Gigantic Worry Eater

“Don’t worry, be happy” is one particular saying that I am pretty sure just about each and every single one of us have seen before in the past, and for good reason. Worrying is not going to add another day to our lives, and neither will it make our hair turn any darker – on […]


Photo Props Disguise Pen

If you happen to attend weddings these days, you would more or less know that there is this particular area at the wedding venue which will be known as the “photo booth”, and it is a place where you can snap zany looking photos, thanks to the presence of props. Well, you do not need […]


Fast Food Burger Box is actually an Insulated Sandwich Bag

Carrying your own lunch to school might be something that all of us can identify with, as food served at the cafeteria might not be the most tasty, although it is certainly convenient. Well, eventually when you settle down, your other half might pack you lunch to bring to your workplace. If that is the […]


Air Hockey Salt & Pepper Shakers

For those of you who have paid your regular visits to arcades and amusement centers over the years would have noticed one particular trend – the presence of air hockey tables, that is. These happen to be all the rage many years back, where it was a game of reflexes and basically, carom on overdrive, […]


Effing Soap

Soaps are supposed to wash away all that is dirty and unwanted, so that one will feel sparkling clean and nice. The thing is, what if the soap itself happens to be “dirty”? I am referring to the rather uncivilized and uncouth £7.99 Effing Soap. The name itself more or less gives the game away, […]


USB Doughnut Humidifier

It is definitely no fun to live in an environment where the air is extremely dry, as you end up with chapped lips and skin that is none too nice to touch. In fact, dry air would make any room uncomfortable, and in the extreme, it might cause nosebleeds to boot. This is a very […]


Kim Jong-Il Tongue Scraper

There are times when I do wonder whether it is worth making fun of leaders around the world, regardless of whether they lean more on democracy, a monarchy, or being communist. Surely the North Korean regime has been the laughing stock of the world for a number of decades now, although living under that regime […]


Grayscale Mac Keyboard Cover

If there is one thing that I cannot hold against Apple, then it would be this – they make really, really good looking devices. In fact, their hardware are so pristine and clean looking, that it feels almost like a waste and anathema to add on protective accessories in order to preserve such beauties. Having […]


First Contact Lens Case

I am quite sure that Star Trek fans would have watched Star Trek: First Contact before, although this was before the J.J. Abrams reboot. That term does offer itself up to be a very interesting wordplay when you take the $7.99 First Contact Lens Case into consideration. It will cater to the entire context of […]


Big Big Body Wipes

I know of facial wipes, as well as wet wipes that new parents love to purchase and use for their newborns, but a huge body wipe? Well, that sure as heck sounds like another word for a wet towel, really. Still, here is an idea that you might want to explore if you have a […]


Animal Head Shot Glasses

If you have always wondered about those trophies that adorn the walls of many a nobleman in the past, spare a thought for the poor animal who was simply minding its own business, before it was chased and hunted down, only to have its body desecrated to boot. Having said that, if you would like […]


R2-D2 Silk Tie

One of the more “normal” gifts that a father or man can expect would be a tie – plain and simple. It might even mean that he might eventually end up with a collection of ties which he does not like, simply because they are gifts from different people in his life. Having said that, […]


Cat Butt LED Key Chain

It might be safe to say that cat butts happen to be an unavoidable presence if you happen to be a pet guardians, so you might as well jolly well enjoy the ride while you are at it! The $6.99 Cat Butt LED Key Chain will be able to bring some comic relief, especially when […]


Stress Relief Kitty with Detachable Head

You might not see it here, but the $2.95 Stress Relief Kitty with Detachable Head looks cute in the image above, although the real deal would be a whole lot more grisly in nature. After all, no one would like a kitty with a decapitated head, do they? That is just plain wrong and eerie, […]


Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb Vinyl Figure

Are you familiar with the Garbage Pail Kids cast? Well, the Adam Bomb character happens to be one of the most iconic of them all, and we are pleased to bring you word that you can now bring home Adam Bomb in a 3D vinyl form factor, all for a mere $24.99. Not only that, […]


Giant Eyeball Beach Ball

Going to the beach is definitely a fun thing to do, especially when you take into consideration how it is all fun and frolic by the sea, enjoying the sound of the lapping waves that gently tickle your toes as you pick up seashells from the shore. Of course, it can be a romantic getaway, […]


Sherlock Keychains

Are you a huge fan of the super sleuth known as Sherlock Holmes? If that is just the case, then you might want to check out the $9.99 Sherlock Keychains, which will arrive in a trio of various styles for you to choose from. The thing is, the key to 221B Baker Street is not […]


Spirit Clakkers

If you are an ardent sports fan and would like to bring your level of support to a whole new level, then you might want to check out this thing known as Spirit Clakkers. Show the rest of the world just how much you love the local team, where your section mates will definitely fall […]


Champagne Cork Comet

The next time you are about to propose an important toast, how about doing so with a Big Bang? This is what the $6.99 Champagne Cork Comet is all about, allowing you to give your champagne cork an upgrade, turning it into a glittering golden comet and watching it fly across the sky! The Champagne […]


Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser

There is nothing quite like having some marshmallows roasting on an open fire with a mug of toasty hot chocolate in your hands, where you would then regale stories of yore with your family and friends. The thing is, here is a unique £8.99 Marshmallow Pencil and Eraser that is a writing instrument that looks […]


Sumo Egg Cup Set

Do you love to have hard boiled eggs? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would most probably want to have a decent egg holder, and for those who have a sense of humor, the £11.99 Sumo Egg Cup Set will definitely carve a smile on your face – as well as those […]


Stress Poo Ball

It looks as though life does get very stressed up for just about any of us – and this is pretty normal, apparently, especially in this day and age where runs at an extremely fast pace, making it really difficult to keep up, and all too easy to fall behind. Well, if you are stressed, […]


Sandwedge Doorstop

Do you happen to live in a home where it is so drafty, so much so that any door that you leave open by accident would be blown shut, and in a startling manner to boot, in double quick time? Perhaps it is time to check out a way to prop your door open, and […]


Jolly the Squirrel Gutter Guardian Downspout Statue

I am quite sure that just about every single one of us are familiar with the idea or concept of a gargoyle sitting right atop buildings to ensure that the particular building remains protected under their watchful gaze. Still, stone statues are not going to scare anyone these days, which is why the $19.95 Jolly […]

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