Finger Food Party Plates

There’s one thing I love about parties, never mind that it is formal or otherwise. Number one, there’s always some sort of finger food action going on, and once you’ve sampled everything three times over, you more or less have saved yourself money for a meal outside. The other benefit would be the free flowing […]


Pümpel plunger candle holder

You have to enjoy an honest designer, one that doesn’t kid around about their designs.  They know they’re off the wall and insane, so they don’t attempt to cover it up.  If you go to a site called Loony Design, you know exactly what you’re getting into.  Well, almost, I wasn’t quite prepared to come […]


Mr. Willson hangs onto your towel

Usually if I want to hang up my towel, I use the regular towel rack.  Yes, it’s uncreative and dull, but it works.  Never at any point did I think that somehow a tennis ball would be a great way to hang your towel.  Well apparently someone did, and hilariously enough named the tennis ball […]


Talking Barack Obama Bobblehead

Bobblehead figures are cute, although certain quarters do find them irritating. If you happen to get a character that is long lasting, for example, Master Chief or Elmo, then that’s fine, but what happens when you purchase a bobblehead that features a less permanent character like a presidential candidate? I wouldn’t want to spend $19.98 […]


E-ink display on a cell phone

Most cell phones these days come with a decent sized display, and they also feature the ability to display up to a whopping 16 million colors – never mind the fact that your eyes won’t be able to take in all that colors in one go on such a small viewing real estate anyways. Which […]


Solid Alliance’s USB Key Skull Ring

The Solid Alliance is always notorious for their cheesy USB drives.  Well now they’ve got one more and much like many of their other drives, it’s completely wearable.  I’m not sure that there are many that would be willing to wear one of these, but the option is there.  The overly bulky ring doubles as […]


Wood Grain printed CD stickers

Why do people keep insisting upon mixing technology with wood?  Seriously, we have wood speakers and then we have speakers that are cardboard printed with wood.  You can even pick up a wooden keyboard or mouse.  Well now you can also make your CDs have a wood grain print on the top.  Why you’d want […]


PMS Teddy Swear Bear is grumpy and crude

While teddy bears are meant to be cute and adorable, having one that spews out foul language isn’t what most parents would like to have, although juvenile teens who have discovered a sudden love for four-letter words suddenly fall head over heels with toys like the PMS Teddy Swear Bear. This bear comes with a […]


Classical Rotary Phone Style 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub

You definitely won’t be making any phone calls with the Classical Rotary Phone Style 4-Port USB 2.0 Hub, as it looks pretty much like a vandalized phone instead. If you take a closer look, you will notice that all the even numbers on the rotary dial has been removed (and these numbers are placed in […]


Make your dog an Apple fanboy with the iBone Dog Toy

You know you’ve gotten far too obsessed with your iPhone when you start buying a toy for your dog meant to resemble the iPhone.  Slightly more squishy and with far less functions than your iPhone, but it does resemble it nonetheless.  The only real function it has is that it will squeak as your pup […]


Woodchuck iPod/Laptop Speaker Set made of cardboard

Cheap functional speakers are always a plus, however, I wouldn’t take it quite so far as to purchase cardboard speakers.  Cheap plastic sure, but cardboard takes things just a bit too far.  However, at least they bothered to print it with a wood grain design.  They claim the sound is great, but being cheap and […]


Ever changing dress for socialites

One of the most embarrassing moments is when you appear at a grand ballroom party, dressed to the nines, only to find someone else in the opposite end of the room with the same dress as you. This seemingly simple white dress comes with two dozen felt-tipped markers, and for good reason, too. You insert […]


Personal Carbon Monoxide Detector

Are you worried about breathing in foul air wherever you go? I don’t think this is a situation that can be avoided in this industrialized time and age, but just in case your paranoia gets the better of you, here is the Personal Carbon Monoxide Detector. Since carbon monoxide can’t be seen or smelled, it […]


Cyber Clean slime actually spruces up the area

Most people will think of slime as something that’s yucky, but along comes Cyber Clean – a self described slime that’s “spick and span”. This material comes with a silly-putty-like texture which is able to blot out any dirt from the numerous crevices on your keyboard. In addition, it ensures that most, if not all, […]


Condiment Gun makes eating fun

Sauce kept in bottles on a dining table is nothing but boring, so here is the Condiment Gun to spruce things up. Each gun comes with a couple of sauce cartridges for you to store different sauces for various occasions. All you need to do is load it and “shoot” the sauce onto your food […]


Radio Controlled Sumos to kill time at work

I’ve never really understood the appeal in watching sweaty fat men wrestle each other all the while wearing a poor excuse for clothing.  However, now you can own two miniature sumo wrestlers to play with.  Thankfully, minus the sweat.  They are remote controlled, so hand a remote to a friend or coworker and have at […]


Electronic Bingo Caller

I will never understand the way people flip out over bingo, maybe you have to be 75 with a busted hip to fully comprehend it.  Which means still being a 20-something, not only do I not get it, I find the idea of spending even more money on a electronic bingo caller a bit hilarious.  […]


The Penguin Wall Clock

This odd clock looks like something a small child would draw up.  One of those drawings that you try to avoid saying what it is, because you haven’t the slightest clue.  If the site hadn’t said this was a penguin, I never would have figured it out.  Once they did call it a penguin I […]


Kim the Talking Clock

Alright, they say it’s a clock, but after staring at it forever, you will likely be completely incapable of seeing what on earth makes it a clock.  Well it doesn’t actually have a clock to be seen, there is no spot you flip up to see it either.  Actually, this clock literally tells you the […]


Mummy Tape is a hoot

To keep in line with the Halloween spirit, here is the Mummy Tape that not only looks cute on your desk among the rest of the stationery, but it also does its job of holding a roll of tape using its tummy pretty well. Good to know it is heavy and can double up as […]


Racing Grandads complete with oxygen tanks

If you need something to kill time while you’re supposed to be working, now you can have an afternoon laugh with this pair.  Just set them up and let them race after each other.  Now all arguments can be settled with these guys.  All you have to do is say whose ever Grandad wins, wins […]


The USB Humping Bunnies

The USB Humping Dog has been out for quite a while and it’s high time they created something new along those lines.  Well now, there is the humping bunny.  Which of course is fitting considering the usual thoughts about bunnies and their mating habits.  The cool thing is that these humping bunnies aren’t quite as […]


Candle-powered Rotating Disco Ball

Instead of using batteries or electricity to power this rotating disco ball, how about candles for that added romantic touch? The candles give up heat and make the “wings” turn around. Attached is a disco ball that also turns around and reflects the lights from the candles. Because of this, you will see small lights […]


3.5″ HDD Silicone Case for HDD Dock

I don’t know about you, but how prone to knocks is a hard drive safely docked into a, well, dock? Not very by all accounts since the hard drive dock is meant to sit there on your desk and not to follow you around on while you’re busy attempting a summit attempt on Mount Everest. […]

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