Brando’s Nail Varnish Protecting Clip is extremely hi-tech stuff

by ally - on September 22nd, 2008

Although I am female, I tend to find painting my nails a tedious and obnoxious task.  Mostly because I can’t hold still for anything.  Well this Nail Varnish Protecting Clip is meant for exactly that.  It has a protective cover to keep you from bumping your nails on anything and screwing up your nails.  However, for those of us that tend to screw things up by getting on the computer are still going to be screwed.  Since the way the clips are shaped, I’d imagine it’d make it practically impossible to type.

Which is highly necessary, I can’t take a break from my WoW addiction just to let my nails dry.  This silly product is being sold on Lady Brando, which I had no clue even existed.  Lady Brando is your source for home décor, beauty tools, jewelry and hair accessories, purse and cosmetic bags and of course nails and manicure tools.  I have to say, Lady Brando scares me a little, doesn’t Brando do gadgets?  Not strawberry scented candles and manicure sets.  Well to pick up a set of these protective covers for your nails it will cost you $12.50.

Source: Gizmodiva

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