Arm Wrestling game to kill time

by edwin - on September 19th, 2008

You might be a nerd, but I’m pretty sure there are times where you fantasized on how it feels like to be a jock, with a bevy of beauties cheering you on as you go up against another mate in a serious man-to-man arm wrestling fight just to win date rights with your target in a skirt. Snap out of that fantasy with this replacement – the Arm Wrestling game where the only sweat you’ll break won’t be from your biceps, but from your palm instead as you use your finger to hammer your player’s button as fast as possible. Whoever taps the fastest will be the winner. We all know just how good a man with a dexterous finger is now, don’t we, ladies? The Arm Wrestling game will cost you $24.95, making this a cheap way to settle disputes between two people.

Product Page via Gadget Venue

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