Magic Mushroom Pen

There are different kinds of people over at the office, and it is this diversity that contributes various strengths to an organization, at the same time it has the potential to offer plenty of weaknesses. The thing about personalities is this – they often clash, and when that happens, things could turn out to be […]


Build On Brick Holiday Wreath

Now here is something that was thought up of by the folks over at ThinkGeek, where they have an obsession with some of the coolest, and at times, zaniest gadgets or toys that one can own. This time around, it would be the $19.99 Build On Brick Holiday Wreath that we are talking about, where […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Soap-on-a-Rope and Washbag

Doctor Who fans, here is something that might pique your interest, especially if you happen to be one who plays a whole lot in dirt and get yourself dirty all the time. The $19.99 Doctor Who TARDIS Soap-on-a-Rope and Washbag might sound to be rather silly, but it simply works, which is a good thing, […]


Log Pencil Truck & Sharpener

Logging can be said to be an essential part of development, but then again more often than not, greed overtakes common sense, and senseless logging that causes environmental disasters end up as a sore point in countries that are rich in such natural resources, such as South America as well as certain pockets of ancient […]


Spin the Shot

Drinking games are fun and silly, and most of the time, the are also pretty simple. Well, the longer a drinking game goes on, you can be sure that the more drunk the players are going to get. Hence, that would mean a gradual progression where each game becomes easier and easier, so much so […]


Fart Zone Air Freshener

Air fresheners can be said to be a staple for most vehicles. After all, cars do tend to get all messed up, especially if you are not too worried about the kind of dirt that your shoes pick up along the way, not to mention when it comes to children and eating in cars, things […]


Stainless Steel Bendy Straw

I don’t know about you, but the mention of a $7.99 Stainless Steel Bendy Straw does sound like an oxymoron by itself, don’t you think so? This is definitely a terrific alternative to disposable paper or plastic straws when it comes to keeping the earth nice and green, although out of habit, you might just […]


Switchblade Folding Fork

Eating seems to be high on the list of many people, and it is no wonder why – after all, we do need to eat in order to sustain ourselves, so why not make sure that we get the best quality food possible? Having said that, eating with the right utensils also make plenty of […]


Blunt Balloons

Birthdays can be fun if you are on the receiving end of some really spiffy gifts, although it does make perfect sense to know that the more you age, the more hair you lose and that love handles around the waist ends up harder and harder to get rid of. There is also no more […]


Beardo Baubles

I know, I know,’tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz. This also means having to rummage through the store room to pick up and take out the Christmas tree of yours to add that festive feel to the situation. Well, it seems that you might want to skip the traditional Yuletide decorations […]


Shark Bottle Opener

I am quite sure that a fair number of us have sat through Jaws before – yes, that particular movie that actually made many people scared of sharks, and then some. While sharks have attacked swimmers and surfers over the years, this is because humans on a surfboard tend to resemble that of their favorite […]


Pillow Notebook

Anyone who has been a student would know the experience of burning the midnight oil, especially when one is ill prepared for the exam paper that is set to happen the next day, or even just a few more hours from now when dawn breaks. This means having to go through all that one has […]


Meow Button

I suppose the world is more or less divided into two different kinds of people – one, that loves cats, while the other would obviously prefer canines and would not want to have anything to do with felines. Well, in all fairness, there is also another group that will fall in between the two, but […]


Happy Thoughts Sticky Notes

Leaving a memo or notes for someone else is something that most of us who work at the office do from day to day, even more so when one is at the bottom of the office food chain, so to speak. Having said that, rather than a boring, square and white sticky note, how about […]


Fart Zone Air Freshener

Different people treat their cars differently, and when it comes to the cleanliness of one’s car, it really depends. Some people do send their rides to the local car wash religiously each week, while others would prefer their car to have a more “rugged” look – dirty and all, since it gives the car a […]


Inflatable Bee Beard

Now that we are in the month of November, there is the Movember movement, where men grow their moustaches or beards in a show of solidarity for their mates who have fallen to the scourge that is prostate cancer. If you are not of the hirsute kind, perhaps you might want something that is more […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Chopping Board

You might be a busy bee in your kitchen, where you know that having the right kind of tools and utensils are crucial in ensuring that a delicious meal can be whipped up with the correct ingredients. Why not add some flair to the kitchen with some fun utensils? Instead of a boring, old school […]


Star Wars R2-D2 Napkin & C-3PO Napkin Ring Set

Astromech droids like R2-D2 have been extremely useful in the cause of the rebellion, there is no denying it. After all, these droids work great at making small repairs to a spacefighter, and is also smart enough to carry out crucial missions on behalf of the rebellion. As for protocol droids like C-3PO, er, those […]


R2-D2 Ceramic Teapot

Peace in the Galactic Republic is not easy to come by, that is for sure, but this does not mean that one has to remain on one’s toes all the time. There is a time to chill out and relax, especially when you are safe in Rebel territory, so why not make some time to […]


The Legend of Zudsa: Ocarina of Grime Soap

One of the more endearing franchises from Nintendo would be the Legend of Zelda series, where it has always been an epic adventure, and you will be able to find different favorites for different people. After all, no one size fits all, and gaming can also be a very tiring business, especially when one talks […]


Star Wars Chewbacca Can Cooler

When the mercury drops this coming winter for folks who happen to live in the northern hemisphere, then it is time for you to make sure that you are kept nice and warm, and not only that, your home, too, will be in a position to be warm enough so that no one who drops […]


Voodoo Doll

I am quite sure that many of us grew up in wonder when it comes to stories about voodoo and the kind of pain and damage that it can inflict on the supposed victim, leading to even death under extreme circumstances. Well, it seems that you too, can own a voodoo doll of your own […]


Spy Eye Viewer

As if it is not bad enough that Big Brother is watching over us in one way or another, keeping track of our movement and who knows, our very own conversations online or through mobile devices, we also have to be wary of mobile devices that look like something ordinary but masquerades as a recording […]


Farting Mug

Every single office drone deserves to have a mug to call his or her own. It makes plenty of sense after all – it is not that nice to use someone else’s drinking apparatus every single day, and it can be rather tiring asking permission from the owner each time you would like to have […]

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