The Giant Blue Bow Watch

Think back to those classic horror movies, remember that perfect horror movie chick scream?  That’s the one that was in my head the moment I saw this watch, followed immediately by the imaginary damsel in distress fainting from the horror of such an atrocity.  Seriously, who would honestly choose to wear a watch that had […]


Road Mice get a mouse in the shape of your favorite car

If you have a serious thing for cars, and have long grown out of your race car bed phase, it might be time to show your love of cars in other ways.  Road Mice feature all kinds of mice in the shape of popular cars (Camaro, Corvette, Dodge Charger).  I seriously doubt that they are […]


Horror Halloween Handrest

Get into the Halloween mood with the Horror Halloween Handrest. This realistic looking dismembered hand even comes with a wee bit of white bone dangling out on one hand, and is guaranteed to elicit some screams in the office if you’re working among many vixens. Made from soft foam, they function as a pretty decent […]


Gundam slippers for that added touch of reality

If your kids are hooked on a diet of Japanese Gundam cartoons, then getting them this pair of Gundam slippers will definitely make you the greatest parent in the world – at least until the next best thing comes around. Other than keeping your feet warm in the upcoming winter while walking around at home, […]


The Endless Peeling Banana Toy

Some of the products that come from Japan have a tendency to be pointless and difficult for the rest of the world to understand.  Well here is another odd product straight from Japan to boggle your mind.  It’s the Endless Banana.  It was created because of a trend diet in Japan.  Apparently the morning banana […]


Nexcare’s Duct Tape Bandage

Alright, I admit that I have a thing for cool bandages.  My parents always thought novelty bandages were ridiculous, so an adult I always have some type of odd bandages in the cabinet.  Usually they feature comic book characters, but I think I could stretch my collection to include duct tape bandages too.  I admit […]


Naughty Kids Lamp

Urgh, now are these really useless or what. Sub-par design with faces that could have been drawn better many times over, I wouldn’t really want to place any money on the Naughty Kids Lamp. To add to its juvenile “appeal”, the switch is located on the lamp’s human equivalent of the nether regions – definitely […]


Snack & Stack utensils

Although the Snack & Stack utensils are meant for little ones, I am sure the small kid in you will also find them to be interesting. Each utensil comes with a silicone handle, and you’ll be able to lock them together like Lego bricks on top of one another for easy and secure storage. Perfect […]


Disco Flashing Neon Lights

Nothing says cheesy quite like a flashing neon light and extra points for a flashing light that is a set of hearts.  The second neon light isn’t quite as bad, being a motorcycle, but since it has pastel blue wheels it becomes slightly less cool.  You can appear truly classy and place one of these […]


The Elvis Duck

Of all things to be used in the bathtub a rubber ducky is probably not one of the most useful devices.  Actually it’s really only there for a giggle, but it’s classic so I understand that much.  I can almost get an Elvis rubber ducky.  After all there are still plenty of Elvis fanatics and […]


Electronic paper plane launcher

Ah, the good old days of rebelling in a classroom. I remember folding and throwing paper planes around with my mates, each trying to see just how far our planes are able to fly. We had to rely on hand power to launch our delicate flying machines, but how times have changed! Enter the electronic […]


USB Webmail Notifier

I seriously can’t believe that one can be that busy until he/she is unable to keep track of all the emails coming in. That’s what mail filters are for, and it certainly pays to have push email on your mobile device to manage the backlog of mails even when you’re out of the office. Still, […]


The Beer Bottle Shaped Telephone

If you enjoy hosting parties that involve alcohol out at your place, then this might not be a good phone to pick up.  Especially if your friends like to get completely smashed.  I imagine it wouldn’t take long for someone to try to open it and drink out of the phone.  Thus destroying your brand […]


The USB Chameleon

There are some gadgets that are so incredibly beyond pointless that it boggles the mind.  Well not only is this a pointless gadget, but I imagine it would prove a distracting one as well.  The little chameleon sits on top of your monitor and sticks out its tongue and pulls it back in, it’s eyes […]


Make Halloween memorable for your pooch

While Junior gets all dressed up for trick or treat this Halloween, why not let Fido join in the fun? PetSmart has tons of costumes that won’t break the monthly budget, among them Disney character costumes such as Snow White, Peter Pan and Tinker Bell, along with traditional orange- and black-themed collars, hats and tees. […]


Vibrating Pet Massage Glove

While many of us take good care of our pets, I don’t think the majority will go all out and send their pets to pet spas and pet restaurants, right? Not especially during these times of economic hardship with the shadow of a recession looming right over our heads. Why not fork out $19.98 instead […]


The Private Ocean interactive clock/light/speaker

Some clocks can be very cool, then other times there are clocks so complicated and expensive that it just seems a bit ridiculous.  Well if you have a thing for the ocean, now you can have this clock that comes with electronic fish.  When you plug in your music to it, the fish respond to […]


The overly exciting Virtual Ant Farm

Ant farms are one of those things I’ve never really understood why someone gets enjoyment out of them.   However, at least the owners were watching real live ants.  Now, you can actually pick up a virtual ant farm.  The ant farm boasts having a calendar as well as a clock.  The bright LED-backed screen make […]


Life Clock works like…clockwork

Here is an alarm clock that comes with a twist – the Life Clock from Jinsei Tokei resembles a Tamagotchi, but it targets adults instead of kids. Inside the Life Clock you will find an LCD display that shows a digital guy who kinda mimics your lifestyle. There will be three versions to choose from […]


Fortune Forecast Machine

Ever wonder what the cosmos has in store for you? Are you a person who believes in carving out one’s own destiny, or do you subject yourself to the will of the gods? Wonder no more with the Fortune Forecast Machine – while it failed to predict the massive economic fallout on Wall Street, it […]


Ridiculous robot kits by Gakken

Robots are always a favorite within the tech community, but sometimes certain robots lean a bit towards the ridiculous side. These two by Gakken lean heavily towards being not only ridiculous but pointless as well. First there is the tea serving robot that has a teacup it brings to you. Now, how does this little […]


Adult Slime with relaxing aromas

Slime was always cool as a kid, it was always just gross enough to keep me entertained and I admit as an adult I still think slime is cool.  Which is why one company decided to create slime for adults.  No, it’s nothing sexual.  It’s really perfectly innocent slime that is marketed towards adults.  They […]


HAL 9000 fridge magnet

You don’t have to be a magnate to own a magnet, but lame jokes aside, here’s the HAL 9000 fridge magnet that does nothing but make it look as if your fridge has turned into some supersized evil machine. Too bad the red dot doesn’t glow – that would’ve been a nice feature to have. […]


Ticker tape bookends spell doom

We are bombarded with all sorts of negative news these days concerning the economy, but let us learn to count our blessings – at least there are no food lines forming yet as what happened during the Great Depression. Here are a couple of ticker tape bookends that hail from the historic October 23, 1929 […]

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