and call of humans. Instead, the cows themselves will be able to choose their own milking time, thanks to a computerized collar that offers it access to the milking shed. This unique collar is also smart enough to […]


The Party Rats shine while you go raving, night blogging

Alright, I think the glowing things have gone too far.  Glowsticks were fine, but glowing rats to attach to your fingertips just seems to take things a bit too far.  Also, I really don’t see ther person in the crowd with plastic rats attached to their fingers going home with anyone.  Partially because it takes […]


USB Key-Pressed Ferris Wheel works when you type

Some USB gadgets are very useful, quirky looking ones that almost look like toys can double as a USB hub.  Well this is not one of those gadgets.  It’s sole function is to sit there and look pretty.  It is USB powered and when you type the ferris wheel begins to turn and flashing lights […]


Exi-quette Car Curtain helps prevent embarrassing moments

Ladies who loves wearing long dresses and skirts are guilty of ‘flashing’ people around by accident as they disembark from a car, as Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan can attest to. With the Exi-quette Car Curtain, those accidental bloopers can be a thing of the past as they were specially designed to prevent such revealing […]


Roadkill plushies – cute but gory

File this under the macabre – kids with a twisted and warped sense of humor will definitely fall for it, but I don’t think it is such a good idea to desensitize our younger generation to such wanton destruction and gore from such a tender age. Roadkill is a designer toy boutique that specializes in […]


More Star Wars gadgets – The Darth Vader Sculpted Wall Clock

What is with Star Wars gadgets?!  I mean really, I love the movies, but even Trekkies don’t have nearly as many ridiculous gadgets as Star Wars fans can get a hold of.  Well the latest one is a wall clock featuring Darth Vader’s head.  He has nice clock hands sticking out of his helmet, which […]


Beverage Alarm Clock seems a bit random

Here is yet another bizarre alarm clock for you.  This one is in the form of a juice box or milk carton.  Well actually, what appears to be a juice box is supposed to be strawberry soda.  You can choose from either that or a blue fresh milk carton.  It works like every other alarm […]


Send your fish to school with this training kit

A school of fish takes on new meaning with the Fish School Training Kit that won’t really increase the IQ of your pet fish, but at least it will create an illusion that they’re smart enough to respond to verbal commands. Get a dog (or dolphin) if you want a more obedient pet, as most […]

Alien TV Changer

Zapping TV Remote

  There’s a fair amount of rubbish on the box, so what you need is some easy way to turn it off. You could resort to the old fashioned, stand up, walk to TV and press the off button or you could zap it with this alien ray gun. The gun can be programmed to […]


Flower Pot Ring is practically useless

Most people would wear a ring to signify their marriage alliance, while some others who have gone past the lovey-dovey stage would prefer to use rings as a platform to show off their newfound riches as hubby rakes in the dough. No idea on why the Flower Pot Ring is in existence though, are you […]


Finger Massager to soothe those overworked digits

I guess I can only see two groups of people who will ever need this Finger Massager – hardcore gamers who have long been proud to wear the PlayStation thumb, while the other would be an overworked and underpaid blogger who churns out posts by the dozens each day, sweatshop style. Those who tend to […]

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