Sunk-In Salt + Pepper Shakers

by edwin - on March 16th, 2016

sunk-in-salt-pepperHave you ever entered any of those unique play houses at fun fairs that depict reality in a totally different manner? For example, a house that has everything else that is scaled up so that you look smaller than you actually are, or one that has been shrunk down in size, making you feel like Goliath. How about them upside down houses? Well, it looks like you can have that sunken feeling with the $16.99 Sunk-In Salt + Pepper Shakers. These are so much more exciting than standard issue salt and pepper shakers, and they appear as though they are sinking into your table. Made from hand-blown glass with stainless steel caps, they arrive packed in a sturdy, full-color display box.

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