Carded IOU Cards

by edwin - on July 28th, 2016

carded-iouIt is always nice to know that you have plenty of dough in your pocket or bank account, and having an IOU can be a badge of shame. However, it is no shame at all if you would like to pay back a good deed to a friend or family member, and what better way to state your intention in a fun way than with the $8.49 Carded IOU Cards? It is a also an alternative method of assuring your family or friends that in the event where you are unable to make it to a particular function, it is not because you are blowing them off, but would like to reschedule a future “date”, so to speak. This is the perfect gift idea for yourself or the person in your life who appreciates your sense of humor and some added reassurance that you have every intention of making it up to them.

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