Instant Hillary Button

by edwin - on September 24th, 2016

instant-hillary-buttonWhich side are you on when it comes to the upcoming presidential election? The quality of the candidates might be found wanting, but then again, that’s life, right? If you end up with lemons, you might as well make some lemonade while you’re al it. Assuming you do not like Hillary but dislike Trump even more, then the $9.99 Instant Hillary Button might be worth checking out. Pressing the button will see 6 different phrases with a realistic Hillary Clinton voice say, “Me not president, that’s.. Hillary-ious!”, “I wear the pantsuit around this White House.“, “Hold on let me check my email.. Ha-ha-haahh!”, “Bitches get s**t done.”, “I can’t wait for Bill to be the First Lady.” and “Who is this Benghazi everyone keeps talking about?”

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