Rainbow Rage

by edwin - on September 27th, 2016

rainbow-rageHere’s a game that might not catch your fancy at all, especially since it is not of the digital variety. If you are on the lookout for something different to entertain yourself and your mates, then the £14.99 Rainbow Rage might fit the bill. Co-created with Radio 1 DJ & TV presenter, Matt Edmondson, it looks elementary in nature, but it might just lead you to spew out some colorful language while you’re at it. It is the latest and most hectic Big Potato game to date;where you flip over a rainbow card to begin, and then try to be the first to hunt down the colors that have swapped places. When you spot the color, followed by grabbing the correct stack to win bricks, you attain victory by build your own majestic rainbow. Even more enjoyable when played drunk!

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