Gummy Snake

Yeah, we have seen gummy bears over the years as the candy of choice for kids around the world, so why not take a different look at the traditional animal shape? How about something that many people loathe to be around, such as the $17.99 Gummy Snake? Yes sir, this almost 2.5 foot Gummy Snake […]


Cagey Cube Ball Toy

Not all dogs love balls, but if yours is absolutely in love with one, then you will be pleased to know that keeping your pooch occupied while you are at the office is the perfect way to make sure you return home to a perfectly tired dog – mentally. Basically, just throw in your pooch’s […]


Robot wins at Rock, Paper, Scissors all the time

The game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is a game of chance, and a psychological one at that. After all, you will need to figure out just what pattern your opponent is going to throw at you next, before you counter it with the winning hand – literally. However, there is a new robot in town […]


Manhattan Skyline Umbrella

So you are a well heeled traveler, and have made your way across all the great cities of the world, but at the end of the day, you feel that the best city in the world is still Manhattan – your home. Having said that, you might want to carry a piece of Manhattan around […]


Lollypop Men are popsicles looking for an adventure

Everyone loves popsicles, don’t you think so? If that is the case, then here we are with the $9.99 Lollypop Men, where these diminutive little guys are able to offer an entertaining adventure for popsicles – if you have the imagination to set them out on the right path, of course. All you need to […]


R2-D2 yarnbombs are the…bomb?

Sarah Rudder has come up with what Star Wars fans would deem to be the ultimate yarnbomb – thanks to her lovingly knitted R2-D2 design that was used to cover a concrete traffic barrier in Bellingham, WA. Taking 1,200 yards of yarn in order to end up with the 23″ tall, 56″ diameter R2-D2 yarnbomb, […]


Angry Birds Ball Point Sling Shot Pens

I guess the world cannot get enough of the Angry Birds phenomenon – and here we are with a set of 4 Angry Birds Ball Point Sling Shot Pens which will retail for $6.55 per set. Basically, they are ordinary pens that you use to sign your John Hancock on different kinds of documents and […]


Team Fortress 2 Inflatable Balloonicorn

Now, once in a while we come across something weird and wacky which managed to make the crossover from the world of video and computer games over to the real realm. Pyro’s dream has come true at last, with this Team Fortress 2 Inflatable Balloonicorn that hails directly from the highly anticipated Meet the Pyro […]


Pregnant Woman Keychain – See The Fetus

Keychains do not get any crazier than this – the Pregnant Woman Keychain – See The Fetus. I know, it is a name that is not to be trifled with, and I myself think that the image itself can be quite disturbing. Still, if you are interested in purchasing what looks like a cheap knock […]


Personalized Clapper Boards of all shapes and sizes

If you have always wanted to be a movie star, and wished that someone could have one of those clapper boards to indicate just which scene you are at in your life, your wish is about to be granted. The Personalized Clapper Boards can be yours, where it will come in 10″ and 14″ sizes, […]


Tetris cushions pose a puzzler for guests

If you cannot get enough of Tetris, then here is a home decoration idea for you to consider – Tetris cushions that hail from the very bowels of Etsy itself. You will be unable to clear all the lines with this setup, but it comes with all the beloved tetrominoes, thanks to Australian Etsy user […]


TV Dinner Serving Tray

Can one say that TV dinners is one small part of the great American culture which we have more or less introduced to the rest of the world? Perhaps, but for those who tend to love nothing but TV dinners right there in the middle of the living room after a particularly hard day at […]


Portal 2 Lemon Grenade Mug

When life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade – or so the saying goes. Well, what happens when you are not the type who is able to take in anything and everything sour? I guess this is where you should avoid the $19.99 Portal 2 Lemon Grenade Mug, as this mug itself looks combustible […]


Denture Bottle Opener

You do know of someone who has mastered the art of opening up bottles with their teeth, and wished you could do the same, but unfortunately, you do not want to run the risk of breaking any of your pearly whites. I guess this is where the $6.95 Denture Bottle Opener comes in handy, where […]


Modern Drunkard Hip Flasks

So you tend to carry your favorite brand of poison with you around, where you take a good swig or two from it from time to time whenever the stress level rises. Why not make sure that instead of a standard issue stainless steel exterior, you might as well be far more fashionable with the […]


Ninja Mug

All right, so you are one of the types who will obviously need to drink your cup of joe each morning before you are actually able to get your day up and running. Having said that, only you would know just what is the right amount of coffee beans to grind before you are able […]


Animal Pocket Knife

David Suhami is the one with the idea behind this Animal Pocket Knife, where he came up with quite a variety of designs which are sure to keep you happy. Among them you get the rhinocerous as well as the antelope, and to think that all of this came from a 3rd year industrial design […]


Giant Garden Dominoes

If you are one of the select few who actually own a rather nice sized garden, then you might be interested to find some decorations to fill it up with, and I do not think that the traditional garden gnomes have a place in the 21st century. How about building up a set of dominoes? […]


Thor Hammer Cuff Bracelet

Thor should really star in shampoo commercials, and if deep down inside, you feel that your eyes tend to roam over to Thor while watching the Avengers instead of concentrating on the delicious Black Widow, then you ought to reserve $36.99 and pick up the Thor Hammer Cuff Bracelet. Yes sir, only those who are […]


USB Airplane Mini Fan

You know, for those of us living in tropical countries or in the northern hemisphere, it can get quite hot in the summer (tropical climates tend to be hot all year round though), and you would need something to keep yourself cool. Just in case the air conditioner is down and out for the count […]


Prescription Coffee Mug

They say that coffee is a drug – although I do believe that this saying holds true for some, but not all. I for one, used to need to have a cup of coffee every morning when I arrive at the office, otherwise my brain just could not get started. However, I have managed to […]


AT-AT bicycle is a hoot

You know, the Galactic Empire seemed to have fallen into hard times, just like the rest of the world I guess. Talk about contagion from Greece spreading throughout Europe and then, the world, followed by the galaxy! Being a Stormtrooper does not sound so fun any more, especially when you do not have the kind […]


Star Wars Spy Gear Voice Changer

Ever wished you had the kind of imposing voice that Darth Vader possesses in the Star Wars movies? I suppose unless you were born with similar genes as that of James Earl Jones, you can forget about being the voice of CNN. Unless, of course, you get some extra help from the outside – case […]


Pokemon invades vehicles in form of designs

Don’t you think that Pokemon are the cutest things out there? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be pleased to discover that what you see above is just one of many designs to hit the streets. These are actual vehicles that have been modified to resemble your favorite Pokemon characters, whether […]

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