Angry Lifesize Inflatable Shark

Assuming that you are wealthy enough to have a swimming pool in your home (better yet, one that is heated), and have some of the neighbors’ kids come over to enjoy their holidays or weekend since you love them buggers. Why not pull a fast one on them and see them turn pale by letting […]


Retro Television Pillow

There is nothing quite like being a couch potato without a care in the world, tub of popcorn in one hand and a huge jug of Coke in the other. Of course, it helps greatly if you have a nice, comfortable sofa to recline on as well while you enjoy your favorite movie along the […]


Poop-Stained Underwear Wallet

Sometimes, the more interesting solutions that one can think of to solve a particular problem need not be the most complex, but rather, they can be surprisingly simple. Case in point, the Poop-Stained Underwear Wallet that is going for $15 a pair on Amazon. Seriously, the wallet’s design was specially thought up of to make […]


3D Teddy Bear Pants, cute but expensive

Some folks might think of the Japanese to be rather nutty in terms of design, and I guess you cannot veer too far from the truth of that particular statement when you lay your eyes on the 3D Teddy Bear Pants that is sold by major sports brand Adidas. These pants will be available via […]


Obama Nail Clippers

Who will be the country’s next president once the dust has settled? That will be hard to tell, as there are hardcore supporters on both sides of the fence, and the $8.99 Obama Nail Clippers might just sway some over to Obama’s camp just because, well, he can. Or rather, we can. You could say […]


Smiley Face Salt & Pepper Shakers

Now here is a pair of salt & pepper shakers that might take some getting used to, especially when it comes to telling the difference from one to the other. For starters, the $12.99 Smiley Face Salt & Pepper Shakers is ideal to help you add some of the zing you require in your good, […]


Dashboard Cowgirl Bull Rider

Love the wild, wild west, and nothing captures your attention more than a svelte body of a cowgirl riding on a bull? Well, here’s something that might just suit your tastes, and I am referring to the $9.99 Dashboard Cowgirl Bull Rider. This particular puppy is meant to sit on your dashboard, and each time […]


No. 2 Stylus

I am quite sure that many of us do own at least one full touchscreen device in our repertoire of gadgets, and chances are that would be a smartphone. As hot and desirable as the iPad is at the moment, not everyone with a smartphone would see the iPad or a tablet as an essential […]


Pac-Man Runaway Ghost Scene

Pac-Man is definitely one of the more recognizable video game characters over the decade, where this living, breathing and eating pie chart tends to shy away from most folks, especially ghosts, but only until he manages to get hold of a Power Pill, and that is when he turns the tables and become the very […]


Doctor Who TARDIS Teapot

No matter how far you have traveled through time, or saved the known universe over and over again, there is nothing quite as comforting as a pot of piping hot tea to make sure that you calm down. Will be be Earl Grey, Darjeeling or English Breakfast for the good Doctor? Well, the $34.99 Doctor […]


Train PC case mod

This is definitely one of the quirkier computer cases around, and surprisingly enough, it is not hand-crafted from a DIY enthusiast somewhere, but rather, hails from Taiwan-based Lian Li who is famous for their range of computer chassis. The thing is, it is simply known as the PC-CK101, where it comprises of two parts – […]


Ouch! Voodoo Cutting Board

If you have always wanted something that is fun and quirky in your kitchen, then I would say that you would not be able to put a knife or spatula wrong with the $25.99 Ouch! Voodoo Cutting Board. The name itself gives the game away, where you are able to perform all of your chopping, […]


Wedding Countdown Timer

Ahh, wedded bliss. I am quite sure that blushing brides will be able to remember that they love counting down the days when they can walk down the aisle into the arms of the man of her life. Of course, depending on your character, you might be full of trepidation because the cheapskate you call […]


nom nom Scarves

Normally, the adjective of cold goes with hungry, so here we are with something reminds you to get a grub when the mercury drops around you. I am referring to the $29.99 nom nom Scarves, where it will keep you nice and warm, although eating yarn is not exactly the best thing to do when […]


Tee Tops Political Golf Tees

The presidential election will soon be upon us, and it would be perfectly normal if you were also swept up with the rest of the crowd in terms of election fever. Well, assuming you are also an avid golfer, how about teeing off with your favorite politicians in tow? I am referring to the $9.99 […]


Fresh & Fruity Measuring Cups

If you happen to have a great love for cooking, then you would probably have all the right kind of utensils at your disposal, and just to make sure time spent in the kitchen will be one that is full of fun, the $25.99 Fresh & Fruity Measuring Cups would be able to fit the […]


Doody Head Poop Game

I don’t know about you, but there are some folks out there who have this aversion to all things poop. I guess that cannot be helped, after all, poop is not exactly the most appetizing topic to talk about, especially over the dinner table when a delectable spread is laid out before you. Having said […]


Doody Mug

If you know your friend really well who can take pranks, even the less tasteful ones, then he or she would be a prime candidate for the $10.99 Doody Mug. I know of folks who would feel as though they have lost their appetite when one talks about some less than savory stuff over a […]


Skunk Toilet Tissue Holder

We do know that getting skunked (being sprayed on by a skunk) is not the best experience to have, but it is an experience nonetheless. Of course, we do know that skunk’s do send out a nasty scent as part of its defense systems, and this terrible smell is also difficult to get rid of. […]


Blood Splatter Lollipop

Lollipops are one of the candies which are delicious and appeal to most folks out there, so with Halloween coming up, how about giving those Trick or Treaters a good scare when they come knocking on your door? You do not have to lace your lollipop with razor blades or bits of glass to make […]


Dirty Soap Prank

Whenever your friends drop by your place and you are not the kind to purchase liquid soaps, how about playing a trick on them this time around with the $3.99 Dirty Soap Prank? The name itself gives the game away, where what looks like a fragrant bar of soap is actually one that will do […]


Kung Fu Kid

It goes without saying that when it comes to kung fu action, one would clearly remember the late Bruce Lee who died a premature death, right at the zenith and prime of his life. Well, the Kung Fu Kid (also known as the Master Lee Kung Fu Kid) which retails for $10.95 a pop is […]


Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler

I am not quite sure about you, but when it comes to body parts, things do get rather queasy. I would be rather uncomfortable with the $7.49 Dashboard Eyeball Wiggler, don’t you think so? This dashboard entity is not going to help you arrive at your destination safer, and neither will it be able to […]

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