Stuck On Ewe Push Pins

by edwin - on August 7th, 2016

stuck-on-eweWorking at the office can get rather stressful for many of us, and there will definitely be moments when you wish you were somewhere in the midst of nature, resting in the abundance of the green and verdant fields, breeze playing with the locks of your hair. As you open your eyes, you see a spreadsheet staring back at you. Bummer. The $8.99 Stuck On Ewe Push Pins might just help relax the mood a wee bit at the office, since this wooly cute sheep features a flock of removable pushpins and doubles as an eraser too! It is a pin cushion with 75 pushpins, which are naturally white in color, although who are we to say that you cannot populate it with black colored pushpins?

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