Yard Goods Fact-O-Meter Thermometer

by edwin - on July 17th, 2016

yard-goods-fact-thermometerDo you hate small talk? What happens when people whom you do not know really well pay you a courtesy visit, and you sit on the patio or verandah Well, talking about the weather might be a good idea, just in case you run out of topics, as you do not want to step on any toes by diving into politics and religion. The $14.99 Yard Goods Fact-O-Meter Thermometer makes plenty of sense then, as you can say stuff like ‘It’s as warm as the inside of a kangaroo pouch out here!’ or matter-of-factly state, ‘This is the temperature when extra strength deodorant stops working.’ like a boss. Pretty funny in its own right, don’t you think so?

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