Solitaire now comes as a deck of cards

Now this is definitely an idea that should have been realized a long, long time ago, that it amazes me no one thought about it up till now! Solitaire was (and possibly is, who knows?) a favorite game for office workers everywhere, as it is a free game that came with Windows 3.1 Yes sir, […]


Die-Cast Metal Army Man Bottle Opener

Being in the army means you are one tough person, considering the kind of hellish training that they put you through so that you would be worthy enough to wear the colors of your country on your uniform. Well, in the older days, there were a lot less scandals in the army (or they could […]


Gentleman’s Ball Scratcher

Come on now guys, surely you would have experienced the urge to scratch your nether regions once in a while, and sometimes, you do wonder why the urge gets extraordinarily strong whenever you are in public, or out on a date with this particularly hot looking chick. Well, if you are going to scratch your […]


Sock Sandals

So your best mate has a pair of Hobbit shoes that he slips on, making him look as though his set of oversized feet actually hail from the Shire itself. Well, why not beat him at his own game with the $7.95 Sock Sandals that is equally silly in terms of footwear seriousness, where socks […]


Inflatable Minigun Arm

I know that Halloween is already over, but what happens when you know that you have a fair share of fancy dress costume parties to attend to later at the end of the year? Well, you might as well go as a cyborg this time around with the $29.99 Inflatable Minigun Arm, although you are […]


Man Candles

So you’ve snagged yourself a man, and somehow, despite the very best of your efforts, you are still unable to bring out the very best characteristics in him. Well, what are you to do then? You can bring the man out of the man-cave, but you can never get rid of the small boy personality […]


Plunger One Handed Pepper Grinder

Now here is a way to experience a generous amount of pepper seasoning during meal times with the $12.99 Plunger One Handed Pepper Grinder – and from the name itself, you can tell that all it needs is just one hand to operate. How does this marvel work? Well, first you will need to wrap […]


Portal 2 Inflatable Personality Core

If there ever was a useless (or foolish, in our site’s case) gadget, then the $19.99 Portal 2 Inflatable Personality Core would certainly be in the running for such a gong. It delivers fun with your favorite Personality Cores, but before the fun begins, you will need to get all out of breath by inflating […]


Anger Management TSA Barney

Traveling by air is not something that everyone looks forward to all the time – some of us prefer to travel by land, especially when we are talking about distances that are around 200 miles thereabouts, since you need not go through the hassle of checking in, waste precious minutes at the boarding area and […]


Loudmouth Talking Can

Do you love to trash talk? If you have answered in the affirmative, then the $12.99 Loudmouth Talking Can would be able to step in for you, where it is capable of playing back 8 hilarious sound effects while delivering a convenient handle that is capable of holding just about any 12 oz. soda or […]


Modok Mug

Check out this officially licensed $14.99 Modok Mug that goes to show just how a superhuman holds a beverage is like. Considered to be one of the archenemies of the Incredible Hulk, Modok is all brain, and very little brawn. Do be careful, however, as the brain power within is capable of undermining even the […]


Duck Duck Drink Straws

I am not sure about you, but it does seem as though the world is divided into two different kinds of people – one, those who love to play with rubber duckies whenever they take a bath, and the other, who absolutely loathe these yellow rubber creatures. Here we are with the hugely adorable $10.49 […]


Retro TV Memo Board

I guess you can say that in a relationship, communicating correctly and accurately is a skill that everyone needs to pick up – if you were to avoid misunderstandings and silly tiffs, of course. Well, here we are with the $14.99 Retro TV Memo Board that would help you touch base with the rest of […]


Star Wars Death Star Pet ID Tag

If you have a great love for all things Star Wars, then surely you would have named your shaggy looking pooch Chewbacca. Why not go the whole nine yards with the $12.99 Star Wars Death Star Pet ID Tag instead? At the front of it, you see the Death Star, more than ready to destroy […]


I’m Kind of a Big Deal Mug

Having a decent level is self-esteem is a good thing, otherwise you would just walk around moping and feel depressed, while those on the opposite end of the spectrum would be all too full of themselves. For those who live at the latter part of the spectrum, or if you know someone who does, then […]


Printed Christmas Tree Poster

There is just something about having a Christmas tree in your living room, right smack in the middle of it all. The thing is, Christmas trees can be quite the pain to set up and take down once the Yuletide season is over, so you might want to settle for something that is by far […]


Red Cup Wine Glasses

One drinks wine from a proper wine glass in order to maximize the experience, and so too, do you drink champagne from a champagne flute. Enter the rather wacky $16.99 Red Cup Wine Glasses that comes in a set of two, allowing you to sip your fine wine, cognac, liquor, or even beer from this […]


2013 Already Sucks button

I guess you do not need to be a seer to know that 2013 might not be all that it is cracked up to be. Yes sir, the $2.99 2013 Already Sucks button is available for purchase, where it measures 2.5” across while ensuring that whoever looks in your general direction will be able to […]


Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Tray

You might want to get ready for summer next year by throwing your fair share of parties – and definitely, ice cubes will need to be in the picture. Well, why not make the necessary preparations with the $11.49 Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Tray? All you need to do is fill it up and freeze […]


Limited Edition Star Trek Pez Set

You can say that different folks have different kinds of hobbies, and here we are with the $24.99 Limited Edition Star Trek Pez Set that will certainly have Pez collectors, especially those who have a soft spot for all things Star Trek, go into a frenzy. This set of 8 Pez dispensers are perfect for […]


Deep Tea Diver Infuser

Do you, like the English, love a prim and proper afternoon tea? If you have answered in the affirmative, then the $14.99 Deep Tea Diver Infuser does seem to make the grade the next time you decide to sip on some Earl Grey. The Deep Tea Diver Infuser is definitely a hoot to have around […]


Cuppa Can Insulated Mug

Is it a can? Is it a mug? Why, the £9.99 Cuppa Can Insulated Mug says it all – it is both. Specially designed to resemble that of an aluminum drinks can, the Cuppa Can Insulated Mug is made out of porcelain and is doubled walled, ensuring that a pocket of air separates your hand […]


Periodic Table of Entertaining Platter

Love all things that have to do with science? Say it best then with the $17.99 Periodic Table of Entertaining Platter, where you can more or less use it to help defuse a potentially boring situation down the road after dinner. All you need to do is load it up with your favorite substances, and […]


Gun Comb

If you have a full head of hair, then you should be thankful to the heavens above for such a blessing. Of course, if you leave your head of hair uncombed, it will definitely look unsightly, so if there is something that you want to do about it after reading this, piece, you might want […]

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