Showermate Waterproof Notepad

by edwin - on August 27th, 2016

showermate-waterproofThe shower can be a personal space for one to retreat to, especially after a particularly difficult day at the office or a challenging time at home. While you are all alone, you might want to feel that all the water that runs down your hair to the floor, right into the drain, is also washing away the sorrows and woes of the day. Perhaps this is one moment when your brain goes beyond its ordinary reaches, thinking up of a solution so novel, that you simply need to write it down lest it disappears like the Cheshire Cat. Enter the $10.99 Showermate Waterproof Notepad, and as its name suggests, the notepad itself contains 40 perforated sheets for easy note-taking and removal, and works with both pen and pencil. It also has a built-in holder for pencil, pen or waterproof marker, just make sure you stock it up with the writing instrument of your choice beforehand.

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