The iPod Boombox combines old and new tech

by ally - on September 21st, 2008

Not all vintage technology should make a come back and be melded with new technology. Yes, some really retro products are fun to see recreated into something new, but this has gone too far. I don’t care if it does have a built-in dock for your iPod, if you throw that on your shoulder you’re still going to look like a dork. Besides that, I’m pretty sure the generation that did go with that style has a permanent crick in their neck from carrying the heavy things on their shoulder.

It does have a few nice perks like an adapter for the dock so that other iPods will fit. It also has controls on the outside of it for your iPod. It has a built in radio with 20 FM preset stations as well as 20 AM stations. The speakers are 12W and are supposed to be a powerful set. It can work by either plugging it in or using 10 D batteries. To pick one up it will cost you $220 from Urban Outfitters.

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