Retro Notepad Calculator

We all know that calculators are meant to help you arrive at the right figure during the more complex number crunching situations, but it also helps dull our senses and brain power in the long run. Soon, we become all too dependent on a piece of electronics as our brains continue to be fed by […]


Lucky Beggar Wallet

All right, so there is this saying that goes, beggars cannot be choosers. Well, for those who want to play the role of a hobo or beggar, but are far too high up in their current station in life, might want to consider the $16.99 Lucky Beggar Wallet. It does look like a standard “We […]


Thumbs Up Cufflinks

Something tells me that if you are working at Google, then you should not wear the $19.95 Thumbs Up Cufflinks to your workplace with your suit or long sleeved shirt. After all, they doo resemble the ‘Like’ icon in Facebook, and this does not seem to be the officially licensed version from the world’s largest […]


Eyeball Lunch Bag

If you know that your wife fixes you a great lunch every single day, and your colleagues are hovering around your desk around lunch time just to get a sample, you know it is high time to put them off without having to say a single word. Of course, you can play it coy using […]


Hammer of Thor Bottle Opener

I enjoyed the movie Thor tremendously, and cannot wait for him and the rest of the Avengers to assemble in the silver screen later this summer. Well, for all intents and purposes, Thor loves his drink, and should not have any problems opening up beer bottles with his teeth, but for lesser mortals like us, […]


Pickled Bottle Stopper

Don’t you just hate a Coke that is flat? Well, for those who want to ensure that one’s beverage remains fresh even after being opened (reasonably speaking within a few days, of course, as to keep an opened beverage fresh for a year demands a divine miracle), a bottle stopper would definitely come in handy. […]


Zombie Sleep Mask

Not getting enough sleep is enough to turn a human into a zombie the next day, never mind about getting bitten or scratched by one of these fabled undead creatures. To scare others into leaving you alone as you get your beauty sleep quota filled, the $4.95 Zombie Sleep Mask is a hilarious way to […]


Unicorn Corn Holders

The horn of the unicorn is said to contain magical properties, and it is considered a crime in magical folklore to murder unicorns. Fast forward to today where unicorns and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow are one and the same, we have a far more practical use for a unicorn […]


Lickety Pops Popsicle Molds

Now here is an interesting popsicle mold that will definitely have the rest of your kid’s friends clamoring for more each time they drop by your place. The $9.99 Lickety Pops Popsicle Molds says it all – it is shaped after a really long tongue, so each lick that you take would make you look […]


What’s For Lunch? Spinner Game

Not everyone is a planner, and even fewer people plan out just what they are going to have for lunch and dinner that particular week. After all, don’t you think that you would be going overboard if you were to rigidly structure your lunch plans for the entire week when you are at the office? […]


Classic Trailer Birdhouse

We did look at the Camper Van Birdhouse recently, and here we are with yet another variant just in case the birds hanging out in your backyard are not of the hippie variety. I am talking about the £24.99 Classic Trailer Birdhouse, where it does away with the standard issue wooden box, but rather, takes […]


Gummy Bear Lamps

Everyone loves gummy bears, or so that is what I think. However, there are times when gummy bears need not be edible – and the Gummy Bear Lamps will fit the bill correctly. It will definitely be far pricier compared to your regular packet of gummy bears at $27.95, but you know for sure that […]


Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game

I am not quite sure what to make of the Russian Roulette Water Balloon Game, but at least someone who forked out $19.49 for this puppy did not come off too amused. After all, it did not work as intended, but perhaps that is just a one-off incident. Having said that, those who love a […]


Mustache Egg Fryer

I am not quite sure what the obsession with mustaches are, but it does seem rather strange to have a fair number of products roll out concerning mustaches, and the $8.49 Mustache Egg Fryer is no exception. The name itself gives the game away – you know for sure that you are able to have your […]


Camper Van Birdhouse

For those of yo with a heart and own a backyard (or garden) with birds who tend to drop by from time to time, how about offering something a little bit more permanent like the £24.99 Camper Van Birdhouse? This is perfect for your avian friends (the non-angry kind, as those from Rovio tend to […]


Like Foam Hand

You know those wrestling matches where fans carried around a rather hand, waving it all around while cheering for their favorite wrestling superstar? Take on cheering to a totally new geek level with the £6.99 Like Foam Hand – after all, social networking sites are something that most people are connected to these days, and […]


Jelly Bear Mold

Everyone loves gummy bears, or so that is what I think. I have yet to see a kid turn down gummy bears when offered to them, and the $12.95 Jelly Bear Mold might be something you want to look into if you are going to throw a party for kids. After all, we do live […]


Emergency Google Eyes

I can’t quite think of any practical use for the $7.49 Emergency Google Eyes apart from brightening up someone’s day. After all, googly eyes will always carve a smile on someone’s face, don’t you think so? The Cookie Monster from Sesame Street had this wayward looking googly eyes that made him so endearing to the […]


Squirrel Mask

Fancy dress parties are definitely a social event that is worth going to, and if you want to be slightly different from the myriad of pirates, superheroes and cosplayers at the next fancy dress party, perhaps you might want to look into purchasing the $24.95 Squirrel Mask. Of course, it is not going to make […]


Inflatable Unicorn Horn

Whoever said that unicorns are extinct? Well, with the $7.99 Inflatable Unicorn Horn, you can come up with an impromptu unicorn – that is you, allowing you to horse around to boot. Made out of vinyl, the Inflatable Unicorn Horn is stashed away in a tin, and all you need to do is blow it […]


Jinx Removing Spray

You know how it goes – do not walk under a ladder, don’t let a black cat cross your path – the list goes on, and there are many taboos to follow if one does not want to fall under the spell of bad luck. Here is a new idea – how about a spray […]


Diamond Plate Mug

Diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, and if you also subscribe to the notion that a woman’s place is in the kitchen, then why not reconcile both sayings with a single gift to your other half? I am talking about the $13.95 Diamond Plate Mug here, although there is the rather high possibility of your […]


Giant Cola Bottle

Coca Cola is dubbed to be the real thing, so the question that you would ask yourself is this – is there something better out there? Apparently, if you love pranks and weird products, then the £12.99 Giant Cola Bottle would answer that clarion call. It is 120 times the size of a standard cola […]


Butt Putt Golf – Farting Practice Putter

Not everyone appreciates farting jokes as well as fart pranks, but for the minority who do, here is the $19.95 Butt Putt Golf – Farting Practice Putter that might not do your game of golf any improvement since it will induce more laughs than a serious effort. On the other hand, it could help build […]

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