Brown Paper Bag Insulated Lunch Bag

Does the brown paper lunch bag bring back memories of your younger days at school? If you have answered in the affirmative, then being all this grown up, you might want to consider this $17.99 Brown Paper Bag Insulated Lunch Bag. It might look like any ordinary paper bag at first glance, but the Brown […]


Fossil Erasers

What’s worse than being nostalgic? Why, amnesia, of course! If we were to always forget our past, it is difficult to learn and profit from it, and have a better future. Well, the Fossil Erasers might just spark off your kid to be an archaeologist when he or she grows up, as digging looks set […]


HandTrux Construction Digging Tool

It might be nearly a year since Transformers 3 was released on the silver screen, but there are some of us who still wish we could be a human-transformer hybrid, so why not live out that fantasy with the $17.99 HandTrux Construction Digging Tool? Purchasing this, I believe that your fiercest rival who wants to […]


Legend of Zelda Triforce Bikini top

You just have to love summer, especially for those of you who happen to live in the northern hemisphere now (and folks who experience summer virtually all year round in tropical climates), where you can take to the beach in the latest skimpy bikinis. Well, life is blissful when you do not have a care […]


Brix Calculator

Say, Mario must be one plumber who is so in love with a princess, that he must have lost count on the number of times he has saved her out of Bowser’s lecherous hands. I do wonder from time to time, however, as to whether Bowser and the princess are actually lovers in disguise, and […]


Personalized Mixtape Posters

When it comes to giving gifts these days, everyone wants to be special. Otherwise, you would not have highly personalized gifts being in great demand, as long as you have the money to pony up, of course. I guess if you are on a tight budget and your family name is not Trump, you can […]


Stack a Doodle Brick Crayons

What happens when you have the crazy idea of Lego mixed with the artistic tool of expression known to kids as the crayon? Why, you end up with the $7.99 Stack a Doodle Brick Crayons, of course! Each purchase comprise of a set of 13 brick crayons that will be able to set your little […]


Luscious Lip Straws

If you tend to play the role of host to your family and friends frequently, then you might want to check out the $7.99 Luscious Lip Straws, where it is a surefire way of letting you spice up your beverage drinking life. Simply use it to add instant glamour as well as allure to any […]


Sauced Measuring Wine Glass

A wine glass is a wine glass, is it not? Apparently, the answer is simply not quite that straightforward, as in the case of the $14.95 Sauced Measuring Wine Glass. After all, with this unique glass, it allows you to get as sauced as your sauce, where it is marked on one side in 1/4 […]


Silicone Space Invaders Drink Markers

Parties are definitely fun to attend to, but sometimes when you have had a wee bit too much to drink, then you would realize that you can get all mixed up – not only with faces, names, and generally people, but your drink as well. Why not have something to help your brain out a […]


Doctor Who Bathrobes

If you have a penchant to follow the good Doctor in every single episode, then you would surely want to make sure there are items like the $69.99 Doctor Who Bathrobes stocked up at home. After all, even a Time Lord needs a break, and with this bathroom being made out of super-soft 100% cotton […]


Ass Kickin Ketchup

Are all ketchups the same? I do not think so, and neither does Firebox. Otherwise, why would they have come up with the £4.99 Ass Kickin Ketchup? If you want to add a dash of something different on the food that you plan to serve up for your guests in the coming weeks and months […]


Ray Gun Mug

“Bring me to your leader,” said the alien to you. Well, you might not be able to gain access to the President at your beck and call, but at least you can show whatever intelligent alien lifeform that shows up at your front door some good old fashioned hospitality by offering it a drink. Chocolate, […]


Fruit bowl shaped like a drop of liquid

There are some fantastic photos out there, with some depicting moments in time when a drop of water hits the floor, breaking up spectacularly in the process. Of course, having the right equipment, skill and timing would enable a professional photographer to capture such a moment for all time, but you need not do that […]


Gun Grill just in time for this summer

Since summer will be upon us really, really soon, you might want to start making plans on how you are going to spend the next three months – will they see you frolick away in some faraway destination, or do you prefer to spend most of the time at home, chilling out? If that is […]


Snow Globe Bears salt & pepper shakers

A salt and pepper shaker set is pretty much a staple in most dining rooms around the world, but there are some of us who would very much prefer to neglect the salt shaker simply because too much intake of salt in one’s diet is not exactly the most healthy thing to have – hypertension […]


Vinyl Bookends does no music playback

Forget about your modern digital music that comes stored in the MP3 format, or for those who prefer a higher level of quali ty, how about the lossless compression audio files – there are still people around who feel that the warmth sound from playback of the vinyl record is still far better, but then […]


Pac-Man Ghosts Necklace

I know that there is a fair number of evergreen video game characters, but Pac-Man is definitely one of the more endearing ones out there. Here we are with what is known as the Pac-Man Ghosts Necklace, hailing from Pixel Junkie Designs while being accompanied by a set of matching earings. This necklace will retail […]


Minesweeper scratchcard a funny take on a classic game

I am quite sure that many of you have had experience with Minesweeper in the past, back when there was no Facebook or this thing called social networks and blogs to eat into your productive time at the office. No matter how many times you have beaten the game, you still try to come back […]


Rupee Round-Up

Love playing all the Zelda games, where hacking and slashing your way through numerous blades of grass and leaving a trail of broken clay pots is your idea of saving the world? If you answered in the affirmative, then surely you would have a strange attraction to rupees, the kind of currency that allows you […]


Hair Dye For Bald Men

Dead men tell no tales, and bald men need no shampoo – nor hair dye, for that matter. I guess that it is a no-brainer to see the $8.95 Hair Dye For Bald Men make its way to our hallowed halls here at Foolish Gadgets, no? After all, what does a bald person have anything […]


Crustache is a mean looking mustache crust cutter

Don’t you just love the way words come together in an amalgamation, forming entirely new ideas? For some time, there was this craze going on about getting a mustache on just about anything and everything, and if you are still following this craze, then perhaps you might be interested in picking up the $6.95 Crustache. […]


Spare Left Nut

Guys would definitely be able to identify with this – the $19.99 Spare Left Nut. After all, many a time have we who live in popular culture said, “I would give my left nut for that!” whenever we see something new and totally awesome. Since selling off an arm or a leg would have us […]


Ouchlet outlet covers

It is imperative that you teach the little ones not to play around power outlets by sticking their fingers inside those tiny holes, or even worse, to brandish a fork or other metal implements and stick it in. They’re in for a nasty shock then, and most of the time, it would probably be fatal. […]

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