Vertical Bed gives shuteye anytime, anywhere

by edwin - on September 22nd, 2008

Jamie O’Shea subjected himself to polyphasic sleep during the Conflux weekend, which is in essence the practice of sleeping many times over a 24-hour period. Jamie moved around with his Vertical Bed that can be stripped down and stored in a suitcase, where he will then set his Vertical Bed in place after making sure it is comfortable enough to grab forty winks. Concealed harnesses made sure that Jamie didn’t fall over during his mini-sleep, while noise canceling headphones and double-mirror sunglasses helped him remain in dreamland as much as possible. Just in case it starts to pour, you can continue with your power nap by clipping an umbrella over the infrastructure. Guess it is possible to sleep on a train while standing up with the Vertical Bed! 

Source: WMMNA

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