Check It Off Wrist Notes

by edwin - on July 19th, 2016

check-it-off-wrist-notesMost of us would wear watches on a wrist, so how about taking a different approach when it comes to keeping notes or reminders of what you need to do? You can do so with the $5.99 Check It Off Wrist Notes, and you can be sure as heck that it is a whole lot more useful, not to mention neater and cleaner compared to scribbling down reminders on your hand. Heck, you also no longer need to ask someone to remind you to do stuff, or to tie a nondescript string on your finger as a reminder. A simple flick of your wrist will let you check out classified items such as Important/Unimportant, Today/Never, Work/Play, To do/To don’t or Urgent/Trivial.

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