Taste explosion Grenade salt and pepper shakers

Now here we are with yet another unique set of salt and pepper shakers – the £9.99 Taste explosion Grenade salt and pepper shakers which of course, we would advise against you bringing this on a flight. After all, it does look pretty real through an x-ray machine, and you might just be held up […]


Insta-Shrink Sound Machine

You know the kind of hectic lifestyle that many of us in urban areas have to cope with – from a high pressured job to crazy traffic situations, an upset spouse who is not understanding when you arrive back home to kids who demand for your attention when you’re dead tired and all you want […]


Bum Bag Drinks Cooler

You can literally enjoy the coolest drink whether at home or at a party if you decide to bring this rather handy £6.99 Bum Bag Drinks Cooler with you around. Specially designed to resemble that of the ubiquitous brown paper bag, the Bum Bag does far more than just make you look as though you […]


Cat Eye Glasses

So what if Halloween’s already over? This does not mean you will not be attending any more fancy dress parties down the road, right? The $8.49 Cat Eye Glasses fits the bill perfectly if you think that you are a cougar who has yet to go past your prime. After all, it does not work […]


Shit hits the Fan Target Game

You know of the classic saying, the shit has hit the fan. Basically, there is no turning back whenever such a “volcano” erupts, and here is one way of having fun with proverbs by picking up the literal version of it – in the form of the £4.95 Shit hits the Fan Target Game. After […]


Revolver Shaped Screwdrivers

The name of the $39.98 Revolver Shaped Screwdrivers says it all – it looks like a weapon in your handbag or purse under the X-ray machine, but actually, all it does is to ensure the screws that you have will be squarely drilled in place securely. I suppose you can also take into consideration these […]


Monty Python’s Greatest Hits Talking Keychain

You a fan of Monty Python? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might fall in love with the $7.99 Monty Python’s Greatest Hits Talking Keychain, which is capable of letting you tune in (as long as the batteries inside this thing still works, of course) to Python should the urge strike. This […]


Solar Cassette Wallet Calculator

So, the advent of digital music in the form of MP3s (and not CDs) have certainly changed the way our portable music players have evolved, where most of our modern day smartphones are more than capable of playing back our favorite tunes in a variety of digital file formats, but here is a relic from […]


USB Toast Hand Warmers

You know how it is like when winter comes around – the mercury will drop to unbelievably low levels, and it can get rather cold for your fingers to dance around the keyboard with the same level of agility like it used to during the warm summer months. Why not find something that will ensure […]


Record Placemats

A placemat is not something that every home has, but it is always nice to have a placemat on the dining table if you do not want to stain your beautiful table with some pieces of wayward food here and there whenever messy eaters are around. Well, the £12.99 Record Placemats is a hoot, where […]


Darth Vader Nut Cracker

The Force is definitely strong with the $39.99 Darth Vader Nut Cracker, literally speaking, considering the amount of force required to crack open nuts during the upcoming nativity season. The Dark Lord of the Sith is not only a feared figure in the evil Galactic Empire, but he is also greatly feared by the Rebels […]


Ctrl+O Bottle Opener

Now here is an interesting take when it comes to opening up bottles – the $8.99 Ctrl+O Bottle Opener. After all, for Windows powered machines, pressing the Ctrl and O keys together is a shortcut to opening up a file, and in this case, since both “keys” have been worked on into an enlarged, physical […]


Exhaust Pipe for Bicycles

How fast can your bicycle go? Why, that question can only be answered depending on how fast you pedal, and whether the direction which you are going in is uphill or otherwise. Well, for those who feel that they want an illusion of speed, you cannot go wrong with the tacky $15.99 Exhaust Pipe for […]


Lasso Wine Bottle Holder

If you love Wonder Woman and her invisible rope, then perhaps you would also want to imbibe in a little wine by picking up the nifty looking $34.99 Lasso Wine Bottle Holder – where it creates a magical optical illusion, letting it look as though your wine bottle itself is floating on a rope. In […]


Upside Down Cat Mug

Who would have thought that one of the more popular videos on the internet would be one about cats? There is just something about these feline creatures that make you feel loved, or hated. There really is no in between when it comes to cats – you either love them, or hate them. For folks […]


Fashionista Christmas Tree

If you are a follower of the PvP comic by Scott Kurtz, you would know that Scratch Fury, the intelligent feline, has the spirit of Kringus upon him each time Christmas rolls around. Something tells me that this is the female version of Kringus if such a storyline were to be fleshed out. The $249.95 […]


Slippers from the Shire

I am quite sure that most of us who are avid movie goers would definitely be looking forward to the first instalment of The Hobbit later at the end of this year, and for folks who want to be prepared for the upcoming movie by dressing up as a hobbit (since you already have the […]


Nintendo Controller Backpack

I do have quite a soft spot for the 1980s, considering that is the era where I grew up in. Having said that, the $49.99 Nintendo Controller Backpack will definitely have you looking behind wistfully, wondering what happened to the games of old where 8-bit graphics on the NES and a chunky CRT TV had […]


Wind-Up Obama poops candy

Election fever is upon the US, never mind that Hurricane Sandy is out to cause troubles on the East Coast, botching Google’s event in New York City this morning. Well, for those who feel that they just want nothing better than to wind up the current president of the US, Obama, here is something wacky […]


Boombox Mug

We have seen our fair share of mugs in the past, and today, there is yet another one for your financial consideration if you happen to be one who collects weird looking mugs. Today’s offering would roll back the years to the 1980s, where cassette tapes and boomboxes were all the rage. Hence, that particular […]


2013 Bubble Calendar

There is just something about those bubble wraps that my fingers find extremely irresistible. I love popping them like nobody’s business, but some other folks might find it rather irritating. If you fall under the same category like me and want to have a legitimate excuse to pop at least one of these bubbles every […]


Inflatable Unicorn Horn for cats

Unicorns are magical creature, so what happens when you have a cat with a horn on its head? Do you call that the devil? Actually, no. All you have would be a cat with the $5.99 Inflatable Unicorn Horn, and that’s that. It is ideal for some cute photobombing sessions during one of the zanier […]


Bleeding Skull Candle

Since Halloween is just around the corner and you might be looking to make the finishing touches to your decorations at home, what better way to add to the atmosphere of the place than with the $12.99 Bleeding Skull Candle? What looks like a skull at first is actually a candle, and it will “bleed” […]


Bond Height Chart

Are you excited about the upcoming James Bond film, Skyfall? I know I am stoked, and have tickets booked for it already, ready to see 007 kick some serious butt, with a Dredd-inspired pistol (fingerprint recognition, anyone?). Well, just to get into the mood of things, here we are with the £9.99 Bond Height Chart, […]

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