Wild Talking Pill Toys

Do pills talk? Well, some of us take them to help us sleep better at night, while others do so in hope for a better performance when doing the horizontal tango. Well, if you are one who knocks back pills easily as though they were Jelly Beans, perhaps it is time to gift yourself one […]


Pixel Loading Martini Shaker

There is nothing quite like the feeling of winding down yourself after a particularly long day (and difficult!) day at the office, and apart from having a nice and soothing massage, how about downing some beers or a martini? If you love your martinis shaken and not stirred, why not add a geeky slant to […]


Chalk Board Mug

There are mugs, and then there are mugs. If you love nothing better than to have a fresh cup of piping hot coffee each morning, then you cannot really go wrong with the £5.99 Chalk Board Mug that certainly does far more than just offer a place for you to drink your coffee or tea […]


Death Star Bottle Opener

The Death Star is a symbol of Imperial galactic oppression, but this time around, you know for sure that the Death Star is certainly going to save you from dying of thirst. Thirst for alcohol, that is. We are referring to the $19.99 Death Star Bottle Opener which is made out of sturdy metal, and […]


Light-Up Lightsaber Lollipops

Has the news about Disney buying over Lucasfilm’s Star Wars franchise finally sunk in? Well, we know that lightsabers are weapons of choice for the Jedi (as well as Sith), and in the hands of an experienced user, it is more than capable of being far deadlier and accurate than a blaster. Well, while the […]


Dinosaur Cookie Cutters

If you have run out of ideas on what kind of shapes your next batch of cookies would end up like, then you would want to check out the £7.99 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters. The tasty Triassic treats will come in different shapes such as the brachiosaurus, stegosaurus, T-Rex, and triceratops. Available for pre-order, they ought […]


The Beast-Giant Fist Koozie

There is nothing quite like holding an ice cold can of beer in your hand during one of the big games on TV, be it soccer, basketball or football. The thing is, your hand might not appreciate such a cold can in it for too long, especially when you consider how the warmth from your […]


Bakeball Bat

The baseball bat is an item that is revered by fans of the sport, especially when it has been signed by their favorite stars on the field. Unfortunately, it can also double up as a deadly weapon when used the wrong way. However, here is a much more peaceful means of being inspired by the […]


Submarine Umbrella

When it comes to the rainy season, there is nothing quite like forking out a nice and sleek looking black colored umbrella. After all, it is timeless and elegance – but this time around, there is something slightly different on the books in terms of design, which would be the £24.99 Submarine Umbrella that comes […]


Golden Limited Edition Star Trek Pizza Cutter

Since the crazy festivities of the upcoming holiday season are already around the corner, you know for sure that it will be a time of feasting. However, if you do not know how to find your way around the kitchen, there is always the back-up plan of ordering some pizza over the phone. When the […]


Barack Obama Last Day In Office Countdown Clock

I guess you can call the Barack Obama Last Day In Office Countdown Clock a failure in its previous iteration, but this time around, there is no mistaking it – this $11.99 purchase will definitely get the job done, as he is serving his last term as the most powerful man in the world, keeping […]


Gummy Bear Magnets

There is just something that is extremely attractive about gummy bears as candy, so why not turn that kind of attraction into a literal one in the form of the $14.49 Gummy Bear Magnets? These Gummy Bear Magnets are extremely adept at making sure that stuff remains stuck to your fridge – such as pieces […]


Giant Inflatable Animal Heads

You know how the white man used to conquer most of the known world, and during their free time, they pursued some other activities such as hunting for wild game, only to cut off the head of their target after shooting it, to mount the preserved head in their living room as a piece of […]


52 Weeks to Xmas Calendar

Are you one who looks forward to the Christmas season without fail every single year? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you might be interested to check out the rather zany $29.99 52 Weeks to Xmas Calendar. I know, it is rather pointless when you think about it, but considering how well the […]


Miss Army Knife

So, there is the Swiss Army Knife for the men, but how about the ladies – what kind of utilitarian tool do they get to carry around in their handbag? Perhaps they might want to take their chances with the $19.99 Miss Army Knife, where it holds all of the tools required by ladies, and […]


Fuzzy Face Picture Frame

For those of you who do not have a sense of humor, then you might want to check out the $19.99 Fuzzy Face Picture Frame, which will definitely keep your little one entertained for long hours on end. Just how so, you ask? Well, for starters, the Fuzzy Face Magnetic Picture Frame will always let […]


Thirst Extinguisher Water Bottle

You know that your rear end is going to suffer once the food has made its way through the digestion process after your tongue got a taste of the burning spiciness, but you figured out that it was all in good fun. After all, there was your pride that you had to uphold in front […]


Instant Super Snow

So you live in the tropics, and would love to experience this thing called “snow” at least once in your life, but you are unable to do so because the flight ticket to a country with four seasons is out of your reach in this lifetime. What can you do then? Well, apart from striking […]


Screaming Snowballs

Do you play plenty of Angry Birds? Don’t you just love the sound of the bird screaming as it flies through the air (or space, depending on which version you’re playing) before it embarks on a destructive trail? I guess since winter is upon those of us living in the northern hemisphere, folks who experience […]


Sarcastic Ball

They say that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but I say that it is still wit anyways – better to have a little than none at all for all you sour grapes out there. This is where the $9.95 Sarcastic Ball comes in handy, where it works in a rather similar manner to […]


Army Guy Candles

Do you love those little green men? Yes, I am not referring to the extra terrestrial types, but rather, those who have shed their blood for their country, and inspired toy makers to come up with molds of them in various action poses. Of course, this is a traditional toy that has been enjoyed by […]


Minecraft Pickaxe Bottle Opener

There is nothing quite like drowning your sorrows in a bottle of beer or your favorite booze, so what better way to open your favorite bottle of alcohol than with your teeth? Nah, that won’t do since you are not a pirate, so you might want to settle for something else instead – such as […]


Gummy Bear Soap

There is just this thing about gummy bears that make you want to chomp down on them, and to eat an entire bag. After all, these are deliciously sticky, but you might want to think twice about getting the $7.99 Gummy Bear Soap for your home, especially when you have kids over as guests. They […]

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