Zombie Bath Salts

Zombies do not really need baths, and we do know that there is a possibility of a zombie apocalypse coming your way if modern day Hollywood stories are to be believed on the silver screen. Here is the $4.99 Zombie Bath Salts, which is meant to help you bathe the undead – which means that […]


Up Yours Umbrella

I am not quite sure that the older generation would appreciate this £29.99 Up Yours Umbrella, which is clearly self descriptive. You definitely should not carry this around if you are visiting your future parents-in-law. No idea on whether it will sell a whole lot now too, considering the Olympics is just about to start […]


Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair with Butter Pillow

Now here is a bean bag that you can definitely relax in all the time – the Baked Potato Bean Bag Chair with Butter Pillow. It would definitely make you feel hungry at most times, considering how delicious it looks. Sure, you are not going to be able to dig your teeth into this particular […]


iPhone Dump Truck Holder

I am not quite sure whether you would want to own a phone holder if it is going to remain in your pocket or in your hand most of the time, but just in case you actually want something to keep your handset in place whenever it is not in your pocket, then the iPhone […]


Nibbled Cheese Board

There are many ways to cut your cheese, but here we are with something totally different which will change the way people look at your kitchen in the future – the $29.99 Nibbled Cheese Board, where it is actually a great cutting board that has been joined with a cheese knife complete with a mouse […]


iPhone Fan helps you remain nice and cool

The iPhone is a cool smartphone, but if you want to up the ante in making it cooler, here is the £7.99 iPhone Fan, which is ideal to make it one of the more fantastic and refreshing products out there – assuming you do not mind walking around with a fan literally connected to the […]


AmmoMug lets you take aim at the day

Getting the right start to a day is important, and just as how you need to have a breakfast for champions, so too, do you need to kick start the day with the right kind of drink. With the $19.99 AmmoMug, it will let you wake up with a jolt as though it was a […]


Heated butter knife

There goes the saying “So-and-so is the next best thing since sliced bread”, but there are moments when you just want some butter on your toasted bread. Unfortunately, many a time the entire block of butter is just too cold, which means you cannot end up with a nice spread of melted butter, which is […]


Giant Googly Eyes look really crazy

I guess it is safe to say that slapping a pair of Giant Googly Eyes on anything with the right space in between them would make it look really cute. Why not have your fair share of fun with the Giant Googly Eyes from Perpetual Kid? It will definitely provide some personality to the numerous […]


Giant Fist Can Koozie

Do you love drinking ice cold drinks? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would be able to check out the $18 Giant Fist Can Koozie which will let you experience how it feels like to have Hulk-like fists carrying a can of your favorite beverage. Needless to say, there is no need […]


Lil’ Shaver Mustache Pacifier

Here I am, desperately trying to grow a manly mustache, but all I get are just a few strands of hair that would even make a caterpillar despite me. I suppose it has plenty to do with my Sino Oriental roots, and for those who want an instant mustache, there are plenty of options out […]


Rocket Ice Pops

With summer in full swing for those of us living in the Northern hemisphere, it goes without saying that everyone – and I mean everyone, should say “Aye!” to ice pops. Who can resist such a cool (pardon the pun) tasting snack? The $12.99 Rocket Ice Pops comes in the form of rocket-shaped molds that […]


Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy

Now here is an arcade cabinet that comes in a very small form factor – so small, that you are unable to play with it. The $3.49 Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet Candy is capable of dispensing Pac-Man shaped candies, where it comes in the form of a really great looking retro arcade cabinet tin. I suppose […]


Scrabble Tiles Mug works the brain each time you take a sip

Scrabble nuts and wordsmiths, take note! There is a new mug in town that you might want to consider drinking from, and we are talking about the Scrabble Tiles Mug. After all, this is not only dishwasher safe, but microwave safe as well – not to mention, it is an officially licensed piece of gear. […]


Mt. Fuji-Kun Plush

If you are one who loves anything and everything Japanese, then surely you would find the $12.99 Mt. Fuji-Kun Plush to be worth a look. After all, it oozes with cuteness (some might even say overloaded), and there is just no stopping you from giving it a nice, big squeeze. The Mt. Fuji-Kun Plush will […]


Recycle Bin Mug

We all know that styrofoam cups, while easy to store and carry around due to its lightweight nature, is a big no-no for our environment. They do not biodegrade, and react negatively with piping hot water poured inside, releasing all sorts of potential carcinogens into your drink which have been speculated to be one of […]


Mustache Ice Cube Tray

Some of us would like to wear a mustache, while others prefer to be clean shaven, and more often than not, it is those who cannot grow a stubble to save their lives who want a mustache, while the more hirsute among men tend to be one of the biggest consumers of shavers. Here’s a […]


Barack Obama Toilet Paper

If there is one thing I admire about US presidents, it is the fact that they allow others to take the mickey out of them, and President Barack Obama is no different. Here we are faced with a $5.95 Barack Obama Toilet Paper, which rolls out straight from the White House. All right, this is […]


Star Wars Remote Control R2-D2 Whizz Watch

Love R2-D2 and all merchandise associated with this diminutive astromech droid? This is where the $42 Star Wars Remote Control R2-D2 Whizz Watch might just be your cup of tea, where he will not only tell you the current time, but during moments in life when you are more than just vored, the Star Wars […]


Ice Shot Glass Molds 6ct

Do you love having to down shot after shot? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, then you can check out the cute little $19.99 Ice Shot Glass Molds 6ct. These are plastic ice shot glass molds which are capable of creating the perfect frosty shot glass. All you need to do is fill […]


Buff Baby: Dumbell Rattle

Assuming you are a real fitness junkie, and do wish that your little one is able to grow up and follow you in your footsteps, that is, having a really great body and all. Well, the $8.17 Buff Baby: Dumbell Rattle is pretty unique, as it helps you fulfill your dream and vision in a […]


Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover

Here is something funny for you to have on your living room coffee table – the Alien Autopsy Tissue Box Cover. The name of this particular decoration says it all, the tables have turned (not flipping tables, mind you) on the aliens, and you have managed to salvage one of those dead bodies from the […]


Retro TV Photo Frame

They say that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction, and here we are with a piece of home decoration that might just make you wonder whether your life is at times in a fictional state unlike the rest of your mates. After all, we are talking about having your favorite memories framed up in the […]


Zombie Insurance Kit

Everyone seems to be talking about an impending zombie apocalypse of sorts, and I don’t think that insurance agents will be around to process your claims when that happens, if all the movies we have watched to date work out that way eventually. Perhaps it is time you rely on something more concrete – the […]

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