Captain America Night Light

Who better to protect you from them nasty monsters who lurk underneath your bed than good old Captain America? This is what the $9.99 Captain America Night Light is all about – this night light comes with a decal of Captain America’s shield, where there is an automatic sensor which will turn the light on […]


Record Scratch Nail Buff

Ever wondered what it feels like to be a DJ in a packed club with the adoring masses who want you to pump out hit after hit? Well, you can get a semblance of the feeling with the $2.99 Record Scratch Nail Buff. It is pretty much self explanatory as you indulge in your little […]


Toxic Waste Drum Laundry Basket

I have a feeling that teenagers will be able to identify with the $14.99 Toxic Waste Drum Laundry Basket – after all, at that particular age, they grow in spurts instead of gradually, not to mention for the boys, they tend to sweat a whole lot due to their extra curricular activities and sports that […]


Fantastic Unplastic Cookie Tray

So you are a master baker of cookies, and everyone from your family to friends know who to turn to whenever they want to order a batch of cookies for the upcoming holiday season or simply as a gift for someone else. Here is something to accessorize your cookies – the $24.99 Fantastic Unplastic Cookie […]


Political Popper

I know that those of you who are interested in politics will most probably find that your talk and conversations will all revolve around the presidential election that is bound to happen in due time, and before that, you might as well make a more visual stand on which side of the political divide that […]


iPad dock which is super extravagant

When you lay your eyes on the iPad dock here, chances are you would think to yourself, just what the heck is the creator trying to say in terms of its design? Well, if you must know, photographer Georg Dinkel of Bavaria has come up with the iPad dock that you see above, something which […]


Human Organ Lunch Tote

Remember the Calvin & Hobbes comics? Those moments when Calvin tried to gross Suzie out by asking her to guess just what is in his lunch bag are definitely memorable ones. You might have a streak of Calvin in you, and this is where you will make good use of $19.99 by picking up the […]


Japanese Emoticon Stamper

Do you love emoticons? I suppose so, and bear in mind that there are plenty of different emoticons out there, depending on the kind of culture which you hail from. We have the English-based emoticons, and not only that, there are also Korean based emoticons, and how about those who hail from Japan? Say it […]


Spreddy Bear Sandiwch Plate

Now here is one cute little sandwich plate that you might want to consider having in your collection – after all, for $9.99, the Spreddy Bear Sandiwch Plate will allow anyone to get creative while whipping up their very own collection of sandwiches. With the Spreddy Bear Sandwich Plate, you are able to do as […]


Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag

It can be said that science fiction belongs to the realm of mostly the male persuasion, so if you are a female with a penchant for science fiction – Star Wars in particular, then the $74.99 Star Wars Chewbacca Messenger Bag is the ideal fashion accessory to own. Just don’t call it a man purse […]


Nibbled Cheese Board

There are cheese boards, and then there are cheese boards. Here we are with something totally out of the ordinary – the $29.99 Nibbled Cheese Board. This might seem to be a cheese lover’s favorite at first glance, but upon closer inspection, this is actually a great looking cutting board that is joined with a […]


Gummy Bear Ice Cube Tray

If you are one social butterfly who loves nothing better than throw parties that everyone continues talking about it many years down the road, then you might be interested to hear what Thinkgeek has just released. After all, good parties would mean having drinks – and hot drinks just do not cut the mustard, leaving […]


Beer Shot Glass

Do you love spending most of your time after work at your favorite watering holes? If you have answered in the affirmative, chances are you would also have your very own shot glass and beer glass back home. Well, since we live in the world of convergence consumer electronics and everyone wants to be as […]


Human head spits out gumballs

I say, you must be pretty (or rather, extremely) desperate to be chewing on a gumball, if you were to receive your gumball from this human head lookalike. Sculpted by Thomas Kuebler and looking extremely lifelike, one could easily mistaken it for being made out of an actual human head, with its brains scooped out […]


Cupcake Measuring Cups

Now here is the irony of the situation – you want to make cupcakes, and so to get the mix of ingredients right, measuring cups are required. What better way than to use the $19.99 Cupcake Measuring Cups to get the job done? It will always let you enjoy the charm of a cupcake, never […]


Wiggling Dashboard Zombie

Some folks believe that a zombie apocalypse is pending – it is not too far off from reality. However, I guess the vast majority of us figure out that zombies and their invasion will remain strictly within the realm of movies on the silver screen as well as merchandise, such as the $8.95 Wiggling Dashboard […]


Angry Birds Space Plush with Sound

I believe that there will come a time when the Angry Birds phenomenon actually dies off, but that day actually does not look as though it is coming anytime soon. Having said that, why not let your little ones who are so in love with all things Angry Birds remain updated with the latest, namely […]


Aliens Chopsticks

To some of us, eating food using a pair of chopsticks might sound like an alien idea, and I believe that this is why Thinkgeek came up with the pair of $9.99 Aliens Chopsticks. Just like H. R. Geiger’s very own monstrous creation that scared the heck out of the audience a few decades ago, […]


Farting Obama Doll

One thing that I do admire about the US is how anyone is able to poke some good clean fun at the political leaders, and you do not have outdated laws such as the Internal Security Act or Official Secrets Act to detain anyone without trial, and neither are those good natured jokes being classified […]


Crime Scene Trivet

So you are someone who has a knack in the kitchen for whipping up delicious food, and what better way to introduce your killer dishes to family and friends than with the Crime Scene Trivet? After all, it just goes to make a statement about your cooking, that it is so good that people have […]


Jesus Shaves Mug

Jesus has traditionally been spotted wearing a beard in most of his pictures over the centuries, that to imagine a clean shaven Son of God might take some overactive mind to conjure up such an image. Fret not, leave it to the folks over at Baronbob to come up with an endearing image which is […]


Tire Tread Mug

Getting started off on the right footing in the mornings might require some of us to down our favorite piping hot beverage, and just to make sure that you are on track (pun intended), how about the $14.99 Tire Tread Mug? You might want to give this mug a “test drive” with your cup of […]


Anatomy Apron gives you a lesson while you cook

Granted, being a chef would mean you need not worry too much about what kind of guts you have or where your liver is, as you would pretty much do better off by concentrating on the amount of ingredients which you would need to throw into your dish in order to whip up something delicious. […]

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