Toilet Bowl Salt & Pepper Shakers

We have definitely seen our fair share of salt and pepper shakers in the past that are hilarious, where some others are downright vulgar, not something that you would want to put out on the table when your God-fearing grandmother visits. Well, the $12.99 Toilet Bowl Salt & Pepper Shakers would rank as one of […]


Tiger Paw Slippers

If you are feeling a little bit naughty behind closed doors, perhaps it is time to take out that kinky outfit and er, put on this pair of $21.98 Tiger Paw Slippers? Yes sir (or ma’am, depending on which way you swing), this is an interesting pair of slippers to wear around the bedroom, and […]


Obama’s Stimulus Cash Ornament

So much for the fiscal cliff and rising taxes, we all know that at the end of the day, the ultimate thing to do with your money and assets is to invest them wisely to ensure that they will always outpace the rate of inflation regardless of the country that you live in. Well, this […]


Plumbers Butt Whoopee Cushion

I am not quite sure whether the rotund Italian plumber Mario would be pleased with this $16.98 Plumbers Butt Whoopee Cushion or not, but for those who love to play pranks on one another, it is definitely something worth checking out. It is not often that someone’s butt is the beginning of so make jokes, […]


Flying Pig Toy

You know the saying. “I will do when pigs fly!” Well, the next time your friend or mate says this to you, it would be ideal to whip out the $8.95 Flying Pig Toy and prove a point. That ought to teach the person to use a different figure of speech from now on, that […]


Annoying Snorting Pig Toy

What do you find annoying when it comes to toys? Those that do plenty of squeaking? I personally dislike squeaks, and when I get blessed with the pitter patter of feet around me, I sure as heck am not going to buy those shoes that squeak with each step that my progeny takes. Unfortunately, the […]


Emergency Bowtie

I am not quite sure about you, but I do suffer from memory lapses from time to time. In fact, the last time that happened, I was, dang, now I’ve forgotten. See what I mean? Hence, it is never a loss to be prepared at all times like the Boy Scouts used to say as […]


Thumb Sucker

Don’t you think that it is time to grow up, and while doing so, stop some of the comfort actions that you have inculcated into your adult behavior whenever times of stress and conflict arise? If you have answered in the affirmative, then it is about time you stopped sucking your thumb. Of course, if […]


Inflatable Unicorn Horn for cats

Cats are strange creatures, and they are definitely far more aloof compared to dogs. In fact, they come and go as they please, making you wonder whether you are the master, or their servant. Well, cats have also long been associated with witches, so it is time for you to confirm their status as a […]


Trollface Figurine

Do you know your memes? If you have answered in the affirmative, then you would definitely fall in love with the adorable $9.99 Trollface Figurine, which is the ideal gift for those who love to play Internet pranks on others. I guess you could say that this is the stalwart foot-soldier of the Meme Army, […]


Pickle Bandages

Bandages are just that, bandages. Or are they? Apparently not, especially when you take into consideration the $5.99 Pickle Bandages. They definitely look cute, as these Pickle Bandages will help keep your wounds sterile and safe, while adding a dose of humor to the entire situation. Each Pickle Bandage will come in a latex-free format, […]


Butter Sucker

Do you love sucking on a piece of butter? I do know that there is nothing better each morning for breakfast other than to have a plate of omelettes (well done, with plenty of mushrooms and Parmesan cheese), as well as another plate of croissants – and plenty of butter on the side to go […]


Gummy Mustaches

For the men out there who have been trying to grow a mustache without any success, as well as ladies, who for some strange reason or another would like mustaches of their own, well, here is a quick and painless way of getting an instant mustache – while keeping that sweet tooth at bay, too. […]


Gummy Bear Soap

Gummy Bears are one delicious treat, and I have yet to meet a little kid who loathes this lip-smacking candy. Coming in all sorts of colors (and obviously, flavors), the Gummy Bear is nice to chew upon, but how else can the company behind the Gummy Bear copyright earn more money from this sweet, sweet […]


Abominable Iceman Ice Cube Tray

Since we are already in the tail end of 2012, you might want to get some last minute shopping done just in case you do not have all to utensils and equipment required to throw a really awesome party. Assuming you and your group of friends tend to love all things mysterious, then you might […]


Giant Lollipop Swords

Crossing swords with someone else used to carry a literal meaning, but since we are in a far more advanced and civilized age, it makes sense for the phrase to have changed its meaning, and the $4.99 Giant Lollipop Swords would be an ideal match of the two. These generously sized Lollipop Swords are not […]


Number “Two” Pencil

If you are having a hard time trying to grasp just what all the fuss about the $3.99 Number “Two” Pencil is about, well, perhaps it is easy to describe Number Two Pencils as being the most used Pencils of all. After all, it is said that they get all of the most challenging jobs […]


Army Guy Candles

Do you agree that it is better to burn out than to fade away slowly? Well, our brave boys and girls who serve the country on the frontlines display unmatched courage and valor every day, so here are the $9.99 Army Guy Candles that pays homage to them – while functioning as a reminder to […]


Prank Pregnancy Test

It amazes me how some humans can treat life so lightly, especially those baby dumping cases when there are countless couples out there who have been trying their darndest best to conceive successfully for years without any result. Well, if you know your friend is absolutely not ready to be a parent, then the $6.99 […]


Avenging Narwhal

The Avenging Narwhal will definitely blow the definition of a peace loving aquatic mammal out of the, sorry to say this, water. After all, who would have thought that something which was more often than not equated with peace and being docile actually spearing a penguin with its tusk? The “sea unicorn” as it has […]


Musical Holiday Stocking Stuffer Keychains

I know that some of us might be running around frantically today to perform some last minute shopping, and if you were to order anything from the Internet, it would be too late by now to have it arrive at your doorstep tomorrow morning. Well, perhaps you might want to keep in mind the $8.99 […]


Bubble Wrap Suit

Everyone likes to pop them bubble wraps, no? I clearly remember that there is this particular device that offers the sound and sensation of a bubble wrap, for an unlimited amount of times, or while the battery lasts, that is. Here is a suit of bubble wrap that you can wear, yes sir, an entire […]


Grenade-shaped Key & Coin Case

Now here is a unique keychain and coin case that you might just want to check out, although I am not sure whether it is going to do you any good when it comes to the airport security. Hailing from Japan, this unique key & coin case will retail for approximately $14 a pop, where […]


Top It Off Bottle Stopper

One of my favorite characters in the Monopoly set would be the top hat – there is just an air of aristocracy there, and it is far more elegant than a muddy boot, don’t you think so? Hence, it would be fitting if you were to play Monopoly during New Year’s Eve while sipping on […]

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