Muscle Man Toilet Paper Holder

A muscle man is supposed to be just that – full of testosterone, not to mention having the ability to carry a seemingly incredible amount of weight. Pumping iron and all that jazz, if you get my drift. Well, with the $27.95 Muscle Man Toilet Paper Holder, he is guaranteed to provide you with more […]


Umbrella Hanger

There are some places which could do with a whole lot more rain, while other places would do better without any rain at all – or to put it more accurately, far less rain. Having said that, if you happen to live in an area which pours down a whole lot, then the $5.99 Umbrella […]


Cactus Oven Mitt

If you have a great love for baking, then I am quite sure that you would have to have the right kind of tools in your kitchen to ensure that all things would run as smoothly as possible. Having an oven mitt would be an indispensable thing, and rather than to rely on a regular […]


Nailed It! Ring

Rings are very strong symbols for different people who wear them. Some see rings as a reminder of their marriage covenant to their beloved, while others wear rings to look cool, whereas others have rings as a memory of a loved one since it happens to be an heirloom that has been passed down from […]


Pooping At Work Hand Sanitizer

Some of us are required to get our hands downright dirty at work – literally speaking, while for the others who happen to be in relative comfort such as an air conditioned office, getting your hands dirty might involve some less than desirable actions such as being the “bad guy” at the office. Regardless, you […]


Star Wars 3D Darth Vader Head Cufflinks

If there ever was a particular person who epitomizes the definition of power dressing, then you can be sure that the name of Darth Vader would definitely resonate across the galaxy, as he comes garbed in a twisted visage of leather and electronics, all shaped in a menacing manner. You might want to exude some […]


I Just Pulled An All Nighter Panda Sticky Notes

It looks like there are many different ways to communicate with one another, and we have certainly come a long way from using Morse Code and smoke signals. Sometimes, when we have to work at the office with other humans, getting the right message across in the correct manner can be quite a challenge, especially […]


Emergency Purse Pal Comb

Not everyone has a good hair day, every single day, unless you happen to be bald, that is, which leaves you with one less thing to worry about. Or perhaps you have worried all of your hair off, but that is another can of worms altogether. The thing about hair is, on certain days, they […]


Don’t Get Buzzed Drinking Game

5Different people manage stress in different ways. Some of us actually go ahead and sweat it out, making sure that as much frustration as possible is released when one faces the punching bag. Others prefer to retreat into a quiet solitude, preferring not to be disturbed by the rest of the world. As for another […]


Banana Oven Mitt

There is nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a piping hot muffin or freshly baked bread – the smell is simply overwhelming and heavenly, while your tastebuds are tickled and tantalized to say the least. Of course, this would mean having an oven to get the job done at home, and if you were […]


Emergency Beard Guards

Beards might be cool to keep, although it will certainly take a fair amount of time to grow a really, really long one. Having said that, beards tend to get rather filthy after a while – taking into consideration the amount of food that you eat, of course, as well as the type. Here is […]


French Fries Pencil Holder

Hmmm, a burger is not quite the complete meal without it being served with some fries on the side, and of course, a fizzy drink of sorts as well. However, if you would want to have something that reminds you of that serving of french fries throughout the day, there is no better way to […]


Emoji Baubles

Christmas is coming, and this would mean being able to decorate the tree in your home with plenty of baubles and the like. Traditional ornaments include pine cones, an angel here and there, or perhaps small boxes of presents and the ilk. How about bringing your Christmas decorations up to date to the 21st century […]


Kawaii I Love Milk Bottle Erasers

Japan does churn out all things nice and cute, despite being technologically advanced at the same time. It looks like mistakes are your friend if you happen to fall in love with the aptly named $4.99 Kawaii I Love Milk Bottle Erasers. After all, only when a mistake is made, can you pull out the […]


I Hate Traffic Air Freshener

Getting stuck in traffic jams are definitely a bore, to say the least. It is not only a waste of time, but also a waste of resources. Hence,you can always make your feelings known to the rest of the drivers around you with the $3.99 I Hate Traffic Air Freshener. After all, a picture speaks […]


Sumo Smackdown

There is something feral about sumo wrestling if you have ever attended a live match, as plenty of tradition and the amazing speed at which the wrestlers duke it out betray their huge size. Well, have you ever wondered just how would life be like if you could end up as one of these ancient […]


Gold Sugar

“Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous” used to be a TV show that I absolutely loved to watch back when I was a wee lad, simply because it was a form of escapism into what the hedonistic world of those with bottomless bank accounts are like. Having said that, something like the £79.99 Gold Sugar […]


Can-Can Holiday Caribou

So, the holiday season is upon us again, and this can only mean one thing – that we should start to make sure that the necessary preparations are in place, and this will also include the right kind of decorations. The Christmas tree and perhaps gingerbread house makes plenty of sense, but how about going […]


15 Foot Illuminated Gingerbread House

The scale of things always plays a big role in the life of us humans. Otherwise, how else can we be awed by the pyramids of Egypt, or the tallest building in the world in the Middle East? For children, anything new is always a good way to snag their attention, and the $499.95 15 […]


Hot Dog Stapler

Everyone loves a hot dog – it is one of the fastest way to fill up your stomach by being a snack, and it definitely is worth stacking up other kinds of condiments in the vein of sauces, radish, onions, pickles, cheese, the works. Talking about it alone makes me hungry already, and here we […]


Blobfish Slippers

You might be a person with an eccentric streak in you, and hence, if you would like to continue to keep up such an image, how about wearing the £24.99 Blobfish Slippers and walk in it around the office or at home? This is one pair of slippers that not only look really dumb (in […]


Goo Sucking Monster

Monsters aren’t exactly the best buddies to have, although in recent years, the word and connotation of monster has been watered down to a certain extent, so much so that they seem to be cute in nature, like in Monsters Inc. movie. I suppose if monsters are going to end up looking cute and cuddly, […]


Monster Voice Changer

Children love to play – and many a time, it is through play that they learn many fundamental lessons in life. Having said that, some children with a more artistic bent tend to role play, which means different characters would require a change in voices. How about helping them along this rite of passage with […]

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