Boombox Chopping Board

So you think that you have got it all down pat in the kitchen, wielding a knife like a pro? Perhaps it is time you learned how to dance to a totally new tune – and the £14.99 Boombox Chopping Board ought to be the perfect place for you to start. To put it in […]



Are you one who still writes snail mail, and instead of using a tube of glue in order to seal up that envelope after placing your letter inside, you lick it instead? Sure, some of us might think that this is not exactly the most hygienic practice, and you are most probably correct, so here […]


Naughty Pigs Salt And Pepper Shaker Set

We have seen our fair share of salt and pepper shaker sets in the past, and it is always nice to see an idea which has not yet been incorporated – such as this rather cheeky $10.98 Naughty Pigs Salt And Pepper Shaker Set. What else is there to say about it? You have a […]


Perfect Woman Sound Machine

Men would say that there is no such thing as a Perfect Woman, and just in case you want to make the case for such a statement, how about the audible $13.99 Perfect Woman Sound Machine? Pressing a button on this toy will play back one of 25 different expressions, which will not drone on […]


Potty Mouth

Now here is a device that you might want to install in your toilet if you receive guests often – the $15.98 Potty Mouth. Just what does it do? Taking mere seconds to install, the moment you lift up the toilet seat, there will be a half minute delay before it shares one of 5 […]


Really Huge Pen

What is your favorite writing instrument? Well, for some of us who have gotten so used to using our fingers on all the myriad of touchscreen devices that are in our possession, asking us to write even a paragraph using a pen does not make much sense at all, as our hand starts to protest […]


Tighty Whities Farting Keychain

Some folks might say that fart jokes never get old, so here we are with a potential future prank that you might want to take note of – the $4.99 Tighty Whities Farting Keychain. It will not only make sure that your keys will have somewhere decent to cling on to, you can also have […]


Screaming Snowballs

All right, so brace yourself, winter is coming. What is the whole point of living in a place where there is snow if you do not indulge in a little bit of snowball fights yourself? Well, if you want to humor the rest of the kids in your family, you might want to fork out […]


Motion Activated Talking Raven

Is it just me, or is there something about crows that just spooks the heck out of people? After all, these birds tend to feed off the dead or dying, and we have seen our fair rendition of it in movies and computer animated sequences, picking off the eyeball from a severed head. Well, perhaps […]


Little Poop Ornament

There is nothing quite like an actual piece of poop to turn folks off. Of course, to play around with the $5.99 Little Poop Ornament would mean that you are rather juvenile, or you could be dead serious in your thousand dollar suit and yet have a streak of mischievousness in you, throwing the Little […]


Gaydar Electronic Gay Detector

The issue of homosexuality is one that divides communities and opinion right down the middle – after all, there the tension between “traditional moral values” as well as one’s individual freedom and right to live as one chooses. You know that when you whip out the $8.99 Gaydar Electronic Gay Detector, you might be in […]


Mr. Tea Infuser

How do you pass the dreary afternoons when time seems to all but slow down, and you can hear the incessant ticking of the clock while you wonder just what the heck are you doing in front of the computer? It is time to take a break then, and what better way to do so […]


Stool Sample container

I am not quite sure just what you are ever going to do with the $4.99 Stool Sample – what, place it at the dining table and gross out all of the guests whom you have absolutely no pleasure whatsoever in indulging their appetites? Well, you can always save yourself some money and just get […]


Santa’s Farting Butt Travel Pillow

Hmmm, a travel pillow is definitely a “must have” for most folks, especially if you are talking about trans-continental flights (those who have never taken economy class will be unable to identify for sure). Well, since Christmas is nearer than you think, and many of us will be doing more traveling than usual, you might […]


Mexican Wrestler Bottle Openers

There is just something about the traditional Mexican wrestler costume, and for those who have had a long history with the bottle, you know that sometimes in your more inebriated state, you have difficulty opening the bottle’s cap – wrestling with your favorite beer in the process. Why not outsource the wrestling to a professional […]


Personalised Tax Disc Cufflinks

Hmmm, so you think that you look pretty fly in your outfit for work? Well, assuming you are one who earns quite a handsome amount of money at the end of each month the honest way, perhaps it is time you look into expanding your cufflinks collection, and you might as well go nuts with […]


Air Swimmers Remote Control Inflatable Flying Bass Fish

Fishermen love regaling others with tales of the one that got away, or that one main catch that they managed to land when no one else was watching or with them (what a coincidence, no?). The thing is, the story seems to get more and more incredulous each time it is told, but you can […]


Storm Trooper Dashboard Driver

One of the classic scenes from the movie Star Wars would be the Storm Trooper actually knocking his head at the top of the door when entering a room with his blaster, which is a hoot as he recovered from his gaffe with panache. Having said that, a Storm Trooper’s helmet does not seem to […]


Gummy Bear Flask

They say that every one of us still have a child within, so sometimes, it would be nice to let that inner child out to play and paint the town red. If you are a managing director of a multi-national company, it might seem out of place for you to bring the $12.99 Gummy Bear […]


Phone Tail

So you’ve got yourself one of those smartphones from Cupertino – what are they called again? The oPhone? Nah, I’m trying to play daft here just to irk those iPhone fanboys, but really, the iPhone is one heck of a popular device and probably would be even if it does not come with 3G connectivity […]


Inflatable Coffin Party Cooler

You know that Halloween is just around the corner (right at the end of this month, actually), and what are some of the ways that you feel you would be able to be different from all the other homes down the street in delighting kids who come trick or treating at your doorstep? Why, apart […]


Sugar Cube Skulls

Sugar and spice and everything nice, or so the saying goes, but what happens when you want to add that dash of gruesomeness to your tea time? You will not be able to go too far off the mark with the £6.99 Sugar Cube Skulls, as these skeletal sweeteners will definitely be able to kick […]


Chocolate Gaming Dice Set

If you are a huge fan of those Role Playing Games and many a time has the fate of your party hang in the balance of your dice throws, then you will surely be able to identify with the $7.99 Chocolate Gaming Dice Set. Each purchase of this set will deliver a full meal of […]


Bacon Tie

Lady Gaga might have her bacon dress, but you too, can dress up like a sizzler without looking like a peach with the $19.99 Bacon Tie. Now, I do not think that CEOs and top executives of a company are going to dare dress this way, especially when they have an important business meeting with […]

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