Roller Rock Glass

You know how cool it is in the movies when a godfather or someone of considerable influence, dressed up in an immaculately cut suit from Savile Row, paces around the room with a drink in hand? He will, of course, have some ice cubes in the glass, and as he pauses to think of his […]


Face slimmer from Japan drives other humans away

I don’t know what to make of this crazy device that hails all the way from the Land of the Rising Sun – after all, it is touted to be a face slimmer, but it sure as heck makes you look as though you had a mouth three sizes too big for your own face. […]


Magical Unicorn Mask

You know something? For all intents and purposes, they might as well call this $34.99 Magical Unicorn Mask the Horny Sarah Jessica Parker mask. After all, the horny bit here has nothing to do with one’s sexual activity and prowess, but rather, the physical appendage which rises out from the mask of a horse – […]


Unicorn Pencil Sharpener

Unicorns are those mythical creatures, where it is said that to even drink their blood is sacrilege, although that has not stopped He Who Must Not Be Named to have his fill. Well, you might want to forget about those old school pencil sharpeners, and instead, pick up this $5.99 Unicorn Pencil Sharpenerdo instead. Some […]


Stainless Steel Playing Cards

Want to be like Gambit from the X-Men, throwing those cards out with a Cajun smoothness that is the envy of many? Of course, you will not be able to have the ability to kinectically charge up those cards, but to throw the cards in such a straight line at the perfect angle? That’s near […]


Chocolate Skulls

I don’t know about you, but unless you have a bottomless bank account, is there any good reason to spend hundreds of quid on just chocolate alone, especially when the quantity is so little? It does not matter what kind of fancy packaging the chocolate will come in – as it is going to be […]


Office Ninja Blowgun Set

Ninjas are supposed to be deadly and silent (like farts), but since you were not raised in the mythical Far East, and lack the relevant experience to be a pupil of a grandmaster, then you will just have to make do with whatever off the shelf equipment in order to live out your ninja lifestyle. […]


T-Rex Hunter’s Trophy

You know the mark of a master hunter? Just check out the kind of trophies that he or she has in the living room wall, and you get a better idea. Now, you might want to outclass all of them with the $69.99 T-Rex Hunter’s Trophy which measures 14″ x 14″, and don’t worry, you […]


.375 Bullet Pen

They say that the pen is mightier than the sword, but is it superior to the bullet? I suppose if you are at a standstill, you might as well aim for the middle ground – and that would mean picking up the $24.99 .375 Bullet Pen. This pen that resembles a powerful bullet might eventually […]


Apple TV gets NES decal

If you think that the Apple TV is one of the cooler devices from Cupertino to date (thinking differently from the rest of the general populace), then you might want to introduce some good old fashioned 8-bit gaming goodness to it. This is made possible thanks to the NES decal that is made available for […]


Cassette Tape table made out of wood

Want a coffee table that is made out of wood and yet makes your entire living room feel “alive”? I guess you cannot go wrong with the Cassette Tape table, where creator Jeff Skierka has been obsessed with the idea of churning out this particular coffee table for half a decade already. This particular prototype […]


Zombie Door Stop stops at a crawl

There is always the fear of a zombie invasion happening, judging by popular culture that we see in video games and movies as well as TV series these days. What is it about the attention paid to the world of the undead, I wonder. Well, if you feel that you want to creep out visitors […]


Star Wars Death Star Bottle Opener

The Death Star from the Star Wars movie franchise has been said to have plenty of energy within, that a single blast from it is more than capable of turning an entire planet, with all that live upon it, into smithereens. I wonder what kind of test models did they have before churning out the […]


Fantastic Unplastic Cookie Tray

So you have a penchant for baking, and would one day like to be like the Oracle in the Matrix trilogy, where having a cookie is the perfect remedy for all that is wrong in the world today, no matter how much odds are stacked against you to boot. Well, the $24.99 Fantastic Unplastic Cookie […]


Gold Playing Cards

Forget about playing your cards right, you can play them bright with the £12.99 Gold Playing Cards. Of course, if you are ever in a tight spot and need some fast cash, melting down the Gold Playing Cards is probably not going to help your cause, since there is no real gold whatsoever contained outside […]


Titanium Spork merges all cutlery

First there was the spoon, and then the fork, and then the spork. Just like credit cards, we have an ordinary credit card, followed by gold, platinum, and then now, titanium. Here we are with the £12.99 Titanium Spork, where it brings a new level of luxury to the humble spork. The Titanium Spork can […]


Darth Vader Stresshead Stressball

You know, being the Dark Lord of the Sith is a glamorous sounding title, but I am pretty sure that it comes with its fair share of ups as well as downs, and to be under the constant, watchful eye of the Emperor does not help either. After all, if he could get rid of […]


Sharp Shooter Ring

Ever made that gesture with your fingers and thumb, denoting a handgun that you just fired, only to blow away the imaginary smoke after that? Of course with our imagination, we are all great shots – never missing, just like the character Bullseye from the Marvel Comics universe. However, reality can be very different when […]


Retro Printed Cereal Bowl Set

Breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, or at least that is what we are told. How many of you skipped breakfast this morning? I know I did, and by the time the clock struck to indicate that it is tea time, my tummy was positively, absolutely, rumbling. Well, here […]


Penny Skateboards let you travel in style

Now, the Penny Skateboards were not named so because they could hold pennies in them, nor did they cost a penny. In fact, if you want to pick one one of these colorful skateboards, you will need to fork out a rather hefty £79.99. So where does the name come from? I am not quite […]


Star Wars Death Star Blueprint Cufflinks

Let the whole world know in a discreet manner that you have a great love for all things Star Wars – and this time, you are with the Dark Side of the Force, thanks to the $59.99 Star Wars Death Star Blueprint Cufflinks. It is obvious that during all the galactic proms that are held […]


Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier

Talk about puberty hitting way too early – what kind of chemicals are being inserted into our milk these days, really? The $9.99 Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier is guaranteed to elicit laughs as well as a look of shock or horror from certain quarters, when they see how a wee baby has a mustache. Forget […]


Special salt and pepper shakers

When it comes to the dining table, there are many ways to decorate it – just like there are ways to skin a cat. Well, this set of special salt and pepper shakers will definitely spice up your home, apart from it springing forth better tasting meals too, of course. At first glance, you might […]


DrawLamp helps you be more creative at home

Those of you who have a creative streak will be able to identify with the DrawLamp – after all, it not only lights up the day (or rather, the evening) with a bright source of light, but it can also be encased in the creative drawing of your choice. This tiny table lamp can be […]

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