Recipe Dice

Not too sure of what you are going to cook for dinner? Well, fret not – there are plenty of ideas out there based on the number of recipes that have flooded the Internet, not to mention how you can always download an app on your tablet or smartphone that will pull the most recent […]


Hazmat Bath Mat

Just how clean is your bathroom? Well, if it is not exactly the most hygienic spot in your home, then perhaps you might want to forewarn your guests with the $19.99 Hazmat Bath Mat. This is an exclusive invention over at ThinkGeek, where it will provide an adequate level of warning to whoever needs to […]


Chemistry Bar Set

Chemistry can be a very tricky thing – there are many different kinds of elements involved, and you know for sure that there will be various items that you would need to take into consideration so that you do not end up in an explosive mess. Thankfully, when it comes to drinks, things are a […]


R2-D2 BBQ Apron

The world’s most famous astromech droid, R2-D2, is back in action once again. This time around, he is not going to save the galaxy, and neither is he going to help any of the Skywalker generation fly a starfighter vessel, but rather, the function is a whole lot more basic. We are looking at it […]


Solid Silver Anus

Giving a gift can be quite a tricky proposition for many – and it can be a difficult choice if you have no idea what your friends like. The £499.99 Solid Silver Anus might sound crazy, but that is the whole purpose of it – to be crazy enough that it might actually sell. Boasting […]


Pretzel Pool Float

It is summer – which means you should let your hair down and celebrate this particular season. After all, you might as well take advantage of the vast amount of sun that is available in order to get a tan – which would bode well for your body, of course. Since you have decided to […]


Slice of Pizza Pool Raft

Who can actually turn down a delicious slice of pizza? After all, it is the firm favorite of many people, and you can be sure that it is one of those ‘eternal foods’ – that is, appealing to all regardless of how many generations down the road humanity has come. Well, why not immortalize everyone’s […]


Cheeseburger Cookie Jar

Mmmm, cheeseburgers. These tend to be the best kind of comfort food for many of us, especially when it has a side serving of fries. After all, who would be able to turn down a nice, juicy slab of beef that has been grilled to perfection? The thing is, this particular visage that does resemble […]


Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle

Good habits are best cultivated from a time when one is young, and I guess you can also say the same concerning bad habits. Having said that, some parents might think that this $11.99 Lil’ Lager Baby Bottle is a cute addition to any home, but in reality, it might prove to be more disastrous […]


Obama’s Last Day Countdown Timer

It goes without saying that a US president is only able to serve for two terms at most – and hence, President Obama himself will be taking a permanent break from being the most powerful man in the world when his second term is up. For those of you who cannot wait to see him […]


2D Deli Insulated Sandwich Bag

Let’s face it – the cost of living, let alone surviving, has escalated by leaps and bounds over the past few decades. How much can a dollar get you these days, other than items on the dollar menu? You would be better off packing your own lunch from home, at least you know what you’re […]


Soldier Action Wall Stickers

Atten-shun! Any one of us who have enlisted in the army or some other form of uniformed body would know the value of discipline as well as the many hours spent to perfect a drill routine. If you are still fascinated with the world of soldiers, then might you be interested in the $4.99 Soldier […]


Bird Poop Stickers

There seems to be this particular universal law – whenever you have just washed your car, it will begin to rain – and also, should you happen to park under a tree, a bird will poop on your ride at least once. I would like to add that such a ‘law’ will have a higher […]


Critical Hit D20 Mug

Are you a huge fan of tabletop role playing games (RPGs)? If you have answered in the affirmative, I am quite sure that you would have gone through your fair share of campaigns in the past, especially after work where you would then lead your party (who are also your colleagues) in an intriguing quest, […]


Whoopee Cushion Mug

Not all mugs are created equal, and I am quite sure that we have established that already for a long time. The thing is, there are some mug designs out there which are different from the norm – designs that are well worth checking out, and the $9.99 Whoopee Cushion Mug happens to be one […]


Remote Control Sound Machine

If you are one who is born with a cheeky streak in you, then you would certainly have amassed quite the collection of prank items over the years. Perhaps it is time to up the ante with a remote control toy, and this time around, your attentions can be turned to the $15.99 Remote Control […]


Eggsplorer Egg Cup

Now this is an eggciting development – especially if you would like to espouse the wonders of an egg cup to your unsuspecting guests. After all, there is nothing quite like having some unique cutlery on the table if you would like to impress folks who drop by your place for some grub, right? Enter […]


Soy Sauce Packet Pillow Case

A good pillow is essential if you were to get a sound night’s rest. After all, it provides your head with a soft (or firm, whichever floats your boat) place to rest your head upon, so that your neck does not ache the next morning. Assuming you love all things sushi or Chinese food, perhaps […]


The Eiiraser is too precious to use

Now here is an eraser that many of us might find too precious to use – the £12.99 Eiiraser. Why is it called that way in the first place? Well, for starters, this happens to be a super-sized eraser that has been crafted into the shape of the Queen’s head. Hence, it is a whole […]


Multilingual Cheers Pint Glass

There is nothing quite like knocking back a fair number of glasses of your favorite “poison”, so to speak, after a particularly grueling week at work. Why not make things more fun if you were to host an intimate party with the $19.99 Multilingual Cheers Pint Glass? This set of four pint glasses will arrive […]


Rain & Shine Toothbrush Holder

It is hygienic to actually have a toothbrush holder, rather than to leave your toothbrush hanging around in one place on the sink, exposing it to the mercies of it dropping to the floor by accident, or perhaps letting an insect crawl all over it. Sure, the toothbrush holder might not prevent both scenarios from […]


Orange Scented Highlighter Set

When is an orange not an orange? Well, apart from the obvious fact that a plastic orange cannot be eaten or juiced, there is also the $11.49 Orange Scented Highlighter Set that, as its name suggests, cannot be used for any kind of nutritional value or property that is beneficial to the human body. Rather, […]


Cool Cactus Oven Mitt

Things do get quite hot in the kitchen at times, and for good reason, too! After all, temperatures rise when you need to bake, grill, basically cook anything. Of course, there are other kinds of temperatures that might also rise if your loved one is in the kitchen whipping up some delicious meal along the […]


Shortest Break Ever Mug

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but what happens if Jack were to work with some breaks in between? That would certainly make life a whole lot more manageable at the office, especially since modern day offices are places where plenty of stress piles up along the way, and you would […]

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