Keyboard Keys Contact Lens Case

Let the whole world know that you are a geek with the Keyboard Keys Contact Lens Case. The name of this particular device gives the game away for sure, and you know why you wear a pair of contact lenses? That is because you have spent the better part of your life staring straight into […]


Doctor Who TARDIS vs. Dalek Salt and Pepper Shakers

Two halves of a pod just as salt is to pepper. After all, salt and pepper shakers tend to go together, and we have seen our fair share of such shaker sets in the past that tend to work as a “team”. However, this time around, we have members of opposing factions – the $17.99 […]


WTF Button

I am not quite sure if you follow memes, but there is one with Captain Jean Luc Picard thrusting his hand out with that incredulous look on his face, asking his crew just what the heck is going on, as though everyone else around him was plain stupid or foolish without an ounce of common […]


Pukin’ Paul the Solar-Powered Puker

Now here is a cute little device that you might want to place on your vehicle’s dashboard to remind you that it does not really pay dividends to drink far more than you can take in, considering the conversation that you are going to have with the porcelain throne after that. Pukin’ Paul is one […]


Heart Shaped Straws

The next time you are going to hold a celebration or a lovey dovey dinner with your other half, then you might be interested in setting up the table with the $12.99 Heart Shaped Straws. Of course, we would not want to waste a bunch of these straws on those who are not alert at […]


Dynamite Candles comes complete with sparkle action

So it is that time of the year again when everyone celebrates your birthday, reminding you that you are one year nearer to the grave. Some of us like birthdays, others loathe it, but either way, candles play a prominent role on your cake. Why not have a blast the next time round with the […]


Inflatable Mistletoe

You know, forget about Christmas time being the only moment where you carry a mistletoe in your jacket pocket. After all, you can never quite tell just when are you able to discover a hottie who is ready to lock lips with you and play the horizontal tongue tango. Make sure there is always an […]


Hammer Bottle Opener

What better way to open up a bottle of your favorite booze than using the proper tool – a real bottle opener? Well, apart from biting it open with your teeth just like one of those battle-hardened sailors, the $9.99 Hammer Bottle Opener might be an interesting option. After all, some folks might just be […]


Brain Candle

If you are all for the weird and bizarre, then the next time you hold a romantic candlelight dinner, make sure your other half is able to handle some suspense and perhaps, elements of horror. Not an issue if she is a goth and loves movies like Beetlejuice, as she will most probably be all […]


Chair of eyes just creeps us out

You know something? When you lay your eyes (pun not intended) on something like this piece of furniture, surely you know that it will be right at home in the living room of Johnny Depp’s character in Dark Shadows. Well, the chair has full of open eyes staring right back at you, and if this […]


Monster teeth and zits switchplate

Forget about the monsters who are living under your bed – those are nothing if you happen to have a soft toy tiger named Hobbes with you. What you need to be scared of would be monsters in your closet. The thing is, who is going to keep a watchful eye on you when you […]


Giant Robot Battle Fists

I am quite sure that those of us who have had our fair share of Japanese cartoons in the past would definitely be able to identify with huge, transforming robots as well as their ridiculously sized fists. Since Halloween is around the corner, you might want to play the role of a giant robot from […]


Body Part Lollipops

Since Halloween is creeping up on us slowly but surely, you might want to have something fun to scare the kids with when they decide to raid your place for some candy. You will probably be unable to go wrong with the $13.49 Body Part Lollipops, where it comprises of gourmet candy that comes in […]


Sawblade Throwing Disc

I am quite sure that many of us, while we might entertain the possibility of a zombie apocalypse sometime down the road, know more or less that such a scenario is not going to happen. Which means, building a safe house with adequate supplies just in case a zombie outbreak happens is going to do […]


Dwarven Beard

Do female dwarves also wear beards? Well, if you want to find out for yourself this Halloween, then you would not be able to go wrong with the $44.99 Dwarven Beard, where it is luscious and made out of 100% acrylic. Not only that, each purchase will come with a true warrior’s helm that adds […]


Jar Jar Binks Whoopee Cushion

You can say that one of the most hated (or at least, the most irritating/disliked/dismal/useless, take your pick of adjectives) characters in the Star Wars universe would be Jar Jar Binks when he was introduced as a CGI character in Episode I. Well, this still has not stopped the house of Lucas to come up […]


Darth Vader Cake Pan

I wonder what kind of childhood did Anakin Skywalker have, considering how he grew up without a strong male figure in his life, being a slave boy and all. What kind of birthday celebrations did he have anyways? Well, if you see yourself as a doting father to your kids and withhold no good thing […]


Duct Tape Mug

Here is a mug that some of your less informed colleagues might actually break – especially when they assume that this $14.99 Duct Tape Mug is made out of actual duct tape itself. No sir, it is made out of ceramic, and will be subjected to natural physical laws as well whenever it drops or […]


Facebook Like Thumbs Up Paper Clips

How many of you folks out there actually love waking up first thing in the morning with a spring in your step, and you just cannot wait to get to work at the office? After all, the career that you’re hooked to has always been your dream job, and you are climbing up the corporate […]


Facehugger bong is just the thing H.R. Giger ordered

I would go out on a limb here and assume that most of our readers have already watched Prometheus, which is touted by some to be the prelude on how the xenomorph race came about. Of course, the Engineers had a part to play in it, and the early iterations of the dreaded Facehugger already […]


Toilet Bowl Salt & Pepper Shakers

We have seen our fair share of zany salt and pepper shaker sets in the past, but this one might just take the cake. Of course, not everyone might appreciate the kind of humor attached to the $10.99 Toilet Bowl Salt & Pepper Shakers, especially when there are some families that forbid all sorts of […]


Dinosaur Kigurumi lets you suit up uniquely

Since Halloween is coming your way, you might be on the lookout for one of the more exotic or different costumes around in the market. Well, here is something that might just take a chunky bite out of your wallet, although the $59.99 Dinosaur Kigurumi could very well be what you have been looking for […]


Kitschy Christmas Tree Headband

I am quite sure that many of us have already watched Bridget Jones’s Diary, and know just how awkward the holiday season can be, especially when you are talking about having your family members around and they cannot wait to hook you up with a member of the opposite sex, even though he or she […]


Donut Mug

Do you know a family member or good friend who is part of the esteemed police force? If you have answered in the affirmative, then might we suggest you get them this $12.99 Donut Mug as a birthday gift or present later this year? After all, police and donuts (in the US, anyways) seem to […]

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