Goals countdown clocks

Most people start off the new year with a bunch of resolutions, but how many of them will actually achieve it before the year is over? Well, perhaps you might need the Goals countdown clock to help you along, although the most important ingredient is still missing – the inner conviction and will to change. […]


It’s Alive Dracula Picks

Poor Count Dracula – he must be running out of decrepit crypts and places to rest during the daytime due to rapid development every where around the world, that he needs to market his public image in less than desirable products in order to get himself a lofty unit in a private condominium for the […]


The USB Notebook Cooling Pad resembling a growling dog

One obnoxious aspect of using your laptop for long periods is if placed on your lap, you soon feel as if you’re sitting in a sauna.  All depending on the laptop, some are worse or better than others.  Since laptops do tend to get hot, a cooling pad would be a logical purchase.  Yet, I’m […]


AK-47 Bullet Ice Tray

While most ice cubes come in a hollowed out cylindrical or square form factors, here’s a novel way for you to let your guests literally bite the bullet – with the AK-47 bullet ice tray. Just fill one part with water until it reaches the top, place the next half above, press it down and […]


Truck Antlers are a hoot

Has Santa ditched his faithful reindeer troop for a magical truck this Christmas? Maybe, since the Truck Antlers are already available for sale for $29.98 a pair. Hooking these two antlers on the base of your windows might actually fool the rotund red man in December, and to show off his gratefulness for your comfortable […]


Henry Desktop Vacuum cleans up crumbs

If you’re in love with your gadgets and have the belief that no job is too small for some random gadget to take care of then you’ll love this mini vacuum cleaner.  It will clean up all those random crumbs you get all over your desk during your lunch or random snacking.  Frankly in my […]


Middle Finger Card Guard speaks silently

The Middle Finger Card Guard sends a message to the rest of the table in a loud and clear manner sans words, although you do have the option of aiming it at your intended target while pressing on the offensive digit for it to speak out, “F#$* you!”. Definitely a hoot to use with friends, […]


Toilet Monster and Screamer

Here’s a toy that will definitely be a hoot if you’re holding a house warming party – the Toilet Monster and Screamer. I’d suggest using this only if you have young folks around, since older people might actually get the scare of their lives and slip backwards which could result in serious injury or even […]


DeFIBulator catches pants on fire

Liar liar, pants on fire, so the saying goes. Unfortunately, it isn’t that straightforward in real life, but then again technology has advanced to such a point where you don’t need to pay a visit to the FBI in order to undergo a polygraph. With the DeFIBulator, you will be able to have a more […]


The overly expensive Profilelamp

Alright it may seem unfair to call this a foolish gadget, until you consider a few factors.  First of all they are claiming it to be a practical product.  In what way is something like this practical, because frankly I’d rather throw it away than deal with cleaning it.  However, one couldn’t do that because […]


The Baggage-shaped Table Lamp

Lamps have always had the ability to come in excessively strange shapes.  One shape I didn’t expect was a lamp in the shape of baggage.  It’s such a random and boring shape that I can’t see even the slightest appeal to it.  The handle itself is made of calfskin leather, that is sold in either […]


Flower Shaped Speaker & Alarm Clock set

Now this is definitely one of the weirder combo devices to be released in recent memory – the Flower Shaped Speaker & Alarm Clock set. To know time and enjoy music from a flower? This Mini Speaker w/ Flash Light and Desktop Clock is featured by flower shape. Novel and pleasant design makes such Multifunction […]


Mouse MP3 player gets thumbs down for design

Most people who purchase a gizmo will definitely look forward to something that is not only functional but looks good as well – unfortunately, the mouse MP3 player that you see here is more of the former and none of the latter. Would you want to carry something like this around, only to receive stares […]


MiniMotel for canceled flights

If your flight has ever gotten canceled and you have gotten stuck sleeping in an airport I’m sure you’ve wished for some way to sleep comfortably while you wait.  Well, one person thinks they have the solution with this oddly shaped little tent.  Yes, it would be highly portable, but it’s just one more thing […]


Gamer Grub for gaming addicts with money to blow

Alright, so this isn’t entirely a gadget, but hear me out.  It’s food based off of gaming and gaming you do on a gadget, so therefore definitely valid.  I admit, when I’m in the middle of WoW and into a raid or even a regular dungeon I have on occasion forgotten to eat.  That or […]


Shower Power suction handles

Gotta love the product description for this – Shower Power: Bathroom handles for bathroom bangin’. This suction handle takes the imminent doom out of shower sex. This large black handle has amazing suction power: we stuck it to a desk at the office, and had a hell of a time trying to peel it off. […]


Bandai Peri Peri for people with OCD

If you’re a person who cannot get enough out of opening a Fedex zipper package time and again, then the Bandai Peri Peri device is just the thing for you. It comes with an integrated speaker to play back different sound effects, including roulette mode, cat mode, bingo mode and so forth. This ain’t no […]


The Burning Bookmark

Sure a giant flame sticking out of your book will look cool.  I mean who wouldn’t love a book that looked like it was on fire?  However, unless you’re overly gentle with your book this won’t last long.  It would be easily bent and probably won’t stay in your book well since it doesn’t rest […]


The USB Eye Massager

Upon first coming across this product, I figured they were kidding. When I went to the manufacturers site I fully expected to see the always funny Think Geek along with some ridiculous instructional video. It turns out that this is not from Think Geek or any other site devoted to funny products but from SunDayo […]


Musical Light Up Santa Tie

The name says it all – the Musical Light Up Santa Tie certainly won’t add any points to your superior when it comes to sharp dressing, but then again if you’re the resident office jester this could be just the thing to lighten up sombre faces during those heavy-laden Mondays. This desecrated piece of formal […]


Control A Cat remote control

This is absolutely hilarious – the Control A Cat remote control. Don’t you just hate it that cats somehow have a mind of their own and answer to nobody? Well, perhaps with this Control A Cat remote control, your woes will end. I highly doubt it though since it is powered by positive thinking – […]


The Night Sweat Alarm wakes you up when you sweat

If your partner is constantly waking up complaining about the bed having pools of sweat, you might need something to stop all that sweating.  Well to make sure your partner doesn’t get drenched, pick up this alarm and never sleep well again.  It’ll wake you up when it senses perspiration, it does this by vibrating […]


The Cool Blue LED Nametag

There are some products that even geeks look at and think that’s taking things just a bit too far.  An LED Nametag would probably be one of those things.  Then again there is the small group of geeks that does everything in their power to broadcast their choice to lead a life of true geekdom.  […]

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