Instant Coffee Button

by edwin - on August 28th, 2016

instant-coffee-buttonSome of us are able to greet the brand new morning regardless of how the weather is like outside, and even if we do not have our favorite hot beverage served, we are still up and raring to go. Others are not so fortunate, so to speak, as they need their daily boost of caffeine before their internal cylinders are up and firing. Perhaps the $9.99 Instant Coffee Button would be the ideal gift if your office has a new intern coming. Pressing this will let loose one of 6 different phrases to let everyone know you have not had your coffee, and the intern would do his or her best to attend to that need. The six phrases include “Where is my coffee?”, “I need… COFFEE!”, “Who needs water, when there is coffee!”, “No talking before coffee!”, “It’s COFFEE time!” and “Grande, Mocha Frappe latte? Just give me a COFFEE!”

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