R2-D2 Whizzwatch calls for a very devoted Star Wars fan

by ally - on September 23rd, 2008

Alright, I think we can all agree that R2-D2 is the coolest of all droids, so we of course whole heartedly encourage random gadgets created in his image.  However, sometimes it’s just taken too far.  Seriously, who would wear a watch this bulky?  First of all, we all know it’s not entirely necessary to even wear a watch.  We have other gadgets that can tell the time perfectly well and they don’t even take up space on our wrist.

Which means whoever buys this watch has to be a serious Star Wars fan with zero dignity.  The little watch has an R2-D2 attached to the side, that looks oh so comfortable.  R2-D2 can actually unclip and sit out on your desk while you work.  The product comes from Firebox and since they are out of stock they are once again not telling about the price.  However, their UK site happened to have some in stock and are sold for £19.95.  Which means the US version would likely cost about $37.

Source: randomgoodstuff

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