Star Trek: TNG Enterprise Keychain

There are keychains, and then there are keychains. If you ever want to use all the opportunities possible to show off your geek love for everything Star Trek, might I interest you in the $11.99 Star Trek: TNG Enterprise Keychain? Yes sir, you can hold the pride and joy of the Federation right in your […]


Mistletoe Headband

I am not quite sure just where the tradition of kissing someone under a mistletoe came from, but for those of you who have been waiting for an opportunity all year long to bust a move on that hottie in the office, what better way and opportunity to do so than with the $7.99 Mistletoe […]


Futurama Knit Hats

If there is a fashion accessory that you might want to check out, it would be this – the $15.99 Futurama Knit Hats that certainly has “geek” splayed all over it at first glance. What you see here are knit hats that was specially thought up of for Futurama TV show fans, where it sports […]


Gold Christmas tree for sale

If you are feeling rather flush around the pockets, and your bank account has never been this full for a long, long time, perhaps it is time you made your way to Tokyo. The reason for this being, a jewelry store in Tokyo, Japan, has put up for sale a Christmas tree that is made […]


Lazy man’s computer rack

Sometimes, the laziness of man knows no bounds, and this could very well be the reason why there are more and more overweight and obese people getting around. After all, we have decided to ditch stairs for the elevator even if it is just a floor up, and would prefer to drive instead of walk […]


Stick ‘Em Up iPhone Stand

So you do make use of your iPhone to view movies whenever you are on the go, but after a while, don’t you feel as though your hands are just plain tired? Well, perhaps it is time to consider an accessory that you have long thought was useless – a kind of stand for the […]


Crusader Helm Mug

There are mugs that you drink from, and then there are other kinds of mugs that not only looks great from the outside, it is also more than spacious enough to carry a fair amount of liquid within to keep you happy. Case in point, the $19.99 Crusader Helm Mug, which would make for the […]


Fart Alert Construction Sign

Some folks like to let out a fart of their own without informing those in the vicinity, delivering prior warning before that. That would be extremely cheeky, but it is downright rude to release a fart on purpose while you are in a cramped elevator, the silent and deadly kind. Perhaps you can provide a […]


Steak Saws

Steaks are not the easiest of things to slice through, especially when you are hungry and you have ordered a medium rare steak. Well, it is a good thing that a handy dining table utensil will be able to get the job done, but just in case you are wondering what there is in store […]


Darth Vader & R2D2 Candy Machines

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and even the Dark Lord of the Sith has decided to put his enmity and hatred towards the rest of the galaxy aside, while offering candy to the masses. At least, this is what we were led to think with the $4.99 Darth Vader & R2D2 Candy Machines, where […]


Rigid Foam Sparring Sword

Do you think that you are extremely quick to draw your sword? If you figure out that you need more practice, then perhaps it is time to get the $19.99 Rigid Foam Sparring Sword as part of your toy collection. After all, if you want to practice martial arts, why not do it in a […]


Ouch! Voodoo Cutting Board

Do you love spending time in the kitchen? They say that the best kind of food is tastiest when it is cooked with a heart full of love. The thing is, how do you know that unless you are really, really hungry and anything would taste absolutely delicious even though the chef or cook has […]


Sticky Tapes Cassette Notepad

Want to leave down a message for your colleagues or family members back home when they are not around? You might as well make it rather quirky in your very own retro way, with the $4.49 Sticky Tapes Cassette Notepad. This is the ideal method of spreading around a little bit of nostalgia with lo-fidelity […]


Burping Burger Keychain

Anyone who is worth their organized salt would definitely have a keychain. After all, it makes plenty of sense to have a cluster of important keys in one place, instead of leaving them all over the place, right? Perhaps you might want to inject some humor and color in your life with the $4.49 Burping […]


Handstand Phone Stand

For those of you who have transformed your respective iPhones into a portable media player of choice, perhaps it is time to sit down and think things through. While the movies that you have loaded on it have given you countless hours of joy, I am quite sure you remember shifting the iPhone uncomfortably from […]


Ceramic Zombie Mug

So, the one thing that you are really scared off would be a zombie apocalypse, and so far from the movies that we’ve seen (the Resident Evil series and the Living Dead come to mind), as well as TV series (the Walking Dead, anyone?), humanity is locked in a bitter struggle to survive, becoming more […]


Victorian Retro Phone Handset

If you ever wanted to decorate your home with something that is out of the ordinary, I don’t suppose that you can go wrong with the $19.99 Victorian Retro Phone Handset, right? It will be the ideal piece of decoration to complete your steampunk costume, not to mention that it works as well as it […]


Old Sneaker Phone

I remember the old detective comedy series “Get Smart” that saw our favorite detective talking to his shoe, as that contained a secret mobile phone. Quite a disgusting idea, really, imagine just where the sole of your shoe has gone to in the past week and you get the idea. Well, the $6.50 Old Sneaker […]


Star Wars Severed Wampa Arm Ice Scraper

Have you watch all six of the Star Wars episodes at home, or at the cinema? We salute those of you who have done the latter – in the first run, of course, and none of the digitally remastered nonsense have come into the picture yet (pun intended). Well, how did you feel when you […]


Bubble Wrap Tie

Do you love all things Bubble Wrap? If you have answered in the affirmative, then your itchy fingers would certainly be paying more attention to the £5.99 Bubble Wrap Tie at a meeting compared to the programme notes that are sitting right in front of you. After all, who can resist the feeling of pressing […]


Take A Break Emergency Mug

You know how it is at the office sometimes – the amount of stress can go up to insane levels, that all you wish you had was the chance to take a breather. Well, having a perfect cup of coffee would definitely get the job done as you take a break from it all, and […]


Death Star Ice Sphere Mold

You will be able to construct a Death Star far faster than what you have seen in the Star Wars movies, and please the Emperor to no end as you make your move to displace Darth Vader from his favored position. Of course, your new position would be temporary as the Emperor found out that […]


Retro Camera Picture Frame

Do you realize that fashion comes and go in a vicious cycle, and sometimes the break in the cycle is longer than before? Well, I guess it is always prudent to stash away some of your older stuff (fashion-wise, of course) since you can never tell just when that particular carrot-cut jeans is going to […]


USB Squirming Tentacle

You know what is gross? Having a squirmy tentacle lash out at you, especially when the proverbial Kraken has been released. Well, good thing that geeks have a sense of humor, which is why this $24.99 USB Squirming Tentacle is the stuff that practical jokes are made out of. You can show off to the […]

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