3-in-1 Mini Digital Camera

by edwin - on September 23rd, 2008

This mini digital camera is definitely not something you would want to waste $19.95 on, especially when a majority of cell phones these days already come with some sort of digital camera built in and at a much higher resolution, I must say. It clips onto your keychain, snapping up to 240 low resolution images (I’m guessing VGA quality – the resolution is not stated on the product page itself) or until the 16MB internal memory runs out. That amount of memory is also enough to capture a few seconds of video, making this entirely useless as a spying device. The only saving grace I can think would be for this to be a webcam.

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  1. guy says:

    240 resolution wow. VGA is 640 x 480. that sounds pretty terrible for todays standards…

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