Fish Head Sucker

We all know that going to the fish market means only one thing – yes, you will enjoy a delectable dinner of fresh salmon later in the evening, but coming back from the fish market would result in you smelling fishy all day long – and not everyone is able to stand that particular olfactory […]


Juice Box Earphones

Want to wake up with a fruity splash? Enter the £14.99 Juice Box Earphones, and while using this pair of unique headphones, it will not offer you your daily dose of vitamin C, but at least they are worth something as a conversation starter – never mind that it has a whiff of Apple around […]


Pac-man Bottle Opener

Wakka wakka wakka – the famous chomping sound by everyone’s favorite yellow pie chart is something most folks have heard of before, and here we are with the £7.99 Pac-man Bottle Opener for those who are all grown up. After all, you can’t expect to use your teeth to bite open that bottle of beer, […]


Star Wars Starfighter Paper Airplanes

You know how as students, you fooled around class, and folding paper airplanes proved to be an art form? Those who were on the higher floors could hold a paper plane flying competition, seeing whose plane flew the longest – or farthest. Well, I am not quite sure whether anyone who throws $19.99 in the […]


Chemistry Shot Glass Set

Drink like a boss – and take your shots like a man. While ordinary shot glasses will no longer do for seasoned drinkers, here is the $9.95 Chemistry Shot Glass Set which would definitely work to your favor if you also happen to be a chemistry buff. After all, your party guests, too, would not […]


USB Pickle Light

Who would have thought that scientists would one day manage to cobble together electronics as well as biology into a single device/organism? Well, what you see here could be the future, but we assure you that it is all electronics at this point in time. The $8.95 USB Pickle Light could prove to be one […]


Morning Mug needs coffee to wake up, too

I believe that many of us out there require some sort of morning drink to perk ourselves up from a deep slumber, especially when you spent the last night partying like nuts and getting only a couple of hours sleep at best! Since coffee is more often than not the poison of choice for millions […]


Matryoshka Zombie Nesting Dolls

Matryoshka nesting dolls might be fun when you are a kid, as there is the endless fascination of seeing one doll holed up within the bigger one (pun not intended) – but after a while (and lots of growing up in between), you start to realize that it really ain’t all that hot to play […]


Canchucks won’t turn you into a Ninja Turtle overnight

Having accumulated so many cans in your drinking spree over the years at college, what do you do with those? I know that the more noble among you would have sent it to the local recycling center, but others who are looking for creative ways to recycle those tins can always hook up with the […]


Swiss Measuring Spoons

You know how the Swiss are supposed to be extremely precise? Well, just take a look at the number of watches that hail from that neutral country, and you will know what I mean. Of course, they had the meanest male tennis player of recent times who is losing his swagger on court, and neither […]


AK Ice Tray

You know the world famous cocktail AK47? Well, here is a way of spicing up that drink with the AK Ice Tray. All you need to do is drop $8.99, and it is just a matter of time before all the water that you put in end up as deadly “bullets” which ensures your drink […]

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Dog Mansion for his own little kingdom

You know what they say – a man’s home is his castle, but how about a dog’s kennel? Instead of a kennel just like all the other Joes out there on the street, here is the Dog Mansion that will certainly burn a huge hole in your wallet – £3,000, to be exact, but at […]


Bacon Tie

Men generally do not have that sharp a taste in dressing compared to women, but of course, you do get men once in a while who are able to dress to kill – like the fictional James Bond, and these are more often than not an exception rather than the rule. And if you happen […]


Bottle Top Coasters

When it comes to partying, there is nothing quite like attending an event where the booze does not stop, the music is just absolutely begging to be danced to, and most importantly, you are in the midst of great company. While ordering barrels of beer might be cheaper than individual bottles, it would be a […]


Condiment Crayons

When it comes to coloring your world, you can do so with paint and crayons, and kids who prefer the latter might choose to ruin that newly painted wall of yours. Well, how about seeing whether they have a penchant to become a celebrity chef? This is where the £9.99 Condiment Crayons comes in, letting […]


Flavor Saver Mustache Clips

Everyone loves mustaches – and here we are with the $7.95 Flavor Saver Mustache Clips. Folks who love nothing better than to munch on snacks. However, you need not finish up that bag of chips so fast, and preserve it for a movie later on. After all, times are hard, and these snacks are not […]


Naughty Rabbit Shakers

Propogating like rabbits – now that is what some countries want their population to do, that is, getting the horizontal boogie getting on so that their population count would not fall dwindle. Well, parents of newlyweds can always look forward to carrying a grandchild soon, and they might want to drop a hint in the […]


Vodka Bottle Ice Tray

Love your vodka? Then surely you can identify with the £7.99 Vodka Bottle Ice Tray. This unique ice tray will let you have a bottle of vodka in each drink, although you skimp around on the technicalities as this is a bottle of vodka in ice cube form, and not glass. Definitely any party worth […]


Soapstone Whiskey Rocks

Whiskey on the rocks? You might want to go literal with that request the next time around, thanks to the Soapstone Whiskey Rocks which retails for $24.99 a set. After all, ice cold whiskey is always great at the first couple of sips, but after a while, all of that melted ice inside will result […]


Corkcicle ensures your wine remains chilled from within

No one wants a cold, cold heart, but when it comes to chilled wines, that is another story altogether. In order to best enjoy a bottle of wine, it has to be consumed at the perfect temperature. After all, being too cold and it could mask the vintner’s uniquely crafted complexities, while taking it too […]


Vodka Jelly Mould

The next time you promise to bring a bottle of vodka to a party, just remember that a play on words is definitely on the cards, especially when your mates are all able to take a practical joke. Here is another device that you can always take advantage of with such a promise the next […]


The Rifle Umbrella

When it rains, it pours. Of course, this proverb does not apply to all countries, as some are drier than the rest. Well, whatever the case is, you can always make do with an umbrella whether it is scorching hot or raining cats and dogs, as it will offer shelter from both regardless. If that […]


Sauna Boy Portable Mini Humidifier

Working in an air conditioned environment all day is not exactly good for your skin, since the dry office environment would suck up whatever moisture from your skin that you might even age faster than your counterparts who religiously apply all sorts of creams and lotions to combat the ageing process. Well, why not do […]


UFO Cookie Jar

Do you love the Internet meme of the guy who has this wry smile on his face and goes, “Aliens”? Well, one thing is for sure – you do not, I repeat, do not mess around with aliens. Why, you ask? Well, meet up with a Facehugger or an evolved alien, and you’re screwed. You […]

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